Let's meet some of the extraordinary pigeons of Mike Ganus (US)

Mike Ganus is a household name in the world of One Loft racing. In this report you can check out some of his golden One Loft pigeons on video.

Mike Ganus' breeding loft is widely known for its famous winners. The collection of One Loft Race pigeons that Mike owns is realy amazing! This time Mike introduces us to 8 of his best breeding pigeons and OLR winners by video. A unique opportunity for pigeon fanciers worldwide to see these toppigeons that are housed in the United States.

Video of Laura Is a Big Winner Today

'Laura Is A Big Winner Today' was just excellent in the final of the 2016 Million Dollar Race. After a distance of 336 miles (537 km) she finished first with a 15-minute lead. She was the first of 2,161 birds, of which only 43 arrived home on the first day.

Video of Marple

Marple is the 1st Place Victoria Falls Final Race Winner from 386 Miles with a lead of 54 minutes!

Video of Miss Maurice

Miss Maurice was 1. Knockout winner SA Million Dollar race.

Video of Night Angel

Night Angel is the 1th Place Winner of the SAMDPR Final Race 2019, a very hard edition! She won against 1,548 pigeons with a lead of 16 minutes.

Video of Premier My Price

Premier my Price is another 1th place SAMDPR winner 2018-2019! He won against 2,531 pigeons!

Video Said in Spun Silver with Halover

Said in Spun Silver was 2nd SAMDPR winner, 1th Knock-Out winner and 4th Grand Average winner, he is also grandfather to “Laura is a big winner today": GFL-267-2015 the 1st Place South Africa Million Dollar Final race Winner!
Halover is winner in the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race against 3,478 pigeons!

Video of Sun City

“Sun City” is father to 2 different Million Dollar Final race Winners when mated to 2 different hens.

Video Thomas 6

Thomas 6 is winner 1th place in the Golden Algarve OLR against 2,132 pigeons from 315 miles with a lead of 24 minutes.

Overview of the big wins of the strain of Mike Ganus on OLR.