Informatie over duivenliefhebber Crowley & Green


(30/09/2013) Crowley & Green (Compton Bassett, UK) achieve consistent success in national and classic racing

Each and every nation where the sport of pigeon racing is practised has its own group of elite fanciers who achieve a high level of success year in and year out. There are many fanciers who flirt with success for a few seasons but very few have the ability to create a family of pigeons that go on winning generation after generation. The partnership of Anna Crowley and Richard Green of Compton ...


(11/09/2012) The British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey - a report on the winners

This was the final race in the 2012 season for the British International Championship Club. The two convoys, old hens and young birds were liberated simultaneously at 9 am UK time on Saturday 8th September.


(10/08/2012) A report of the British International Championship Club race from Perpignan

One hundred and eighty five UK pigeons were entered along with sixteen thousand, nine hundred and twenty one European birds into the international race from Perpignan. They were liberated at 05.55 hrs UK time with a light north westerly breeze at the liberation site. This was expected to change to south westerly over the later stages of the race.


(24/05/2012) National Flying Club: report of the race from Fougeres on Saturday 19th May 2012

The first race for the National Flying Club in the UK was held from Fougeres on Saturday 19th May. The birds were liberated at 07.30 hrs with a light south westerly wind and sunshine at the liberation site. Conditions along the route varied from a south westerly in southern UK to a north easterly further up the country. Towards the north of the UK the visibility and weather was expected to ...


(19/07/2011) Crowley & Green: De nationale winnaar van Barcelona in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

Na de voorafgaande internationale overwinningen voor het Verenigd Koninkrijk in 2011, was het duidelijk dat het met de vlucht van Barcelona net iets anders ging uitdraaien dankzij de weersomstandigheden. Dit wil echter niet zeggen dat het feit dat er maar liefst 18 duiven thuis geraakten tegen het einde van dag twee gebagatelliseerd dient te worden.