Omdat we de toename van het aantal vragen voor onze dierenartsen nog maar moeilijk konden bijhouden en liefhebbers te lang op een antwoord moesten wachten, werd er beslist om het insturen van vragen af te sluiten. Bovendien werd het overgrote deel van de ingestuurde vragen in het verleden reeds beantwoord.

Omdat we onze bezoekers interessante medische informatie willen blijven aanbieden, zullen we ons verder concentreren op de algemene Ask The Vet-artikels die in het verleden reeds op de voorpagina verschenen. Met ons Ask The Vet-archief, dat ontelbaar veel vragen en antwoorden bevat, staat er ook nog altijd een schat van informatie ter beschikking van elke liefhebber.





I have recently read that certain well known fanciers treat their birds for canker via the drinking water for five days every month?

During Breeding Season, all of the young's droppings are very wet. I mean soupy, sloppy wet. This has happened for the last four years?

Over the last 3 or 4 months i have noticed my pigeons have no appetite, from then on they suffer from different symptoms and death?

kind sir, just want to ask is it ok if i put vinegar in the water for 6 days per week?

For the past few years I have experienced problems with Salmonella in my loft. This year my young birds showed serious side-effects after vaccination?

Can you please tell me why my pigeons are having white watery droppings and then going light and dying?

i have a young 2 week old roller pigeon, it can't seem to hold its head upright, it's walking backward and its eyes are partly closed?

A 4 year old stock hen is twisting her neck. She has a full body with no signs of bad droppings or loss of weight and all other birds are healthy?

Since splitting my pigeons the cock birds droppings have become wet?

What could be causing damage of feathers?

Would selenium be beneficial in my birds diet?

dear sir, I have one pair of modena pigeons. They are mating very often, but are not laying eggs?

Hello. Nobody seems to know what this is. My pigeons have increased appetite the last 2 weeks?

What would be the measurement per gallon for apple cider vinegar ?Thank you very much.Mike G.

I have found a pigeon who had puss kind of formation around both eyes and beak?

My this years young birds have come down with a serious case of young bird sickness?

Hi, i use Apple Cider Vinegar to make the Racers have perfect Droppings. My Question is what others can be used?

Bij controle van de duiven stelde ik vast dat er bij 7 tot 8 duiven een ontsteking van de krop voorkomt met uitwendige wonden?

My young bird team have watery dropings only after there feed has gone through them?

I would like to know what causes herpes virus and how do the birds get infected with this?

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Please assist as i dont know what to use to treat yellow spots in the throat of my pigeons?

When I open the beak of a bird, a silverish/white stain is present on the roof of the birds palate. This rash like stain is on both sides of the opening in palate?

My pigeon is about 3 months old and I started training him 2 weeks ago. last week I noticed him vomitting after it ate?

My birds are reluctant to train around the loft. They are constantly hungry (consuming a lot of seeds)?