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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Bordeaux on 2nd August 2020

345 members sent 2,220 pigeons to the British International Championship Club race from Bordeaux. They were liberated at 07.40CEST into broken cloud and sunshine. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
K & J Zerafa

First open and first centre section was a two year old on 1186mpm over 409 miles for K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth. Kevin timed a hen raced on the jealousy system earlier in the season and then allowed to pair and raise a four day baby before basketing. The sire is Gareth's Surpise which won from Falaise in 2014 and was loaned to the Zerafas by Stuart Treharne of Nantyglo. The dam was a hen from Mark Gilbert that came via Asa Williams of Southampton.

The winning hen
Khan Bros' pigeon

Khan Brothers of New Malden timed a two year old on 1182mpm over 448 miles to take second open and second centre section. The brothers timed a cock bred by Ace Lofts and now named The Ace. The sire is Simba, a son of Jan Hooymans' Harry when he was paired to Ruby, a first national winner.

Tidbury & Garrett

Tidbury and Garrett of Ashford were third open and third centre section with a yearling on 1174mpm over 451 miles. Dean timed a Van Loon named Tidbury's Pride. The sire came from Darren Burton and is also the sire of Rod Sparkes' champion sprint cock, Packo. The dam was bought at auction from Derek Jones of Wrexham.

Les Stock

Fourth open and first east section was a two year old on 1153mpm over 464 miles for L Stock of Romford. Les timed a dark chequer widowhood cock on its third channel race of the season. The sire and dam were bred by Jutla Brothers of Upton Park.

Paul Thomas

R and P Thomas of South Benfleet clocked a yearling on 1143mpm over 464 miles to take fifth open and second east section. Paul's timer was a blue hen, sent sitting twelve day eggs. The sire was bred by Dave and Gary Heywood of Laindon and the dam contains the late Brian Baxter's bloodlines.

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was sixth open and fourth centre section with a two year old on 1113mpm over 452 miles.

Tom Williams

Tom Williams of Orpington timed a three year old on 1112mpm over 448 miles to take seventh open and third east section. Tom clocked Invincible, a son of Mr Reliable, his number one stock bird. The dam is a double grand-daughter of The Machine.

J Haynes of Maidenhead was eighth open and fifth centre section with a four year old on 1111mpm over a distance of 455 miles.

Ninth open and sixth centre section was a two year old on 1100mpm over 466 miles for Mr and Mrs Boggins and Son of Watford.

Completing the top ten and in fourth east section are R and C Blatch of Witham with a yearling on 1095mpm over 483 miles.

Around the sections

David & John Staddon

David and John Staddon of Shepton Mallett timed a two year old on 1088mpm to take first west section and fifteenth open. The Staddons clocked Miracle Maker, bred from their star middle distance pair, The Real Miracle and Comet. It is the nest-mate to their St Philbert winner, Meteor Miracle. This cock was raced on the chaos system.

Luff & Walker Brothers

Luff and Walker Brothers of Dursley were second west section and forty-ninth open with a yearling on 1011mpm over 478 miles. The partners timed The Protector, a one hundred percent Frans Zwols pigeon bred by Stuart Wilcox of Bristol from his Champion Chow when paired to Golden Game. Chow is a half-brother to Amor, a great racer for Franz.

Preece Brothers & Son

Preece Brothers and Son of Abertillery were third west section with a two year old on 984mpm over 488 miles. The partners clocked a grizzle hen raced on the roundabout system. The sire is a pure Geoff Cooper Deweerdt, being a grandson of Champion Wriggler. The dam is Two Shades, inbred to their mixture of pigeon families.

Dom & Josh Gruzelier

Dominic Gruzelier of Houghton Conquest timed a two year old on 1088mpm over 495 miles to take first north-centre section and fourteenth open. Dom's section winner is bred from Willow, his best pigeon and the result of a half brother and sister pairing. It is also a half-sister to his St Philbert section winner and was raced on the widowhood system.

Chris Turner

Chris Turner of Tile Hill was second north-centre section and eighty-seventh open with a three year old on 897mpm over 521 miles. Chris timed Buster, a consistent widowhood cock bred from his Jan Aarden based family of pigeons. This family is predominately Ko Van Dommelen bred from Kleine Zwarte.

Marc Bull & Jack

Marc Bull of Kingsley was third north-centre section with a seven year old on 852mpm over 509 miles. Marc's winner was a Jan Aarden based bird bred by Frankie Swallow, whose own birds originate from The House of Aarden.

Dennis & Elaine Ball

D and E Ball of Eyke timed a three year old on 1075mpm over 507 miles to take first north-east section and nineteenth open. Dennis and Elaine clocked a chequer cock, a grandson of Matt Rakes' Champion Indy.

Terry Ivatt

Jacqui and Terry Ivatt of Ipswich were second north-east section and thirty-third open with a three year old on 1043mpm over 501 miles. Terry's timer homed in pouring rain. The sire was third section and the dam was ninth section, both from Thurso and part of Terry's good old north road 500 milers.

The Raper pigeon

Mr and Mrs Raper of Newmarket were third north-east section with a three year old on 999mpm over 506 miles. The sire and dam of Ian's winner came from his good friend Geoff Hannigan and contain Walter Docx bloodlines which he obtained from Eric Shepherd and John Wheatcroft.

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury were first north-west section and forty-seventh open with a three year old on 1018mpm over 497 miles. First on the clock was a chequer pied hen bred from the lines of Invincible Dettori, De Smaragd 2 and their good hen Sportsview Amy. Their second timer was a dark chequer cock, the sire of which was bred by Alen Gibb  of Gloucester.

Craig Gough

C Gough of Shrewsbury was second north-west section and sixty-fourth open with a two year old on 971mpm over a distance of 547 miles. Craig timed a lesbian hen containing Nico Volcans bloodlines and sent over sitting her eggs.

Chambers Family

The Chambers Family of Cannock clocked a two year old on 885mpm over 542 miles to take third north-west section. The family timed two pigeons within thirty minutes and both were inbred to their own Dutch family of long distance birds, being grandchildren of their 2014 Tarbes section winner, Dutch Thunder.

That concludes the report on the British International Championship Club race from Bordeaux.