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SG Jung-Jupid (Ebertshausen, DE) is a top level pigeon loft

It would be impossible to talk about pigeon racing in Germany or Europe without mentioning the pigeon loft of Jung-Jupid. Their pigeons have brought success to pigeon fanciers from all over the world and the descendants of their breeders are in high demand.

This article is about the pigeon loft of Jürgen Jung and his daughter Sarah from Ebertshausen in Germany. They have quite an exceptional pigeon loft that houses several world-famous breeding pigeons, whose descendants perform at an outstanding level. We would like to take a closer look at some of their most valuable breeding pigeons.

De Rauw-Sablon or Lucky 848

De Rauw-Sablon is a household name in pigeon racing. This name stands for top quality, incredible results in races and especially in the breeding loft. This loft is often linked to the name of Lucky 848 BE00-4065848. Lucky 848 originates from the loft of De Rauw-Sablon and is currently one of the key players in the loft of Jürgen and Sarah Jung. Today, the pigeons of De Rauw-Sablon are more popular than ever, because they have been winning prizes in races worldwide. Lucky 848 was quite an expensive pigeon and Jürgen and Sarah Jung were not the only fanciers interested in buying him. In fact, Nikolaas Gyselbrecht really wanted to have this pigeon in his PIPA Elite Center. He asked them if they were interested in buying the pigeon together and that was the start of a quite exceptional joint breeding. Lucky 848 is paired to the breeding hens of the PEC in the first half of the breeding season before breeding youngsters in the loft of Jung in the second half of the season. Both lofts have bred several top class youngsters from Lucky 848 and both fanciers breed pigeons that are intended to be used in the respective breeding lofts.

Meanwhile a few other pigeons of De Rauw-Sablon have joined the pigeon loft of Jürgen and Sarah Jung. They now have about 30 of them, all of which originate from some of the best breeders. One of them is Motega, a full brother of the famous New Freddy, First Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2010 and winner of two first prizes. Pros was added to the loft as well, a pigeon of Pros Roosen bred from top class breeder Freddy. Sitala, a pigeon of Pros Roosen from Freddy x Daughter Blauwe Prins also found its way to the loft, as well as Alberta, an original Aelbrecht hen, a daughter of the world famous Bak 17. These are just a few of the pigeons that are very closely related to the line of De Rauw-Sablon. 

We take a look at the origins of Lucky 848: his sire is Super Breeder Be91-4560548 of Marcel Aelbrecht. This cock originates from the crossing of the two De Rauw-Sablon pigeons Albert BE90-4002911 and Paola BE90-4002926. The dam of Lucky 848 is Mutter Smallen BE93-4429368, which Marcel Aelbrecht obtained as an egg of De Rauw-Sablon. It is interesting to note that the dam of this hen, the BE91-4261235, is a full sister of the sire of Lucky 848, which shows that this is an impressive inbreeding. Perhaps this is the only way to create exceptional breeding hens? This is a question that will probably never be answered.

This auction includes Alina (08857-10-280), a daughter of Lucky 848 that was paired to Alberta BE06-4368531, a daughter of the world famous Back 17. We also have Josef and Jenna, two very fine pigeons. Feel free to have a look at their pedigrees.

Nightrider, NL06-4281702

Today Nightrider (NL06-4281702) is housed in the breeding loft of Jung, but how long will he stay there? He was Olympiad pigeon in Dortmund in 2008 and international ace hen marathon and he won a first national from Perigueux against 1,871 pigeons and a 10th national from Bergerac against 31,373 pigeons. He is an excellent pigeon of A. Dijkstra and winner of many top prizes. Nightrider originates from a son of Donkere Kweker (NL98-1873193) of Jelle Jellema and Venus (NL05-0504001) of Jaques Steketee. Nightrider has an impressive pedigree and he is one of the many top class pigeons to be auctioned. He will be sold with Nighta, (08857-13-919), a daughter of Nightrider, making for an impressive offer.

Pros, BE08-5165582 and Frédéric, 08857-10-319

The sire of both pigeons is a Pros Roosen cock. The sire of Pros is the famous Freddy BE94-4407032 from Freddy Vandenheede, known for his outstanding breeding qualities. The dam of Pros is Olivia BE03-6415299 of Alfons Slaets from the famous line of Panter. The sire of Frédéric is Ideal Freddy BE05-5213962, which was bred from Freddy as well. The dam of Frédéric is a daughter from Golden Lady, which brings us to the loft of Gerard Koopman. Golden Lady is the dam of the world famous Kleine Dirk, first Ace Pigeon in The Netherlands in 1999.

Both Pros BE08-5165582 and Frédéric 08857-10-319 will be offered for sale in this sensational auction.

Best achievements, including One Loft Races

1st  Nat. La Souterraine  16,576  p.  2011 young birds (Josephine)
5th  Nat. Champion Young birds Team  Hlavica – Jung 2011, Czechia
1st  Champion Club VALAŠSKO Team Hlavica – Jupid 2012,  Czechia
1st  Prize Finale Delta One Loft Race Hungary 2011 (Balaton Queen)
1st  Prize Finale Mallorca Derby 2011 (Princess of Mallorca)
4th  Prize Finale Mallorca Derby 2011 (Marlene)
5th  Prize Final Belgian Masters 2010
6th  Prize Car Hot Spot Race 3, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2011 (Paavo)
16th prize Car Hot Spot Race 1, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2011 (Soraia)
16th prize Car Hot Spot Race 5, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2011 (Soraia)
34th prize Car Hot Spot Race 4, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2012 (Soraia)
51st prize Car Hot Spot Race 4, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2011 (Paavo)
36th Preis Final One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2012 (Soraia)
1st “Knock-out” winner (over all races), One-million-dollar-race, SA 2012 (Soraia)
6th Prize “Car races” (over all car races), One-million-dollar-race, SA 2012 (Soraia)

Belgian Master 2012

31st Prize Final Finale Belgian Master 2012
Other prizes won with original Jupid pigeons: 5th, 12th, 12th, 33rd, 34th, 37th, 
42nd, 46th, 83rd, etc.

One million dollar race, South Africa 2013

31st Prize Car Hot Spot Race 5, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2013 (Niky)
187th Prize Final, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2013 (Niky)
28th Prize against 2795 p. (Niky)
49th Prize against 2974 p. (Niky)
80th Prize against 3294 p. (Niky)

Nightrider is the grandfather of the winner of the 24th prize in the final of the One Million Dollar-race South Africa 2013.

Belgian Master 2013

(6 pigeons in the final race; 5 arrived home)
14th Prize Final Belgian Master 2013
24th Prize Final Belgian Master 2013
100th Prize Final Belgian Master 2013
112th Prize Final Belgian Master 2013
239th Prize Final Belgian Master 2013
19th Ace Pigeon Belgian Master 2013
Other prizes won with original Jupid pigeons: 4,5,14,26,32,38,43,59,60,71,72,77,87,88

Pigeon Loft Bremen-Jupid 2013

1st Superstar of the month of August/September Middle Distance Gouden Duif 2013
7th Superstar of the month of August/ September Sprint Gouden Duif 2013
6 first prizes including a first in the region (400km) and a first (265km) 
with a 20-minute lead

This should give you an idea of the impressive results of the pigeon loft of Jürgen and Sarah Jung. Can you do better?