“Mr Supreme” Mark Gilbert (Windsor, UK) wins 1st National Pau

Once again Mark Gilbert shows us how it’s done by timing a bird to win 1st National Pau, in the first of the International events in the UK. Clearly, Mark Gilberts gallant bird was one of less than a handful of birds that it could be said to have made it to the UK coast by nightfall, and then had to rise and shine the next day to achieve their results.

The winning bird was clocked at Mark’s home in Windsor at 06:04:39 CEST with a velocity of 1102.13m/min flying 1129km (562 Miles). The 11.739 birds were liberated at Pau at 07:00 CEST.

The UK National winning Blue Bar Cock GB15N01223 “Southfield Melissa’s Star” is a son of the well know Starlight, 2nd International Tarbes 9th National Montauban 21st National Montauban. The dam is Southfiled Melissa 1st International Agen 11.444b 2011 a grand daughter of the famous Euro Diamond & Mistral x Tochter Cartier. It has to be appreciated that Melissa’s Star in 2017 flew three international events, Pau 562ml St Vincent 538ml Perpignan 634ml. Check out her pedigree here.

It may be asked is this just the first of many wins to come for this daring and dedicated fancier, as the brave and fearless contestants in the UK venture into the challenging season of International events. Mark Gilbert is driven to win at all events. It remains to be seen as the season unfolds, but this man raised the bar in the UK and continues to achieve at the highest level and demonstrates his skills as a supreme competitor.