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A report on the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey on 28th August 2021

Penberth Vince - 1st open young birds
241 members sent 1,984 young birds to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.35CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Duncan Harvey

V and D Harvey of Penzance were first open and first WS section with a young bird on 1205mpm over 144 miles. Duncan's youngster was bred from a grandson of Vandenabeele, Eisenhower. The dam was a Herman Ceuster x Jelle Roziers that he bought from the RPRA one loft race. Duncan started in the sport along with his father in 1972 and still races in the partnership name out of respect for his late father. 

Chris Williams

Chris Williams of Plymouth timed a young bird on 1165mpm over 97 miles to take second open and second WS section. Chris timed a chequer cock, bred for him by Andrew Mabin and containing Herman Ceuster, Man O Chester bloodlines. It was raced on the natural system and sent driving to nest. 

Lee & Dyer

Third open and third WS section was a youngster on 1155mpm over 91 miles for Lee and Dyer of Plymouth. The two Terrys timed a Camphuis Janssen bred by Bill and Carol Foulstone of South Yorkshire. It was one of a kit of twenty which they bought in to race and which had performed very well. 

Around the sections 

Mark Gilbert with Troy Birch

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was first CS section and fourth open with a young bird on 1057mpm over a distance of 157 miles. The section winner is bred from a son of New Harry, 1st Niergnies, 1st Pont St Maxence, when paired to  daughter of Golden Prince, 1st national Belgium middle distance ace. 

Derek Reid

Derek Reid of Weybridge timed a young bird on 960mpm over 158 miles to take second CS section. Derek clocked a blue hen bred from a Dave Hawkins Vandenabeele cock when paired to one of Derek's best stock hens, bred down from his section winner from Saintes. 

Peter Gilbert of Oxfordshire was third CS section on a velocity of 956mpm over 153 miles. 

Topp & Mann

The ES section winners were Topp and Mann of Rayleigh on 979mpm over 200 miles. The partners only sent two pigeons, their breeder buyer entries for the Thames Fed. Both pigeons dropped together and timed to take first and second section and provisionally eighth and ninth open. They also won the breeder buyer and over £8,000 in prize money. The section winner was bred from stock from Lee Bastone of Burnham, who gifted the sire and dam to the partners. Second section was a gift bird from Tomas Miller of Liverpool and contains Van Den Bulck bloodlines. 

Sparks & Dallas

Next up in the ES section was a young bird on 955mpm over 185 miles for Sparks and Dallas of Gravesend. The sire is a combine winner for Tommy's brother Andrew and the dam came from Colin Fagg and Linda Nicholas. 

Louie of D Wilton & Son

Provisional third ES section was a young bird on 951mpm over 187 miles for D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary. Andrew's bird was also a Thames breeder buyer pigeon and was bred by Russ Ocuneff from two of the Wilton's stock, a daughter of their top sprint cock, Louie and a son of top breeder Conleo. 

Conleo of D Wilton & Son (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)
John Black

The NC section winner and fifth open was John Black of Hitchin on 1021mpm over 201 miles. John timed a chequer hen, a grand-daughter of Jimmy Bauress' Bordeaux winner at 600 miles into Liverpool. The dam contains Van Den Bulck bloodlines. It is now named Tina after Jimmy's wife. John had nineteen out of twenty home on the day. 

P Wraight of Bluntisham was second NC section on 819mpm over 226 miles. 

Mark Turner

M Turner of Kettering was third NC section on 771mpm over a distance of 213 miles. Mark timed a hen, racing unpaired. Its breeding is 50% Stefaan Lambrechts, Nijlen and 50% Luc Vervoort, Hallaar. It is a half sister to an RPRA sprint award winner. 

J & B Oakley's pigeon

J and B Oakley of Whitchurch were the NW section winners and also ninth open. Their young bird was timed on 975mpm over 241 miles. The section winner was bred from Nigel Shaw's Batt stock crossed with GWP Macaloney bloodlines. The partners had a second pigeon which will probably be second section in the final result. That was bred from stock from Roy Barton and Graham Baker, both of which have passed away. 

Gwyn & Joy Lloyd

Mr and Mrs G Lloyd of Hereford timed a young bird on 865mpm over 180 miles to take second NW section. Gwyn and Joy's pigeon is a Deweerdt Hybrect x Jan Aarden. 

Sebastian Szul

Sebastian Szul of Telford was third NW section on 840mpm over 222 miles. This is Sebastian's first year racing in the UK and he timed a dark cock bird bred from Grzegorz Czerwinski stock, the sire being inbred to Leo Hermans, Olympiade 003. The dam contains Van Den Bulck bloodlines. 


Len & Roly Rix

The NE section winners and 110th open were L Rix and Son from Mildenhall with a young bird on 684mpm over 239 miles. Len timed a young cock bred down from his original Osmond Barkers that he started with forty years ago. These same birds won him £1,400 in the MDPR about ten years ago. 

Roger Strowger

Mr and Mrs Strowger of Leiston were second NE section on 577mpm over 260 miles. The sire of Roger's winner was bred by Terry Ivatt of Ipswich whilst the dam came from Alan Brown of Northern Ireland. 

Mr & Mrs Dyer's pigeon

Mr and Mrs Dyer of Lowestoft were third NE section with a youngster on 487mpm over a distance of 278 miles. Husband and wife timed a chequer hen on the second day. The sire comes from their channel family and the dam contains Van Mellis bloodlines. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey.