Omdat we de toename van het aantal vragen voor onze dierenartsen nog maar moeilijk konden bijhouden en liefhebbers te lang op een antwoord moesten wachten, werd er beslist om het insturen van vragen af te sluiten. Bovendien werd het overgrote deel van de ingestuurde vragen in het verleden reeds beantwoord.

Omdat we onze bezoekers interessante medische informatie willen blijven aanbieden, zullen we ons verder concentreren op de algemene Ask The Vet-artikels die in het verleden reeds op de voorpagina verschenen. Met ons Ask The Vet-archief, dat ontelbaar veel vragen en antwoorden bevat, staat er ook nog altijd een schat van informatie ter beschikking van elke liefhebber.





Dear sirs, in our country, Egypt, we have Ivermectine injection for animals, some persons use it for pigeons?

I have a yearling that has lost so much weight she is like a blade, I have treated for multiple infections?

Welke zijn de gevolgen bij duiven die (zwaar) besmet geraakten met het :- herpesvirus - paramyxovirus - adenovirus?

Pigeons have come down with severe disentry in the past two weeks, watery droppings mainly clear liquid, deaths within days?

Hi! I'm a vet student; I've just necropsied a pigeon and found a green liver with two white plaques. What could be happening?

A friend is having trouble with his breeders, They are walking hobbly and they seam to weak to stand?

I am having trouble with my young birds flying. The whattles and eyes look clear but the feathers on the head are puffed up?

Ik heb 2 duiven die geen enkel ei leggen alhoewel ze paren met een doffer. Wat kan ik hieraan doen?

One of my pigeons has a white layer on one of its eyes, sometimes it is completely shut and it swells.

The birds drink water and the water stays in the crop. The birds crop swells and the bird will die. Could you advise?

My birds have been dying and had diarrhoea from an unknown disease?

Hi, I have 3 stock birds which went sick. They are having very liqiud faeces which smell very bad. Baytril doesn't help.

My birds seem to be lacking an efficient treatment for canker/tricho?

My pigeon has a pale yellow wart in its left eye. Please tell me what it is and the treatment?

Verschillende vliegduiven krijgen een kale borst, van de 27 vliegduiven is dat bij 10 duiven in ernstige mate.

Some of my birds (I think the young birds) vomit at night?

My birds have stopped exercising around the loft and are way behind at the weekend.

Two of my best stock birds eggs are very small.What could be the cause of it?

Recently in our area there is a out break of paramyxo disease, but unfortunately there is no paramixo vaccins in our country?

What would cause cramp in a pigeons legs after a 3 hour fly in a light head wind?

My birds are dying from an unknown disease?

Hello all at pigeon paradise, I'm hoping you can help we have been having problems with our birds for some time now?

I have some pigeons with paramixovirus with nervous symptomatology that does not disappear not even after two months?

how do you treat Sarcocystis spp.? The signs are similar to PMV 1 or salmonella or e coli infection.

My pigeon's back bone is fractured, that 's why she can't lay eggs. Is it curable?