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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Fougeres on 10th June 2018

Two hundred and forty-one members entered one thousand, six hundred and sixty-one birds into the British Barcelona Club race from Messac. They were held over on the Saturday and due to bad weather they were brought back to Fougeres where they were liberated at 10.00CEST on the Sunday into a light south south east-wind. The following is a report on the provisional result.

Chris & Jane Howse

C & J Howse of Devizes were first open, first section C with a yearling on 1255ypm. Chris and Jane timed Lady J, a hen raced on thw widowhood system which they have been trying for the first time this season. The sire of Lady J is a son of Stumpy, one of the partners' best pigeons, when paired to a daughter of Brian Milkins Champion 30 and a daughter of Syndicate Lofts' Drum. The dam is a daughter of a cock that was tenth open Saintes, when paired to a John Puddephatt hen.

Gordon Hancock

G Hancock, also of Devizes was second open and second section C with another yearling on 1247ypm. Gordon clocked his single entry, a cock bred from a gift pigeon from Mick Rawlings of Broad Hinton.

Gordon & Pat Emm

Mr and Mrs Emm of Salisbury were third open, first section A with a yearling on 1169.6ypm. The Emms timed a Mark Gilbert pigeon that came in to them as a stray last year and was transfered to them. The breeding on the sire's side contains the bloodlines of Jan Hooymans Inteelt Harry x Peter Veenstra's Broer Dolce Vita and on the dam's side it is Hardy Kruger's Da Vinci and Catwoman.

Clive Harrison

C Harrison of Dorchester was fourth open and first section B with a yearling on 1169.3ypm. Clive clocked a blue widowhood cock named Hardy Frank, one of three of his six entries that he timed on the day. The sire came from his good friend Frank Fournier of Bridport and the dam contains Tony Cowan's Nazareth bloodlines.

Rob Jones

Bartlett and Jones timed a yearling on 1161ypm to take fifth open and first section A. Rob clocked a cock flown on the natural system and sent sitting twelve days. It was its fifth channel race of the season. It's breeding is from a twelve year old direct Wal Zoontjen, the sire having bred many top pigeons. The dam is a grand-daughter of New Freddy, the famous racer and breeder at PIPA.

Ray Dibben

R Dibben of Poole was sixth open and second section B with a three year old on 1142ypm. Ray clocked a Jan Aarden x Busschaert cock which originated from Louella Pigeon World and was raced on the widowhood system.

Terry & Jan Anderson

Mr and Mrs T Anderson of Poole timed a two year old on 1138ypm to take seventh open and third section B. Terry and Jan's timer was a chequer cock bred from pigeons purchased from Mark Gower of Fordingbridge. It was flown on the natural system and sent sitting fifteen day eggs.

Frank Quinn

Eighth open and third section C was a five year old on 1132ypm for F J Quinn of Devizes. Frank clocked a chequer cock containing Wilf Reed of Monmouth bloodlines.

Bryan Woods

B Woods of Shaftsbury was ninth open and fourth section B with a three year old on 1131ypm. Bryan's winner was a blue chequer Soontjens cock, a grandson of the prolific racer, Super Girl.

Paul Weems

Completing the top ten and in fourth section C is Paul Weems of Chippenham with a yearling on 1125ypm. Paul timed Chunky's Red Kite, a Eric Ceuleman's cross flown on the roundabout system.

Around the sections

B Smith of Winchester was third section A.

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading was first and second section D with two yearlings, the first on 1093ypm and the second on 1086ypm. First to time was a widowhood cock, the sire of which was Mark Gilbert's Diamond Supreme, from Southfield Supreme when paired to My Little Diamond. The dam of the sire is Blue Supreme, a grand-daughter of Supreme. Second on the clock was a widowhood hen, inbred to My Little Diamond.

Dave Hawthorne

Dave Hawthorne of Tadley was third section D. Dave timed, Beth, a hen flown on the natural system and sent sitting dummy eggs. Beth's bloodlines on the sire's side are Van Coppernoole x Southwell crossed into his own family. The dam was a Bricoux gifted to him by John Farrer of Church Crookham.

K Pettitt's pigeon

K Pettitt of Stoke on Trent was first section E with a four year old on 1117ypm. Ken's timer is a Vandenabeele cock, one of the best he has ever bred. Last season it was missing for a while but eventually arrived home covered in oil and with its tail feathers missing.

Chris Whittingham

C Whittingham of Stafford was second section E on 1075ypm with a yearling, blue pied hen bred by Dave Harris from his Busschaert family.

Mal Hope of Telford was third section E.

Tony Welch

Section G was won by Mr and Mrs Tony Welch of Chichester with a yearling on 993ypm. Tony was not breeding any youngsters this season so his pigeons have been kept separate and only come together after a race. Tony's timer was a gift bird from Crammond and Langstaff of Fontwell and contains the bloodlines of Darren McFadden's Megan's Boy, Razor Girl and Pau Princess on the sire's side. The dam's side includes Crammond and Langstaff's New Laureaat x Monar.

Barry Aldridge

Second section G was a three year old on 915yypm for Mr and Mrs B Aldridge of Brighton. Barry's chequer pied cock was second section from Messac last season and this season won the club from Messac when it was the only pigeon that Barry sent.

Mr and Mrs Joe Langbridge of Chichester were third section G.

Willy Healy

Wille Healy of Jersey was first section H on 813ypm. Willy clocked a blue bar cock, raced on the natural system and sent sitting eight day eggs. It was bred from Robbie Thomas of the Jones and Thomas partnership bloodlines, through his friend Terry Rix from Birkenhead.

Nigel Legg

R Legg and Son of Guernsey were second section H on 454ypm. Nigel's pigeon was a roundabout cock bred from a gift egg from Roger Phillips, containing Patrick Vandenabeele bloodlines.

Gosling & Jarvis

Gosling and Jarvis of Mountnessing were first and second section J. First to clock was a yearling on 888ypm, second was a four year old on 875ypm and both were widowhood hens. The sire of the first to time was a son of the partner's champion Ria whilst the dam was bred by Wall, Lunt and Green and is a daughter of Rebel and Miss Magic. Both the parents of the second on the clock were purchased from Roger and Eddy Grootjans.

A B Coker of Wickford was third section J.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club races from (Messac) Fougeres.