Bylau Adhemar, "National winner Barcelona (2004)"



 Adhemar has a hart for Barcelona; only two flights a year are important for him- national Limoges yearlings and Barcelona.
Basicaly it means that all the seven old pigens( 5 two-year olds and 2 old ones ) were basketed for Barcelona, and then has Adhemar seven yearlings that, if all goes well, will be basketted for national Limoges.
What time exactly his national winner arrived home, Adhemar cannot exactly say. When he came to the loft at 5:15 he saw the pigeon already sitting on the roof. He was in a very good condition. We are talking about a beautiful blue cock 4159754/2002, middle sized, who was his second nominated pigeon. As a yearling he won national Limoges yearlings per ten. This year he flew as preparation Vierzon and Brive, but from Brive he came home too late.
Prior to basketting they can spend a few hours with their hen, so that they leave for Barcelona super motivated.
The father comes from Leon and Geert Devos from Ename and is from the strain of Jozef Vanden Broucke from Wielsbeke. The mother is of his old strain and originally comes from the father-in-law of his daughter, namely Norbert Troncquo from St. Maria-Oudenhove. At the time when we contacted Adhemar around the noon, there were three pigeons ( 3 two-year olds) out of seven at home.
The youngsters are trained up to approximately 250 km., yearlings can go as we have said up to Limoges.
He practises the classical widowhood, but racing hens never bring up the youngsters. In the second half of the year they are coupled, but after about four days of sitting on the eggs they are separated. The same scenario is repeated also in the first half of the year - in the end of March/begining of April.
The system of feeding is kept very simple. The feeding system begins with a table spoon (half gerst-half sport mixture). and goes all the way to switching completely to the sports mixture and as much as they can eat up to basketting.
The medical issues are handled also very simply, after the race he treats for a few days against the Tricho.
Adhemar is 76 years old and has been a pigeon fancier since 1946, although there were no pigeon fanciers in his family. For many years he has worked for the police in Ukkel. After his retirement he moved to the beautiful Mater close to Oudenaarde and here he has experienced the highlight of his sports carreer. It is truly deserved.
The whole Pipa team congratules him again!!