Premier Stud Keep their Promise

When Graham Sparkes made the decision to found his ‘Premier Stud’ a few years ago he was committed to purchase only the very best bloodlines that were available. Second best was simply not an option for Graham.

What we all are very aware of though is the fact that the superior birds come with a very considerable price tag. So the businessman in Graham came to the fore. He was willing to pay the high prices but he pledged that once these ‘imports’ had bred the next generation at Premier they would be put back on the market to enable Graham to recoup part of his huge outlay. I use the word ‘Part’ because any birds which failed to produce quality offspring after a fair trial were removed without ‘ceremony’. You see Graham’s belief is that he won’t sell on birds which he feels will not do credit to ‘Premier’s’ good name. This is a wise policy as a good name takes more time to build than it does to destroy.

  True to his word the ‘Premier Stud’ sold most of their excellent directs from Dirk Van Dyck and Gerard Koopman including direct children from ‘Kaanibaal’ and ‘Kleine Dirk’ and now he is selling virtually all his direct purchases from the ‘Figo’ colony of Antoon and Hilde Reynaert and also ‘Premiers’ Kees Bosua imports who as many will be aware are partly based upon the amazing birds from Antoon Reynaerts lofts in Passendale, West Flanders and Kees results in Holland bear great testimony to the calibre of the ‘Figo’and his grandsire ‘Goen’ lines.

  Lets take a look at the Reynaert birds at ‘Premier’s Stud’. In total no less than 10 direct children of the National winner ‘Figo’ were obtained and  9 of these are to be put on PIPA. The only one which will remain at the stud is a 2002 bird which it was felt was too old to guarantee his future fertility, so he will live out his final days at ‘Premier’ and no doubt will produce a few more excellent offspring.
As well as these fine Reynaert bred birds are direct children off ‘Figo’s’ father  ‘Schicht’ and his full brother the fabulous ‘Keizer’ who in 1998 was the Ace pigeon of West Flanders. During his illustrious racing career he won no less than 13 x 1st Prizes which actually was even more than his more famous younger brother.

  ‘Figo’ won himself in total 10 x 1st prizes but the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ was when he won 1st National from Bourges 12,266 birds. The hallmark of ‘Figo’ was the fact that he had the ability to leave the opposition for ‘dead’ as he usually won with leads with several minutes to spare. In fact when he won the national race he was a whole 15 minutes in front of the next bird in his region. The amazing thing is the fact that he has passed this ability on to many of his offspring. This is the reason why the ‘Figo’ lines are so sought after.

   The sire of both of these cocks is the ‘Schicht’ which means ‘Shy One’ and he was a good racer as well as a superlative breeder. He was bred from the Reynaerts first ‘super’ which put the Reynaert loft on the map which was a bird simply called ‘De Goen’ which interprets as the ‘Good One’ and in two short seasons he won 10 x 1st prizes before his breeding value made it a folly to keep sending him to the ‘racing well’ with all the risks that it entails. So Antoon wisely placed him in the breeding loft and what a wise decision!.

    Since this time the name of Antoon and Hilde Reynaert has catapulted to worldwide fame because their descendents are breeding exceptionally for many, many fanciers. This obviously includes the ‘Premier racing stud’ and Kees Bosua. Kees introduced the ‘Figo’ blood into his colony and the effect was amazing with a plethora of results :

2003 1st National Champion Middle Distance NPO
2004 1st National Champion Middle Distance NPO  
        1st National ‘Ace’ Young Pigeon
2005 4 Olympiad Pigeons Porto (The first time)  
        1st & 2nd National from Le Mans 99,104 and fastest birds 
        from 120,936 birds included in the total liberation.

  Kees Bosua won the Netherlands Golden pigeon Award on 4 occasions (A record)

  Many of the birds responsible for these wins including ‘de Kannibaal’ and the National winning ‘Kerkduifje’ contain the blood  of Reynaert’s ‘Goen’ in their veins as both are grandchildren of this ‘Super breeder’.

  With this in mind was it any wonder that ‘Premier’ went knocking on Kees Bosua’s door and children off many of these Champions were obtained to compliment their own Reynaert ‘Blue Bloods’. Some of these Bosua birds will also be available on PIPA in the near future.

   These birds have bred excellently for both the ‘Premier Stud’ and the sister establishment ‘Sittner Premier ‘in Merkplas Antwerp and the fine results secured by both of the ‘Premier’ race teams are due in no small measure to the  Reynaert and Bosua pigeons.

    This will be a Golden opportunity to acquire these ‘Fabulous Figo’ pigeons and there may not be another chance purchase these lines both in their prime and in such an abundance. Pieter Oberholster UK Pipa representative would like thank Premier Stud for trust they put in Pipa to auction their finest pigeons in early October.