(22/06/2018) Mike Ganus welcomes Mix, winner of the 2018 SAMDPR, as the newest member of his impressive SAMDPR collection

On Saturday 17th of February, the winner of the South African Million Dollar Race 'Mix' was sold to Mike Ganus for about 95,000 USD. It was the most expensive SAMDPR bird ever to be sold. Last week Mike could finally welcome 'Mix', yet another world-renowned ace to strengthen his impressive African collection.

(25/02/2018) DVV赛鸽和鲁迪.狄萨尔鸽系在南非百万美元大赛发挥出色

范克胡夫-佛考特仑(Van Kerckhove-Vercauteren)的赛鸽获得南非百万美元大赛5场热点赛鸽王冠军头衔,这是来自比利时的联队取得的梦幻赛绩,这羽鸽王出自鲁迪.狄萨尔和DVV赛鸽的部分最佳血系。

(24/02/2018) DVV-pigeons and Rudi De Saer pigeons excel in Million Dollar Race

The racing bird of Van Kerckhove-Vercauteren was awarded the title of 1st ace pigeon over 5 Hot Spot Races in the South African Million Dollar Race. This is a fantastic result for the combination from Lochristi, Belgium. This ace pigeon originates from some of the best bloodlines of Rudi De Saer & DVV Pigeons.

(24/02/2018) DVV-pigeons- en Rudi De Saer-duiven schitteren in Million Dollar Race

Het duifje van Van Kerckhove-Vercauteren mocht zich tot 1e asduif over de 5 Hot Spot Races kronen in de Zuid-Afrikaanse Million Dollar Race. Een schitterende prestatie van deze tandem uit Lochristi. In de pedigree vinden we de allerbeste bloedlijnen van Rudi De Saer & DVV-pigeons.