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Freialdenhofen & Söhne (Aldenhoven, DE) win first National Agen (Bordeaux) 2013 in Germany

Believe it or not, this loft have won yet another national first prize! Last weekend they took another national victory in Germany, again with a pigeon from the bloodline of Forrest Gump.

The Freialdenhoven family wins first national from Agen

Last weekend was the race from Agen, which used to be the international flight from Bordeaux. This season the pigeons are released inland from the city of Agen. Agen is located 115km to the southeast of Bordeaux, a lot further from the sea. It is something we have to get used to. Bordeaux seems to have a different personality but that might have something to do with my love of Bordeaux wines.

23,539 pigeons were released for this international race with 11,112 Belgian pigeons, 10,501 pigeons from the Netherlands, 1,267 German birds and 659 pigeons from Great Britain. Last year only 21,344 pigeons were basketed for the flight from Bordeaux.

The pigeons were scheduled to be released on Friday but not for the first time this season they had to postpone the race, due to bad weather. The pigeons were eventually released on Sunday at 08:40. The weather conditions were fine, with high clouds, a west wind and good visibility.

Still, fanciers had to wait very long for their pigeons to arrive. Dutch fanciers dominated the international race, their pigeons had to cover very long distances and many of them were flying through the night.

The national winner from Agen 2013

The first pigeon in Germany

The German national victory was won by the famous pigeon loft of Freialdenhofen & Söhne, who saw their winning pigeon arrive at 21:20’03”. All in One 06348-12-572 covered 864.478km with a velocity of 1,136.852 m/min. He won the first national prize in Germany against 1,271 old birds and the first national prize against 729 yearlings, an impressive performance. The loft of Übachs & Waldfeucht won a second national prize and Eßer & Erkelenz settled for third.

The Freialdenhofen family saw another of their pigeons arrive on the first day at 22h18’01”. He achieved a velocity of 1,056.291 m/min and won a 38th prize at national level.

Forrest Gump once again

We are particularly interested in the origins of the winning pigeon. The pigeon’s name is All in One but that does not say much about his pedigree. The question is whether or not the national winner stems from the inevitable bloodline of Forrest Gump, the outstanding breeder of the Freialdenhofen family. Let’s start by saying that he is indeed a descendant of Forrest Gump. All in One is a grandson of Forrest Gump from his mother’s side, to be more precise. In fact he originates from quite a few national and international stars, including ace pigeons and winners of top prizes. All in One is basically a genuine Freialdenhofen bird. Click here to take a look at the pedigree of All in One.

Could it be that the Freialdenhofen pigeon loft is actually the strongest German loft in the international races? How many top prizes should a pigeon loft win for it to be the most successful? We leave that question open but it is a fact that the Freialdenhofen family has a collection of truly excellent pigeons and they are excellent fanciers who know how to get the most out of their pigeons. We are looking forward to the next important international races. We wonder if they can manage to win another important prize in the coming weeks. 

The sire of All in One

The dam of All in One

This and that

A lot has been said about the pigeon loft of Freialdenhofen but we have never really talked about the people behind this loft. The least we can say is that all members of the family are fully involved in the sport. Every family member has tasks to perform, this is a well coordinated team. We will not be discussing which family member has to perform which tasks. They work as a team, which is great.

The racing team consists of about 110 pigeons, with 40 old birds and 70 yearlings. They currently have 38 breeding cocks and 80 breeding hens in the breeding loft. That’s right, 80 hens. This means every cock has two hens. We think it won’t be long before they win another important prize so we will discuss their breeding methods in further detail in our next article about this pigeon loft.

The achievements of the Freialdenhofen pigeons in other lofts

PIPA IATP Championships in international races

1st PIPA IATP Championship 2009 (SG Kampmann-Kummer)
2nd PIPA IATP Championship 2011 (Karl-Heinz Koers)

National Ace Pigeons in the Long Distance

1st Ace Hen  national Long Distance 2012 (Germany) (SG Eßer Hermann-Josef + Frank)
1st Ace Cock national Long Distance 2009 (Germany) (SG Kampmann-Kummer)
2nd Ace Cock national Long Distance 2010 (Germany) (Karl-Heinz Koers)
2nd Ace Cock national Long Distance 2011 (Germany) (Heimbach Edi + Moritz)
3rd Ace Cock national Long Distance 2011 (Germany) (Karl-Heinz Koers)
3rd Primus inter Pares national Barcelona 2008 – 2012 (Germany) (Dirk Esch)

Ace Pigeons

1st national Ace Pigeon Klaus-Brucker-Cup 2012 (Germany)
1st national Ace Pigeon EXTREME MARATHON 2012 (Rumänien, Mr. Spoiala)
1st nationale Ace Pigeon Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012 (Germany, Team Waldeck)
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Tineret 2011 (Rumania)
1st national Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2008 - 2010
1st Golden Barcelona Pigeon - national 2009
1st Ace Pigeon in region 411 over 6 races of 400 km-650 km 2009 (Germany)
1st Preis Olympiad Youngster Autumn 3 Races (400 km, 500 km, 600 km) 2008 (China)
1st Ace Pigeon 5 Hotspot Races at Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2007
1st Prize Yanxiang One-Loft-Race Final 500 km against 2,352 p. 2009

Next weekend we have the big race from Barcelona. We wish the Freialdenhofen family good luck for this classic race.