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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Thurso on 16th July 2021

First open winner - Micky Sontag
Eighty-three members sent five hundred and seventy-six pigeons to Thurso with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 06.00 CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first section J was a three year old on 1241ypm for Sontag and Son of Harlow. Micky's winning hen is now named Katie. It has always been a consistent racer having scored positions in the past and having flown Bordeaux as a two year old. This year it was trained north to Peterborough. Micky would like to thank Cecil and Mark Bulled for giving him the chance to race their unique family of pigeons. The winner is 100% Bulled bloodlines being a grand-daughter of Mark's Champion Legacy. 

Mark Gilbert & Nigel Langstaff

Mark Gilbert of Windsor timed six pigeons in the top ten at second, third, fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth open, first to fifth and seventh section D. The first five were two year olds on 1210.3, 1210.2, 1202, 1201.2 and 1201ypm. Next was a four year old on  1174ypm. The first two pigeons to time from Thurso were cocks and both were grandchildren of Mark's best breeder Golden Barcelona. The first came from a son when paired to a daughter of Laureate x Romme of Jella Jellemas. 

Topp and Mann of Rayleigh clocked a two year old on 1205ypm to take fourth open and second section J. The partners timed a widowhood cock containing Herman Ceusters bloodlines. The sire came from Premier Stud, whilst the dam was purchased at Kassel show in Germany. 

Owen Abery

Young fancier Owen Abery of Reading was eighth open and sixth section D with a two year old on 1197ypm. Owen timed a small blue hen that was bred down from Mark Gilbert's bloodlines. The sire was gifted to Roger Lowe by Mark and which Roger then gifted to Owen. Owen paired this cock up to a hen bred down from Southfield Supreme. Owen only sent two entries and had them both in race time. 

James Fulford

J Fulford of Salisbury was tenth open and first section B with a two year old on 1166.9ypm. James' pigeon was bred down from John Halstead' s Nyland Ashley Southwell bloodlines. 

Mark & Julie Gower

Mr and Mrs Gower of Fordingbridge timed four pigeons to take twelfth, fifteenth, sixteenth and nineteenth open, second to fifth section B. Mark's first bird from Thurso was a three year old hen that took four days to come back from Pau last season. It was bred from his friend Andy Parsons' good stock cock, Dancer. Second on the clock was another three year old hen, this one bred from Nick Adshead bloodlines. It was Mark's first bird back from Pau last season scoring 63rd open. Third to time contains Frieldenhoffen bloodlines whilst the fourth on the clock is the same way bred as the first. 

J and P Parker of Reading were thirteenth open and ninth section D with a six year old on 1134ypm. 

John Zerafa

K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth timed a two year old on 1119ypm to take fourteenth open. The Zerafas took the top five positions in section A. Their first on the clock and the only bird on the day into section A, is bred from the House of Aarden's Padfield's Blue Badge, which is also a grandson of New Laureaat and Kleine Jade. The dam of their first bird was bred by Dean Childs of Wickford and is a daughter of Chalice Olive. It was sent sitting a four day old squeaker. The second pigeon was timed early the next morning. The sire of this one was first open Saintes for Bill Edwards of Gosport, whilst the dam is the Zerafa's Fougeres winner, Eastern Angel. Third section was bred by Wearn and Neilson from a cock that they jointly bought from a Dutch fancier, Tim Hage. The fourth section winner contains Mark Gilbert's bloodlines whilst the fifth was bred from their good hen Chich. 

First section A

Around the sections 

The Drains' Thurso red cock

Runners up in section A were J and M Drain of Portchester with a two year old on 691ypm. John and Matt timed a cock that has been a consistent racer for them over past seasons. The sire contains Roland Janssen bloodlines from Louella Pigeon World, whilst the dam was a Hardy Kruger from Premier Lofts. 

Pete Barlow

Pete Barlow of Coombe Hill timed a three year old on 929ypm to take first section C. Pete's winner was gifted to him by Graham Clift of Tirley and contains Deweerdt x Mark Gilbert bloodlines. It is a half-brother to second section, tenth open Messac.  

Stuart Wilcox's 2nd section cock

Stuart Wilcox of Bristol was second section C with a six year old cock on 879ypm. This cock contains 100% Chris Hebberecht bloodlines and it has previously been 62nd open Pau and 150th open Tarbes. It is also a half-brother to many consistent racers, being bred from a direct son of Talis, 1st national La Souterraine x Cathy, Stuart's top breeding daughter of Champion, 2nd Ace KBDB long distance 2005.

Catherine Cooper

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John were third section C with a yearling hen, sent sitting eight days and flying 505 miles. Now named Dawn, the sire is a son of Wollongong when paired to a son of Euro Diamond. The dam is a daughter of the Special One when paired to a daughter of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade. 

Nigel Shaw

Mr and Mrs Shaw of Crewe timed a yearling on 709ypm to take first section E. and the only pigeon on the day in their section. It was a pied cock flown on the widowhood system and which was second section from Elgin two weeks previously. It is a son of the Bat when paired to a grand-daughter of New Laureaat. 

Nathan Foulkes' hen

N Foulkes of Stoke on Trent was section section E with a two year old on 579ypm. Nathan timed a blue hen bred by his good friend Terry Hall and sent sitting twelve days. Earlier in the season, this hen was ninth section from Sennan Cove. This was its first north road race. 

Steve Howard

Mr and Mrs Howard of Guildford timed three pigeons to take first, second and fourth section G. All three were two year olds, on 780, 699 and 567ypm respectively. Their first bird was a gift from their old friend Peter Taylor and was sent to the race sitting twelve day eggs. Second was one of their old family containing Ray Hammond and Keith Mott bloodlines. 

Liberty and Macie of M Sallis & Son

The section G runners up in third place were M Sallis and Son of Brighton with a yearling on 689ypm. Bred from Mark Gilbert x Alwyn hill bloodlines, this hen has been a consistent racer all season. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Thurso.