Omdat we de toename van het aantal vragen voor onze dierenartsen nog maar moeilijk konden bijhouden en liefhebbers te lang op een antwoord moesten wachten, werd er beslist om het insturen van vragen af te sluiten. Bovendien werd het overgrote deel van de ingestuurde vragen in het verleden reeds beantwoord.

Omdat we onze bezoekers interessante medische informatie willen blijven aanbieden, zullen we ons verder concentreren op de algemene Ask The Vet-artikels die in het verleden reeds op de voorpagina verschenen. Met ons Ask The Vet-archief, dat ontelbaar veel vragen en antwoorden bevat, staat er ook nog altijd een schat van informatie ter beschikking van elke liefhebber.





Pigeons have a pendulous wing after arriving home from a race, what is the cause?

We have started our racing season 2 weeks ago, and mine is a disaster with loss of good pigeons. On handling they look healthy. Can you help?

My bird is swollen like a balloon and seems to have air under his skin?

A quelle dose doit-on utiliser le Sedochol pour les Voyageurs?

May I use probiotics while I'm using antibiotics? Or I can use them after the complete treatment?

my young pigeons have jelly droppings and still have food in their crops in the morning and they look terrible. Can you help me?

Je suis en colombophil italien, j'aimerai avoire Votre conseil sur un problem que j'ai dans l'elevage?

Dear Sir, I gave ENROFLOXACINA To two pairs of my pigeons (10mg/bird for 12 days). Then one pair gave me white (clear) eggs?

Als de duiven zich wassen zit er geen witte film laag meer over het water ze wassen zich nog steeds graag?

I am experiencing very heavy losses with my yearlings this season. They exercise very well twice each day for one hour?

I´ve notice that my birds have some external parasites. We are in the racing season, but I would to treat my birds?

My team have good droppings, come home from training tosses ok, but do not fly enough around the loft?

Hi Sir about one year ago i bought a pigeons from Holland. It's in healthy condition but always has very watery droppings?

I have problems with my birds sneezing and scrathing. I had them tested at the vet and it came back positive for E. coli in the throat?

A friend of mine have been timing birds late from short distance races and a lot of losses on longer distance?

I had a problem with two of my pigeons where they had a frozen wing ( i cant even spread the wing)?

I have lost 4 babies in the last week, all 15 -17 days old?

One of our pigeons has an eye that has what looks like yellow discharge around it, we think it is an infection?

J'ai accouplé 24 jeunes femelles 2010 et deux d'entre elles m'arrivaient plus a volées pendant 2-3 jours après avoir pondu?

In 2009 4 of my widowhood cocks developed flying problem during the season, in 2010 3 cocks developed the same symptom?

I have some pigeons which are laying there eggs and the egg shell is not hard?

I have 2 pigeons with watery droppings. They fly OK and eat normally but they take in too much water?

I have recently had routine tests before racing starts, the only reported problem is coliform bacteria and recommended a course of amoxycillin?

I have a problem with one of my hens. Today she should have laid the second egg but she doesn't lay even the first one?

I have had a terrible breeding season, out of thirty six bred, severel have died in the nest?