Derby Arona Tenerife: report of the Endurance Race & follow today's semi-final LIVE

Follow today's semi-final race live and read all about the recent Endurance Race and its winners!

Today the semi-final is under way. You can follow it live on Facebook on this link.

Earlier, the Endurance Race of the 2023 edition was held and the organisation of the Derby Arona published this nice report about the 2023 Endurance Race.

Endurance Race 2023

Following the disappointment in regards to the returns from the recent adventure flying for the first time over the open waters of the AtlanticOcean for Hotspot race 1 The Survival Race,the team were preparing for the next adventure and a return to the same site in Gran Canaria for the Endurance race,a race to enhance the pigeons bravery and courage of crossing over the water between both islands and whilst there’s no prestige in regards of trophies etc for this event  there is a prize of 220 euro usable for the first ten pigeons on the clock for future use in 2023/24.

With the weather changing daily with increased winds out over the Atlantic, the team were aware now with so little pigeons remaining they needed to study the coming weeks forecast to ensure they have the best day possible for a liberation.

With Wednesday 8th the original set day showing some uncertainty the team opted to delay the liberation until the Thursday a more calming day forecast with lighter winds,with 208 pigeons now traveling to the port of Santa Cruz for the mid-afternoon ferry across to Gran Canaria.

With Abel once again travelling with the birds along with Goyo they once again documented the uneventful journey across,arriving on site late afternoon, where the birds were watered and left to settle ahead of tomorrow’s event.

Liberation day and with a nice calm morning with the sun rising indicating a good day ahead the birds were away at 08.15 into a light north easterly wind,on liberationthe live feed showed the birds broke into a number of small batches for several minutes and as the movie showed, orientating the site until the main batch could be seen making headway for home,these left a small number circling  for a while later until they too got their line of flight and headed out of sight on route for home.

At the loft the team like many waited patiently for the first arrivals,going on the previous flight of 1 hour 20 minutes it was just a wait and see situation to hopefully see pigeons on or around the same time,with the hour flying time passing we were delight not long after, to see the first arrivals hit the trap obviously following a good liberation and the reassurance that the water below them held very little threat to them now, they didn’t seem to hang about today as the first pigeons recorded their arrival.

Pigeons making a line over the Atlantic for the island of Tenerife

Taking Top Honours of 1st International Gran Canaria Endurance Race we see the Slovakian entry “Arona 13” for Team SadlakVendelin& Andrej with a flying time of 1 hour 8 min clocking at, team Belgium Sint&Carlsbad Friends Syn take the runner up position of 2nd International  with the arrival of their entry “Amigo 7”on the clock, Team Wolf’s Castle Warrior take 1stWales 1stUK 3rdInternational with the arrival of pigeon “PK 97” with a time of 09.23 .57.25 as 4th on the clock we see the Team of Broebech&Steenberg from Denmark with pigeon “Ajinajo” timing in on, Team Casey and Rainbow representing team England takes 5th International with pigeon “Rachael” on the clock on, ahead of Team Red Devil Racing from Belgium in 6th on with pigeon named “Red Flame”,Team Highway Lofts from Ireland claims 7th place as they seen their pigeon “Celtic Titan” record a time of, team Romania take 8thSpot as Team RaduIonut&Tatal recorded a time of with pigeon “Ionut 71”, Team SG Gebr.Reinhard from Germany takes 9th with pigeon “Lady Sunshine”on the clock on narrowly ahead of the 10th place arrival of pigeon “KA 841” of the Slovakian Team of EvinPeter & Noemi on

The leading pigeons timing in
  • 1st international Gran CanariaEndurance the Slovakian entry “Arona 13” for Team SadlakVendelin& Andrej
  • Belgium Team Sint&Carlsbad Friends syn 2nd International Endurance Race with pigeon “Amigo 7”
  • Pigeon “PK 97” for Team Wolf’s Castle Warriors Wales 3rd International Endurance Race

The race seemed an easy adventure than the previous one clearly showing that once the birds make their first crossing they seem to manage future races from the neighbouring island with a little more ease as batches of different numbers returned unscathed and pleasingly and to the relief of all concerned by mid-day 178 from the 208 liberated were home safe and sound.

As the day went on we seen a few more arrivals taking the total to 184 by nightfall and with additional pigeons coming through on day two the numbers went up once more to a  pleasing 192 some 92.3%.

As each race goes by there’s only slight movement in the King of Sprint Averages, as we see the Slovakian team of Daniel &Andrea Krajcikmaintaining pole position with pigeon “ADK 85”on 32308 pts, Team Andersen and Gravesen from Denmark are in the runner up position with pigeon “Jackson 606” on 31488 pts and in 3rdthere’sTeam SixMen and The Now from England with pigeon “Justin” on 31447.

Whilst the King of Sprint Averages covers races from first to last there’s,also now the King of The Atlantic Averages up and running,this covers all five liberations from the neighbouringislands and with two races completed  at present Team Red Devil Racing from Belgium hold the Top Spot with pigeon “Red Flame” on 19930 pts, Team Broebechand Steenberg from Denmark are in 2nd place with pigeon “Ajinajo” on 19890 pts and in 3rdthere’s the Hungarian entry “Gersli” for Team Janos Baricsa on 19850,but these averages will no doubt change over the coming races and concluded on the Final Race.

Were just two Hotspot Races away now from the Final Race week… and it’s time to break down the weeks events for those travelling for the occasion,the Derby Arona Team and Ledesma family welcome all fanciers from around the world to the island of Tenerife for the Final Race of 2023 and duly welcome them for the first event which is the live basketing on Thursday 23rd March at the loft from 09:00 where fanciers will have the opportunity of handling their entries the first time since parting with them many months ago prior to stamping and going in the basket,for those unable to attendthe Final Race, the basketing will also be streamed live as each individual pigeon goes through the marking procedure.

On Friday 24th the family extended their warm welcome to everyone to join them for the Welcome Evening at one of the Top Canarian restaurants,this is at a cost of 40 euro per person which includes various offerings of Canarian cuisine and local drink, the price also includes return coach travel from various pick up points around the main resort of Playa deLas Américas.

Of course Sat 25thMarch sees the main event “The Derby Arona Final Race“from Fuerteventura for the ultimate challenge that awaits them in the double Atlantic flight and witness the crowning of the 2023 Derby Arona champion,once again for your comfort the arona team offer food and drink to those present throughout the day.

The final event on Sunday 26th March is the Gala Night at the Mare Nostrum Resort in Playa de Las Américas,a night where all winners are recognised and the champion is crowned for 2023.

Avariety of food is presented to please every nationality and tastes along with some top entertainment this is included in the price of 70 euro per person and brings the 2023 series to an end.

Whilst the winners and participants are rewarded for their achievements at the Gala Night from there all the returning finalists will go to auction,with the main pigeons going to PIPA auctions in Belgium in the coming weeks.

The way forward

The Derby AronaOne Loft Race is a unique challenge for both fanciers and pigeons alike… whilst completing the series is an achievement in its own right,losses become a part of the race unfortunately, due to its geographical position off the African Coast meaning racing across  the Atlantic there’s no room for error,but this is the challenge that awaits you and your pigeons… testing your best pigeons against some of the biggestnames in the sport and traditional back garden lofts over one of the hardest routes.

Doors open for the next series of the Derby AronaTenerife One Loft Race 2023/24 mid April,details of all derby coordinators and shipping dates for the next series will be published on the website at once confirmed.