Wolverine, wonder breeder for Mike Ganus (USA)

For sure one of the very best One Loft race breeders in the world is 11-years old Wolverine, star producer for Mike Ganus. Many of the 2020 best Million Dollar performers are indeed related to this original Norman cock! A Wolverine Special is in auction PIPA, closing tomorrow Sundy April 26th.
It had been said before on PIPA, but figures point out that Mike Ganus indeed owns the most impressive collection of SAMDPR winners … breeding with all the 8 winners and 4 of the 2nd prize winners from the last 8 editions of the Million Dollar race.
One of the main characters in Mike’s breeding loft is Wolverine, original Norman and half brother to ‘Abrahamia’, 1st prize Million Dollar Race 2008. Wolverine is from topracer Abraham (son Zorro) x Aske, 1st acebird long distance woth a/o 2x 1st prize and 2nd Nat. La Souterainne 17,315 birds. Wolverine has impacted one loft racing as much of more than any pigeon owned at Ganus Family Lofts. The Wolverine bloodline for Ganus and countless others can fill volumes of results in one loft racing. 
Most famous son of Wolverine is GFL-438-2013 Mike Has A Very Good One … his records in the 2013/2014 edition of the Million Dollar race is outstanding:
      Winner of over 100,000 US Dollar pool money alone in SA Million Dollar Race
      2. prize Zandy Meyer Memorial Million Dollar Race 2014
      27. prize Car Race Million Dollar Race – 4,092 birds
      30. prize Car Race Million Dollar Race – 4,065 birds
      53. prize final race Million Dollar Race 658 km – 3,478 birds
      Also winner 14.-14.-19.-28.-47.-63. in Training races
‘Mike Has A Very Good One’ already bred very good as well! He is grandfather to ‘Royal Queen’, 18th prize final Pattaya Int. OLR 1,941 birds in 2019 … he is grandfather to ‘Phantom’, 7th best overall bird Victoria Falls OLR yearling race series 2018 … and his full brother is grandfather of Sawa, 12th final race YL Victoria Falls OLR 602 km 584 birds 2018 and 22nd acebird Victoria Falls OLR yearling race series 2018.
Probably the best grandchild of Wolverine is GFL-371-2017 Red Monkey … this top star racer became:
      1st final winner Victoria Falls World Challenge Race 2018
      & winner 200,000 US Dollar prize money
More Wolverine offspring shows why he such is favourite of Mike Ganus
Wolverine is grandfather of
      2nd final YB Victoria Falls World Challenge Race 2017
      & winner 100,000 US Dollar prize money
      15th prize Hoosier 523 birds (only 47 on day 1)
Wolverine is grandfather of ‘Hoosier Treasure’
      1st Hoosier Classic winner 350 miles winning $30,000.00
Wolverine is grandfather of
      1st prize Training 1 Victoria Falls OLR 3,081 birds
Wolverine is grandfather of
      18th prize final Pattaya Int. OLR 1,941 birds in 2019
Wolverine grandchild won at Jim Ward
      3. in Big Andy’s 451 Mike race (Equal 1.) with g.child ‘Wolverine’
Wolverine offspring has been winning from 30 to 450 miles … an allround quality that makes this bloodline so exceptional! Another reference of Wolverine is The 555, super racer in 2017 and winner of
      1st prize 145 miles
      8th avg. speed 380 miles & 13. prize
      15th prize 309 miles
      25th pize 350 miles
      40th & 42nd prize 350 miles Hoosier Classic
Children of 555’ are on all different races 2018-2019 winners of
      1st prize 450 miles
      1st prize 300 miles
      1st prize 350 miles
      1st prize 200,250 miles
      1st prize 160 miles 1100ypm
      2nd long avg speed 250,300,350 miles
      2nd avg speed acebird
      2nd-3rd-5th country challenge SA 2019-2020
      3rd prize 350 miles band race NY
      3rd prize 225 miles 1200 ypm
      4th prize 200 miles
      7th prize 302 miles
      7th prize 265 miles 1000ypm
      12th avg speed 23. prize 360 miles 1100 ypm
      15th prize 350 miles
      20th prize 301 miles
      40th prize 350 miles
In the introduction it was stated that the 2020 best Million Dollar performers are related to superman Wolverine … check below and see for yourself
In their focus on homing the most exceptional One Loft Race performers and breeders on the planet, Wolverine plays a major part. Its bloodlines have been challenging in the most prestigious one loft races in the sport and showed winning abilities like never seens before … these pristine genetics win for Ganus and for so many others. Wolverine is now 11 years old so waiting to add Wolverine genetics may not be an option; the PIPA Special ending this Sunday on might just be your once in a lifetime opportunity!