PIPA appoints Ezequiel Thione as agent for Argentina

After a successful trial period, PIPA has appointed Mr Ezequiel Thione as agent for Argentina.

PIPA agent Ezequiel Thione with the man he looks up to, Jos Thoné

Racing pigeons on and off

Ezequiel's pigeon racing career started in 1994. On his way to school, he saw a flock of pigeons circling and being fond of all animals, stopped to talk to the fancier. He was given some pigeons with which he started racing and won his first championship after only two years. In 1998 he quit the sport to focus on his studies only to return in 2013, working in real estate. Ezequiel won all championships in the past three years (2014, 2015 and 2016) at club level and several top prizes at higher levels. In that same period, he also won the first Euroamericana race in which Argentinian fanciers competed against their Spanish colleagues. In 2017 Ezequiel didn't race since he was in Belgium for business purposes, meeting different people from companies active in pigeon racing such as PIPA, Belgavet, Belgica De Weerd and Natural.

Ezequiel's lofts in Venado Tuerto, Argentina (Santa Fe province)

A stronger Argentina, a more popular pigeon sport

By working as an agent for PIPA, Ezequiel hopes to bring high-quality birds to his country and perhaps export Argentinian pigeons to Europe. "After all, Argentina has very good pigeons which race from four different directions from 200 till 1,250 km", Ezequiel clarifies. For that purpose he has been working on an official import and export permit and been constructing a spanking new quarantine station that should open up the South American market for PIPA.

Furthermore, he also sees it as a challenge to make the sport, which is gradually declining, more popular in general. "A change is possible but only with hard work and if we do it all together", he says. That is why he is currently working on setting up a new one loft race in Argentina by 2018 or 2019. "With special birds from the best fanciers across the world. Many have already confirmed their participation so I think that it is possible to turn things around in pigeon racing. It is all a question of hard work and strong belief", he concludes.