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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey on 11th July 2021

455 members sent 5,269 pigeons to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. After a one day holdover, they were liberated at 08.20CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
John Haynes

John Haynes of Fifield was first open, first CS section with a yearling on 1443mpm over 159 miles. The race winner is a blue chequer, roundabout cock containing a grandson of Donkere Leo x grand-daughter of Princess Lilly on the sire's side. On the dam's side the breeding is Donkere Leo x Princess Lilly when paired to a daughter of Massive Silvester and a Geerinck x Soontjen. These bloodlines originally came from the loft of Mickey Collins. 

Mark Gilbert

Second open and second CS section was won by Mark Gilbert of Windsor with a two year old on 1429mpm over 157 miles. 

Nick Wilson's pigeon

N Wilson of Hilsea was third open, third CS section with a two year old on 1423mpm over a distance of 112 miles. Nick timed a Vandenabeele hen sent sitting fourteen day eggs. It was bred from a Vandenabeele cock he purchased at Blackpool from Jos Reilly, a grandson of Harry and Bliksem. This was paired to a hen from Nigel Langstaff via his friend Jason Ross. 

Around the sections 

Slawomir Zielinski

The ES section winner and sixteenth open was Slawomir Zielinski from Dagenham with a yearling on 1362mpm over 183 miles. Slawomir's blue cock contains Janssen Van Dyck bloodlines. 

Brian Robinson

Second ES section was a yearling on 1358mpm over 187 miles for Brian Robinson of Grays. Brian timed a blue pied cock raced on his own version of the chaos system. The dam is a daughter of his combine winner from Stonehaven and the sire was bought at a Thames North Eastern futurity sale. 

Mahoney Bros' pigeon

Mahoney Brothers of Basildon were third ES section with a five year old on 1351mpm over a distance of 195 miles. The third section winner contains Steve Profitt bloodlines and was bred out of his Paddy cock when crossed with some of the Mahoney's Planet Brothers pigeons. It has always been a consistent racer. 

Prilly Hodges

Mr and Mrs Hodges of Templecombe timed a yearling on 1367mpm over 105 miles to take first WS section, thirteenth open. The section winner was a chequer, white flight hen bred by Danny Lanaham of Poole. It contains Van Gerard bloodlines down from the Louder cock and a daughter of Flo (a Boshua pigeon). It was paired to two other hens and sent sitting six day eggs. 

Les Nicholls and grandchildren, Toby & Robin

Les Nicholls of Bedminster clocked a two year old on 1364mpm over 133 miles to take second WS section. Les' pigeon was a chequer hen, raced on the natural system and sent sitting five day eggs. It was bred from his own family of birds containing Garrett and Van Dyke bloodlines from Nigel Templar and the late Brian Milkins. 

D & J Staddon

David and John Staddon of Ditcheat were third WS section with a yearling on 1329mpm over 112 miles. The Staddons timed a hen flown on their version of the chaos widowhood system. It is bred from Prince of Dreams, a Formula 1 Frans Zwols cock bred from their famous dream pair. The dam is Mrs Miracle. a direct daughter of the Staddons' own miracle pair. 

Artur Pawlowski

Artur Pawlowski of Northampton was the NC section winner and twelfth open with a three year old on 1367mpm over 203 miles. Artur's blue pied cock won the federation from Lyndhurst on the 19th June, a very hard weekend of racing now known as Black Saturday in the UK. 

Rodney Oakes of Kettering timed a four year old on 1345mpm over 215 miles to take second NC section. 

Farrington Bros' pigeon

Farrington Brothers of Denton were third NC section with a four year old on 1339mpm over 227 miles. The brothers' blue chequer cock was bred from a Jan Aarden crossed with an unrung hen that they found in a field. 

Stephen Kaschner & neighbour, Chris

Steve Kaschner of Diss was first NE section and seventy-sixth open with a five year old on 1283mpm over 258 miles. Steve's hen is bred from Bob Fenech's Cooremans stock and is the same way bred as his Penzance winner. He had a yearling cock come shortly afterwards. 

Paul Duke

J Duke of Newmarket was second NE section with a two year old on 1257mpm over 229 miles. John timed a Staf Van Reet cock flown on the natural system and sent sitting five days. 

Roly Rix

Roly Rix of Newmarket was third NE section with a two year old on 1253mpm over 229 miles. Roly's blue cock contains the old Linde-du-Puy Janssen bloodlines, very similar to his Wadebridge winner. 

Silvester Bros

Silvester Brothers of Stoke on Trent were first NW section and twentieth open with a yearling on 1355mpm over 242 miles. The brothers timed two nest-mates in quick succession. They were bred by their friend Keith Higham who sadly passed away last year. They contain Lambrechts Van Den Bulck bloodlines. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury timed a two year old on 1349mpm over 174 miles to take second NW section. Consistent flyers, their winner this time was a blue chequer, widowhood cock containing Brian Sheppard Van Den Bosche and Jan Aarden bloodlines. The grand-dam has many excellent racing performances and is now in the stock loft. 

Hourihan & Crowder

Hourihan and Crowder of Croxteth were third NW section with a yearling on 1320mpm over 273 miles. This chequer cock was bred from two Padfield pigeons from the House of Aarden. 

Michael Feeney's Irish section winner

Michael Feeney of Kilmore West was the Irish section winner with a two year old on 384mpm over 313 miles. Michael timed a chequer hen which is a daughter of Musgrove Wizard x Musgrove Insanity/Musgrove Persistant bloodlines from Nic Harvey of Taunton. 

L O'Neil & Son

L O'Neill and Son of Co Antrim were second Irish section with a yearling on 366mpm over 395 miles. The partners timed a hen raced on the widowhood system. It was bred out of pigeons obtained from Billy Brooks of Carlow and Paul Swindell of Banbridge. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey.