Omdat we de toename van het aantal vragen voor onze dierenartsen nog maar moeilijk konden bijhouden en liefhebbers te lang op een antwoord moesten wachten, werd er beslist om het insturen van vragen af te sluiten. Bovendien werd het overgrote deel van de ingestuurde vragen in het verleden reeds beantwoord.

Omdat we onze bezoekers interessante medische informatie willen blijven aanbieden, zullen we ons verder concentreren op de algemene Ask The Vet-artikels die in het verleden reeds op de voorpagina verschenen. Met ons Ask The Vet-archief, dat ontelbaar veel vragen en antwoorden bevat, staat er ook nog altijd een schat van informatie ter beschikking van elke liefhebber.





My birds are scratching around there beak and head and also sneezing?

What else should I feed my racing pigeons besides just grains and grit?

What is the difference between paramyxo, salmonella and parathyphoid?

What medication can prevent / treat an inflammated mucous membrane?

I have a cock, 4 years old, at the top of his back just below his neck his feathers are curling up?

I have an old bird who this morning has a twisting head, he was injected for PMV and treated with Baytril?

Some of the racing pigeons in my loft have a white spot on the tonsil?

My young birds have watery droppings, look dull, their crop is full of water, some have tilted heads.

My pigeon lost weight and struggles to fly up?

I've recently purchased a mcmaster counting slide for my microscope to get more of an accurate count on cocci oocyst's?

Mijn collega duivenmelker zijn jonge duiven blinken hevig. Hoe kan ik mijn jonge duiven doen blinken ?

I have a bird on 15 day youngsters. He has a yellow lump size of a pea on the side of his keel?

I have a pair of pigeons that doesn't want to mate? What can I do?

Een duif met 12 slagpennen?

Lately i have been noticing my race team with an accumalation of mucus in the back of there throats?

why shouldn't you give the paramyxovaccination and paratyphusvaccination at the same time?

What should I give pigeons that return from a long distance race to recover faster?

Dear vets, could you please give me some insight into a product called naturaline?

Dear vets, do you know products to detox the liver?

how to get a good moult without antibiotics?

Could you please tell me when is the best time to use sedochol during racing?

I recently had my pigeons droppings tested as well as swab test which revealed chlamydia and a high Cocci count?

Any brilliant ideas on either knocking out or greatly reducing what seems to be a high Hæmoproteus count in a couple birds?

I have a '08 late breed hen who lays eggs with no shell?

What is your opinion on this product?