A report on the British International Championship Club race from Perpignan on 6th August 2022

First open, first and second CS section
46 members sent 332 pigeons to Perpignan with the British International Championship Club. After a one day holdover they were liberated at 07.30CEST into blue skies and an east wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Paul Basham

First open and first CS section was a three year old on 776mpm over a distance of 6.7 miles for Paul Basham of Bursledon. The open winner has been named Lioness, as she has the heart of a lion. The sire of Lioness is a grandchild of Geoff and Catherine Coopers Farmer George x Farm Ivy and Mark Gilbert's Southfield Darkie. It is a full brother to the dam of Bursledon Brian, first open BICC Poitiers for Paul. The dam of Lioness is direct from Pennine Heights. Paul timed a second pigeon, a two year old on 689mpm, to also take seventh open and second CS section. The sire of this cock is bred by Jelle Jellema and the dam is a direct daughter of the Cooper's base breeder, George. Having been raced on the roundabout system earlier in the season, all cocks and hens were left to run together, and Paul's two winners paired themselves together. 

Duncan Goodchild & Irene D
Irene D

Duncan Goodchild, flying in the name of David Hales of Hockley was second, third and fifth open, first, second and fourth ES section. Flying a distance of 632 miles, Duncan's first pigeon was a four year old timed on a velocity of 743.9mpm, closely followed by a five year old on 743.1mpm. His third pigeon, another four year old, was clocked on 718mpm. First on the clock was Irene D, a blue hen bred from a direct Van Ouwerkerk Dekkers cock when paired to a daughter of Duncan when he, in turn, was paired to a daughter of Tubby. Irene D was raced on widowhood earlier in the season and was eleventh open Agen, before being paired for Perpignan. Second to time was a red, widowhood cock containing a mix of their old family of Comfort Zone, 80, Duncan and Buddle bloodlines. Third on the clock was a blue chequer bred through Monar, first international Narbonne on the sire's side, paired to a top daughter of Tubby. 

Second on the clock for David Hales
David Hales' third timer
Jubilee Barcelona

G M Preece and Son of Dover clocked multiple pigeons to end up with thirteen in the top forty of the UK open result. First on the clock was a three year old cock, Jubilee Barcelona, on 726mpm over a distance of 596 miles and which was fourth open and third ES section. Three weeks previously this cock was a winner from Barcelona. Next to time was a two year old hen on 708mpm and in sixth open, fifth ES section. This hen was on its third international race of the season. Third was a two year old cock on 680mpm and coming in at tenth open and eighth ES section. This cock is a son of the partners' pigeon, Jack Jones and is related to Jubilee Barcelona on the dam's side through a direct Raymund Hermes hen. 

Spencer Nicholson

J Nicholson and Son of Rochester also timed multiple pigeons with two dropping together to take eighth and ninth open, seventh and eighth ES section. Both were two year olds, flying a distance of 616 miles and on 685 and 683mpm respectively. The partners' next pigeon was on 625mpm, taking thirteenth open and tenth ES section. First on the clock was a blue hen, a gift pigeon from Calum Edmiston of Surrey, being bred from Calum's St Vincent and Pau hen. Second to time was another blue hen, containing all the old Nicholson bloodlines. Third on the clock was a seven year old veteran of eleven international races and which now secures a certificate of merit for three top fifteen places. The dam of this one is a daughter of Plum and Kate. 

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was eleventh open and third CS section with a four year old on 634.98mpm over 634 miles. 

Dickie Pearmain and Son of Wickford clocked a three year old on 634.93mpm over a distance of 633 miles to take twelfth open and ninth ES section. 

John & David Staddon

David and John Staddon of Ditcheat were sixteenth open and first WS section with a four year old on 612mpm over 643 miles. This is the Staddon's ninth section win of the season and they timed their single entry, a red cock named BRB. BRB is bred from their old Deweerdt bloodlines, with the sire being Farm Boy and the dam, Shapway Ruby, was bred from Southfield Pau. 

John Chipperfield

John Chipperfield of Herne Bay was seventeenth and nineteenth open, thirteenth and fifteenth ES section. Flying a distance of 611 miles, John timed two four year old pigeons, the first of which was on 607mpm followed by the next on 572mpm. 

Around the sections

Lee & Kevin Buddle

Lee and Kevin Buddle of Dover timed a three year old hen on 463mpm over a distance of 594 miles to take twenty-second ES section and twenty-seventh open. This hen was bred for the Buddles by Andrew Macmillan of Stoke, with her sire being a double grandson of H and Dr HP Brockamps super breeder, George (sire of Euro Diamond and Mistral etc.) The dam was bred by Bob Besant and Son and is a grand-daughter of their Noble Dream, first international Agen 2015. 

John & Jeff Lyden

The Lyden Brothers of Sandwich timed two hens on the Monday morning, that will likely be twenty-sixth and twenty-ninth ES section and thirty-second and thirty-fifth in the result. Flying 603 miles, their velocities were 426 and 406mpm respectively. Half-sisters, with a common dam, a hen obtained from Mick Sheehy of Harrietsham and containing Chris Gordon bloodlines, these two hens were sent sitting eggs. They had two channel races prior to Perpignan. 

John Black

John Black of Hitchin timed a four year old on 294mpm over a distance of 667 miles to take first NC section and forty-sixth open. John's timer was named Little Warrior, as it was badly hawked on its way home and how it managed to return, let alone take the section win, is a mystery. Little Warrior is a widowhood cock containing Southwell bloodlines. 


John Black's Little Warrior
Kevin Grace

Kevin and Lauren Grace of Kneesworth were second NC section and fifty-first open with a yearling on 238mpm over a distance of 669 miles. Kevin's timer is a latebred from his three times Barcelona pigeon, when it was paired to a grand-daughter of Klein Jade. 


John Jobling

John Jobling of Millwall was fifth CS section and thirtieth open with a five year old, mealy cock on 437mpm over 630 miles. John's cock, Bob Mealy, has now flown Perpignan three times and made the result for all three. The sire of Bob Mealy was a gift from the late Joe Bradford of Sutton, from his old family of distance pigeons. 

Marinel Adochita

Marinel Adochita of Queensbury was seventh CS section and forty-seventh open with a four year old, blue cock on 290mpm over 639 miles. Marinel's winner is bred from his stock pigeons and is fifty percent Kip and Sohne and fifty percent Jan Kastelijn. 

Marinel's pigeon

Brooks Brothers and Wilcox of High Littleton were second WS section and fiftieth open with a four year old on 243mpm over 655 miles. 

Clive & Jill Rogers & Neil Sales

Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales timed a three year old on 224mpm over 652 miles to take third WS section and fifty-fourth open. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Perpignan.