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Information about pigeon fancier Everling Cees & Maurice

Race Report

(20/05/2015) Top performances The Netherlands 16/05/2015 - 17/05/2015

These are the top performances from The Netherlands in the weekend of 16/05/2015 and 17/05/2015.

Race Report

(02/08/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 28/07/2012 - 29/07/2012

On Saturday a clear sky appeared at noon, allowing some races to go on. Others needed to be postponed until Sunday. Sunday was terrific flying weather, and all flights ran a smooth course. This resulted in the following top performances.

Race Report

(13/06/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 08/06/2012 - 12/06/2012

The races of Saturday 9th of June were flown at an extremely high pace. The only one responsible for this was the powerful west-southwest wind that helped the pigeons reach speeds of over 1,700 m/min on the shorter distances and middle distances. On Sunday the forecasted rain was delayed, so the speeds were maintained. The racing season has now finally truely started.

Race Report

(06/06/2012) Top performances The Netherlands 01/06/2012 - 05/06/2012

The first Saturday of June 2012 will be known for its terrific flying weather. The sky above France was painted blue, there were only a few clouds hanging high above Belgian soil early that morning, after which Belgium had good weather and lots of sunshine. The wind came blowing from the east-northeast.


(01/03/2011) Definitieve eindstand Nationale competitie "The best of the best 2010"

Eindstand van Asduif Vitesse/Midfond, Asduif Eendaagse fond, Asduif Grote Frond, Asduif Jong en Asduif Allround. De "Keizer the best of the best 2010" werd Willem de Bruijn.