Omdat we de toename van het aantal vragen voor onze dierenartsen nog maar moeilijk konden bijhouden en liefhebbers te lang op een antwoord moesten wachten, werd er beslist om het insturen van vragen af te sluiten. Bovendien werd het overgrote deel van de ingestuurde vragen in het verleden reeds beantwoord.

Omdat we onze bezoekers interessante medische informatie willen blijven aanbieden, zullen we ons verder concentreren op de algemene Ask The Vet-artikels die in het verleden reeds op de voorpagina verschenen. Met ons Ask The Vet-archief, dat ontelbaar veel vragen en antwoorden bevat, staat er ook nog altijd een schat van informatie ter beschikking van elke liefhebber.





What causes spraddle legs in young birds in the nest? The nest bowls have pine needles, straw and such.

My pigeons were affected by paratyhoid and i sent a dead bird for investigation and found out to be Hepatitis?

I have an 04 hen which is late laying this year the hens vent is wide open and has been for a few weeks with no sign of her laying?

Beste, ik had een vraag ivm met dun groene waterachtig mest tijdens de kweek?

Par erreure j'ai donné une dosse exagerer de baytril 10%?

my pigeons have a problem of vomiting. Whenever they eat any food they vomit so they got very weak?

I have got some birds that look to have a hurt wing?

When I'm dropping the forma drops in the eye it can't run away and take several seconds to pass?

My pigeons are eating well but find it difficult to swollow?

I have a serbian high flyer with a small wart like bump on the side of its beak which is soft when you touch it and it is skin color?

What should I do to get birds that are strong by nature, birds with a good immunity who do not need medicine constantly?

Is homeopathy (i.e.homeopathic remedies) ever used for homing pigeons?

I was wondering how to treat air sack problems preventative as this could cost you dearly in the racing season?

I have a 2001 bred cock that is responsible for over 70 x 1st prizewinners and sadly he stopped filling eggs last year?

My birds are having a throat problem?

My pigeons have a problem of vomiting, not eating and then dying?

My pigeons were diagnosed with herpes virus about 2 months ago and also were vomiting just over a week ago?

Après une infection de type adeno j' ai effectué les traitement appropriés mais je n arrive pas a retablir la flore intestinale?

What is causing this 'chewing' and laborious breathing in my pigeons?

Can you tell me about malaria in pigeons please and what would you recommend to treat the birds?

This young bird season our club changed from north to south road flying, most of my birds went over and came back out of the north?

A pigeon who is infected with paramyxovirus has entered to my loft and after about 15days later my pigeons started showing symptoms?

After vaccination i found that one of my hens neck area is becoming one hard tumor type thing?

Geachte,Ik heb een vraag over Lugol. Vroeger werd dit vrij veel gegeven. Ik ken een aantal goed spelende liefhebbers die reg

Pigeon found very ill with yellow runny droppings. Refuses to eat or drink. What medicine to give and at what dose?