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Mark Gilbert (Windsor, UK) wins 4 first prizes on BICC race from Alencon against 4,639 pigeons!

The 2023 season got off to a good start for Mark Gilbert. He already won no less then 6 (!) different races so far, incuding the national Alencon race on the 14th of May!

GB22N42061: 1. Open BICC Alencon 4,639 p.

So despite the fact we’re only a few weeks racing in the new season, Mark Gilbert already managed to win 6 x 1st fed result as well as this big National result on Alencon: 1-2-3-4-... against 4,639 pigeons! 

The winning pigeon on Alencon is the blue yearling hen GB22N42061. A week earlier, she also won 1. Weymouth 1,574 p. an winning the 21. Kingsdown 841 p. is also on her track record.

Her father is Golden Limo 559 (GB21V98559), a 100 % Gino Clicque pigeon, bred out of Bro Golden Devil and Nest Sister Limo.

Mother of the national Alencon winner is Champ Lady B 318. She was born after Mark Gilbert and Mark Williamson decided to do some co-breeding. They paired up some of their best birds: Southfield Champ (1. Saintes 4,128 p.) of Gilbert was paired with Lady B (1. Bordeaux 911 p.) of Williamson.

Second pigeon on Alencon was GB20N70773. This cock winning 2. Alencon 4,639 p, is a grandchild of Southfield Warrior of Mark, the blue cock that won 4th Open NFC Saintes against 4,128 p. & 1. Wincanton 470 p. He was paired with Gaby 384, a hen out of the bloodlines of Gaby Vandenabeele.

Third pigeon arriving at the lofts of Mark Gilbert and winning 3. Alencon  4,639 p. is GB22N42146. This hen also won 1. Kingsdown 841 p. and is a daughter of Rolex Harry 64 and Champ Lady B 368. Rolex Harry 64 is a son of Rolex (Crammond & Langstaff), 1. Open NFC Saintes.

Champ Lady B 368 is a full sister of the mother of the 1. Alencon BICC winner. So also a daughter of the co-breeding pair Southfield Champ x Lady B.

4th pigeon arriving and -indeed- winning 4. Alencon BICC 4,639 p. is the hen with band number GB21N61499. She raced very well in the past, already winning:

4. Weymouth 1,574 p.
5. Guernsey 1,377 p.
8. Honiton 574 p.
9. Honiton 1,254 p.
11. Yeovil 1,453 p.
15. Yelverton 814 p.

GB21N61499 is a daughter of Champ x Joy, a result of co-breeding with Syndicate Lofts. Mother is Dou Golden Prince 65, an inbred granddaughter of Golden Prince (PIPA Elite Center).

5. BICC Guernsey 3,219 pigeons

The only other National that has happened so far was the BICC Guernsey race and Mark won 5th open in this race against more than 3,000 birds with GB21N61327!

The 327 hen is a 100% Stefaan Lambrechts pigeon, as both the parents originate from trhe loft of Stefaan. Father is The 546, a grandson of Olympic Kittel and Lincia, 1. Nat. Ace SMD KBDB in 2015.

Mother is The 826. Partly Van Den Bulck and also out of the lines of Lincia.

Most recent race update we just received from the team of Mark, is the provisional result of the nationale Fougeres  race, Section E.

Mark also looks to have provisionally taken 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Section E in the National Flying Club Fougeres National race. Here you find the pedigrees for the first and second section pigeons.

Mark holding the prov 1st Section winner Fougeres

Victories galore

The season so far has been characterized by one victory after another, often even with several pigeons in the lead! It is clear that the pigeons in Winkfield - Windsor are in excellent condition, which results into impressive performances. Enjoy what Mark Gilbert has already managed to achieve so far:

07-05-2023 Kingsdown (120 miles = 193 km)
The first 6 prizes against 880 p!

29-04-2023 Kingsdown (120 miles = 193 km)
1 & 2 prize against 841 p.

22-04-2023 Honiton (114 miles = 183 km)
1-2-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 against 1.254 p.

22-04-2023 Wincanton (79 miles = 127 km)

15-04-2023 Weymouth (95 miles = 153 km)
1th 18 (!) prizes against 1.369 p.

After dominating in the federation, with often several pigeons in the lead, in April and first week of May, Mark is now also one of the big guns in the national BICC races so far... Where will this end!?