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Mark Gilbert (UK) is now also celebrating on the short distance races

Everybody knows what Mark Gilbert is capable of on the (extreme) long distance races. But since 2019 he is also participating in the sprint races.

“In 2​019 we decided to set up a sprint loft with a view to competing in club and federation competitions” says Mark Gilbert about this new challenge. “This proved very successful from the off.”

“During the seasons 2020, 2021 and 2022 we have won over 45 x 1st Federations between 800 to 3,500 birds”, says Mark. On at least 15 of those occasions, the Gilbert loft took between the first 15 to 30 positions in the federation against the wind and not in a favorable location in an extremely strong competition.

One Star to come from this new venture is Southfield 394 a very talented widowhood hen. In 2021 she became the RPRA Sprint Champion U.K Winning The Selby Thomas Memorial Trophy.

Her results:

1st Exeter 2,433 p.
1st Weymouth 2,130 p.
1st Honiton 2,842 p.
1st Honiton 163 p.
2nd Honiton 1,350 p. (Dropped With Winner)
2nd Weymouth 382 p.
3rd Honiton 1,357 p. (Dropped With Winner)
3rd Honiton 1,293 p.

All the results above were achieved in the 2021 season, plus many more top 15 Federation results...

In fact the 394 hen could have won 1th prize in the Federation 6 times in 2021 but she was beaten twice on the drop by loft mates! This says a lot about how good this hen performs on the sprint races... Outstanding!