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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Falaise on 28th April 2018

Two hundred and ninety-six members entered two thousand, six hundred and forty-seven pigeons into the British International Championship Club race from Falaise. They were liberated at 09.15 CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members verifications.

The winning loft (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First open and first east section was the father and son partnership of Paul and Simon Daws from Eastbourne with a three year old on 1340.5mpm over 132 miles. Paul and Simon timed Command Performance, a hen containing Jos Thoné bloodlines that they obtained from Ian Stafford. Command Performance was one of a number of hens paired up to a feral cock that Paul took pity on a couple of seasons ago.

Second open and second east section was D Grant of Pevensey with a four year old on 1340mpm over 136 miles. Doug's winner was a hen raced on a semi-roundabout system and bred by a late club mate. It's bloodlines include those of Caroline and Jurgen Josch. This hen has flown as far as Messac in previous seasons.

Fred Hutton

Fred Hutton of Eastbourne was third open and third east section with a two year old on 1323mpm over 132 miles. Fred timed a hen that was originally bred for a one loft race but never made the team. It was separated from its cock four days before basketing and only allowed to see it again when it returned from the race. The sire of this hen was bred by Sue Baker of Brighton, whilst the dam was home bred and contains the same Josch bloodlines as the second open winner.

Fourth open and fourth east section was won by Robert Harris of Ramsgate with a yearling on 1285mpm over a distance of 183 miles. Robbie's winner was bred down from excellent distance bloodlines, with a super Barcelona performer on the sire's side. The dam came from I Roobol of Holland.

Keith Weller's pigeon

Keith Weller of Cuxton was fifth open and fifth east section with a two year old on 1278mpm over 174 miles. Keith clocked a pigeon bred down from stock he purchased from Frank Zahra. This pigeon had two inland races as preparation for Falaise and was flown on the widowhood system.

Sixth open and sixth east section was won by John Cowlin of Hullbridge with a yearling on 1258mpm over 193 miles. John clocked a Formula 1 Lofts Frank Zwols bred pigeon which as a youngster was eighth open with the BICC. This hen was bred direct from the cae breeding cock 70.

Mahoney Brothers of Basildon were seventh open and seventh east section with a three year old on 1238mpm over 188 miles. The sire was bred by Steve Profit out of the Paddy Cock, whilst the dam was bred by Jim Mahoney out of Palnet Bros x Albert Babbington (Van Den Bosche) x Ron Williamson bloodlines.

Eighth open and eighth east section went to J Burmby of Witham on 1232mpm over 204 miles.

Dennis Brown of Dover was ninth open and ninth east section with a two year old on 1225mpm over 169 miles. Dennis' winning pigeons is a Jan Arden x Kenyon raced on a semi-widowhood x roundabout system.

James Novis

Completing the top ten and in first centre section is D and J Novis of Brighton with a three year old on 1213mpm over 135 miles. The partners race a team of twelve widowhood cocks specifically bred for channel racing.

Around the sections

Second centre section and eleventh open was won by L and M Dyer of Nettlestone with a two year old on 1205mpm over 132 miles. The sire of this pigeon was from G Rabb from a son of Southfield Supreme x a grand-daughter of Joe Rayburn's Champion Gwen. The dam was via Dave Green.

Third centre section was G Jackson of Brighton with a two year old on 1196mpm over a distance of 135 miles.

Peter Atherton

Peter Atherton of Portishead was first west section and fifty-fifth open with a two year old on 1082mpm over 212 miles. Peter's section winner was a hen flown on the rounsabout system and let in with her cock the night before basketing.

Geoff & Catherine Cooper

Geoff and Catherine Cooper timed a two year old on 1069mpm over 194 miles to take second west section and sixty-third open. The Coopers had four pigeons drop together and first on the clock was a widowhood cock, the sire of which is a son of Farmer George.

Paul Loom

The north centre section winner was Paul Loom of Wyboston with a four year old on 931mpm over 229 miles and which was also one hundred and fortieth open. This cock is paired to Paul's double section winner, which has now been retired and was flying back to two squeakers.

John Black

Second north centre section and one hundred and fiftieth open was a three year old on 908mpm over 216 miles for John Black of Hitchin.

Tim Collier

T Collier of Coventry was third north centre section with a five year old on 880mpm over 249 miles. Tim's winner is bred down from an old family of pigeons from Bill Underwood of Kenilworth.

Steve Surrey

Steve Surrey of Wisbech was the north-east section winner and one hundred and thirtieth open with a two year old on 954mpm over 261 miles. Steve's section winner is a Walter Docx pigeon, the sire of which was given to him by Ray Brown of Darlington. The dam was bred by McArdle and Archibald of Liverpool.

Mr/s Barker

Second north-east section and one hundred and sixty-fifth open was a four year old on 883mpm over 274 miles for Mr and Mrs P Barker of Great Yarmouth. This hen was bred from a pair of pigeons purchased from Wignall and Barnie partnership of Denton, Manchester. It was raced on the natural system and sent sitting nineteen day eggs.

Cook & Taylor

Cook and Taylor of Over were third north-east section with a five year old on 816mpm over 237 miles. The partners timed a blue hen, raced on the roundabout system and containing Soontjen bloodlines.

Booth & Rpoer

Trevor Booth and John Roper of Tewkesbury clocked a three year old on 1023mpm over 232 miles to take first north-west section and ninety-seventh open. Trevor and John timed a chequer white flight cock containing Jim Biss x Jan Aarden bloodlines.

M & C Lee of Worcester were second north-west section and ninety-ninth open with a four year old on 1021mpm over 246 miles. The partners clock a pigeon containing Jan Huybrechts bloodlines from Martin Williams of Hereford.

Craig Gough & son, Tommy

C Gough of Shrewsbury was third north-west section with a two year old on 944mpm over a distance of 284 miles. Craig timed a pigeon containing the bloodlines of Alwyn Hill.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Falaise.