Deno-Herbots, "1st national Limoges 17469 Yearlings (2005)"

Jean D'Haeseleer, Jos Deno & Edward Van Herck

Limoges yearlings 2005 will always be remembered as one of the hardest Limoges races from the last years.
The winning pigeon of Deno-Herbots on this 600 KM race had a speed of 1242.62 m/m. The second pigeon was from Luc, Bart and Jurgen Geerinckx, they’ve lost the 1st place with only a few seconds, their pigeon had a speed of 1242.26 m/m. Third place was won by Demey Remi from Booischoot. But… the pigeon of Remi wasn’t clocked on time and that’s why this pigeon only won 30th National instead of 3rd National. Now the famous loft of André Roodhooft wins 3rd place, his pigeon raced 1225.17 m/m.

1st National Limoges - 2211834/2004 "Broer Stier"

Pedigree national winner : Click here
Pedigree 44e national Limoges : Click here

The team: Their team is not only the combination Deno-Herbots, also a few people who help a lot to take care of this big colony of pigeons. They handle everything on a very professional way… For example famous Philip Herbots also helps a lot. But not only Philip is a big help for Jos, also Jean D’haeseleer is someone who is always ready to help where is necessary. He knows how to work with the computer and he is also a pigeon-know-it-all. Someone else who helps a lot is Eduward Van Herck… So what is left for Jos Deno, thats what you all think now? Jos is the ‘racer’ of the team. He knows everything about it and he already races well for many many years.
Mr Jos Deno has about 80 widowers- 32 widow hens- 50 breeding couples- 200 youngsters.
Jos Deno raced a long time under his own name, later on Philip Herbots noticed the good results of Jos and could convince him to race together in combination. On this moment combination Deno-Herbots was born.

Method: Classic widowhood, like we already described many times. Hens are also raced with the widowhood system and always have the same partner, this partner doesn’t race. They start with about 80 widowcocks and about 30 widowhens. Two times a week the young pigeons, for the moment they still have about 120, are driven to Fleurs which is about 50 KM. The young pigeons don’t leave the lofts before those trainingraces. All the other days they do go out.

Limoges Yearlings: 29 Yearlings were basketted at the club of Local Unique in Waver. They participate in this club because they can also participate in the middle distance races of “Petit Club de Fleurus”, which has each time a lot of participating pigeons. Main races are Toury and Orleans. The father of the Limoges winner “Broer Stier” was lost and was found back in Germany, about 600 KM further away. They went to pick up the pigeon and afterwards they sold it, that’s why the parents aren’t on the lofts anymore. Because the German fancier was so honnest to report the pigeon, he received a couple of youngsters from Jos.

Barcelona 2005 : This loft doesnt only race middle distance and long distance. In the 2005 edition of Barcelona this combination won 16th National and 39th International (preliminary) with their “Dikke Witpen” strain Verbruggen/Florizoone/Hausoul. To get his pedigree Click here
The Barcelona team doesn’t race Perpignan anymore.

The loft of the widowers, where the 1st Nat. Limoges arrived

D'Haeseleer, helping at the lofts of Jos Deno

58 large breedingboxes

Some 2005 Results

14th of May : Toury 1191 Yearlings.
14e, 16e, 55e, 88e, 97e, 115e, 182e, 238e, 360e, 361e, 367,(11 / 25)
Old : Toury 1877 pigeons.
11e, 40e, 89e, 322e, 411e, 586e, 619e, (7 / 7)
21 May : Orléans 2310 Old Pigeons.
2e, 10e, 12e, 46e, 141e, 229e, (6 / 7)
28 May : Bourges 5877 Yearlings.
211e, 280e, 442e, 900e, 1102e, 1103e, 1279e, 1296e, 1864e, (9 /14)
28 Mei : 2382 Yearlings
8e,23e,30e,40e, 61e, 67e, 98e, 200e, 204e, 210e, 349e, 354e, (14 / 22)
4 June : Brive 3163 pigeons.
306e, 490e, 581e, 824e, 854e, 982e, 983e, 1041e, (8 / 16)
11 June : Montélimar 1207 pigeons.
19e, 26e, 33e, 166e, 172e, 232e, 240e, 255e, 309e, (9 / 12)
Groupement : 623 pigeons.
11e, 15e, 17e, 72e, 73e, 105e, 113e, 122e, 158e, (9 / 12)
11 June Toury 235 Yearlings .
1e, 3e, 13e, 14e, 16e, 19e, 22e, 29e, 35e, 39e, 42e, 50e, 59e, 64e, 66e, (15 of 28 )
Petit Club : 1492 pigeons :
22e, 37e, 123e, 156e, 158e, 166e, 190e, 207e, 263e, 290e, 336e, 368e, 370e, 372e, 410e, 417e, 486e, (17/28)
18 June Toury 1966 Yearlings.
14e,61e, 62e, 74e, 96e, 127e, 172e, 215e, 284e, 421e, 452e, 592e, 594e, ( 13 / 20)
Toury 1332 Old pigeons.
15e, 32e, 44e, 72e, 81e, 83e, 99e, 100e, 101e, 113e, 129e, 147e, 211e, 264e, 349e, (15 / 27)
2 July Barcelona 1881 pigeons.
3e, 25e, 323e,410e, 452e, 454e, 547e, 575e, (8 / 11)
2 July Orléans 158 young pigeons
2e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 7e, 8e, 9e, 10e, 15e, 16e, 17e, 24e, 26e, 27e, 30e, 31e, 34e, 37e, 40e, 42e, 43e, 44e, 45e, 49e, 50e (25 / 59)
(limited list of results)


Jean & Edward before the loft of the 16 pairs of fosterparents

De lofts to race the middle distance

The lofts at the right and at the left are housed by widowhens who are raced every week. They stay in the part at the right the whole day. They leave the loft for their daily training by the small window and come back inside on the actual loft. Their partner cocks don’t race and stay behind these lofts. The lofts in the middle are used to train young pigeons.

Miss Deno is enjoying the succes of her husband…


On Monday, visitors still had a dry day…

We recognize Edward Van Herck, Armand Schoolmeesters, Theo Yskout, Jos Deno,
Kurt Dierick with his father in law Eddy Leutenez.
Eddy is working on a comeback and will race mainly one day long distance

...but they didn’t had a dry day on Sunday...

We recognize Klaas Oosterhof, Ludo Oosterhof , Gommaire Verbruggen, Kimberley Oosterhof and Jos Deno