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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Bordeaux

One hundred and thirty-eight members sent seven hundred and eighty-four pigeons to the British Barcelona Club race from Bordeaux. After a one day holdover they were liberated at 08.30CEST on Sunday 30th July 2017 into a south-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Neil Jones

Neil Jones of Sandwich clocked a two year old on 1399ypm to take first open and first section G. Neil's winner is now called Neil's Diamond and is a chequer hen, raced on the natural system and sent sitting recently hatched eggs. The sire of Neil's Diamond was bred by Mark Bulled from his dad's old family of pigeons. The dam came from Menne and Daughters of Germany.

Neil's Diamond

Andrew, Rob & Louie Wilton

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary were second open and first section J with a two year old cock on 1393ypm. Rob and Andrew's winner was sent sitting eggs. The sire comes from their old long distance family, whilst the dam was bred by their old super crack cock when paired to a Batenburg Van Der Merwe hen bred by Jutla Brothers of East London.

Garry Inkley

Garry Inkley of Hillingdon was third open and first section D with a yearling on 1341ypm. Gary timed seven pigeons on the day and his first is a widowhood cock, sent sitting fourteen days. This cock contains Jan Aarden bloodlines, the sire being from Janus, bred by Mick and Beryl Woodward, when it was paired to a daughter of Ko Van Dommelen's De Mand. The dam is also from Ko Van Dommelen, being a daughter of his Narbonne national winner.

Mark, Abbie & Charlotte Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow timed a three year old hen on 1340ypm to take fourth open and second section J. Mark timed a further two birds to also take seventh and eighth open and fifth and sixth section J. First on the clock was a direct daughter of Legacy and Bump thast was sent sitting ten day eggs. Second was another three year old hen, sent sitting a four day old squeaker. Third to time was a widowhood cock from Mark's Red Bull sprint family.

David Hales & Duncan Goodchild

Fifth open and third section J was a yearling on 1338.23ypm for David Hales of Hockley. Dave timed a medium sized hen sent sitting a three day old squeaker, the breeding is 75% Jim Biss x 25% Alan Parker. It was raced on widowhood earlier in the season and then paired up with Marseille in mind, but being a yearling was then sent to Bordeaux.

Gosling & Jarvis

Gosling and Jarvis of Mountnessing were sixth open and fourth section J with a three year old on 1338.20ypm. The partners' timed Robbie's Girl, racing for the third time from Bordeaux, last season it was fifteenth open. Keith and Mick timed four pigeons on the day.

Alan Annis

Ninth open and second section G was a three year old chequer cock on 1318ypm for A Annis and Son of Canterbury. This cock was a gift from Colin Fagg and was raced on the natural system, sent sitting eggs.

The McFadden pigeon

D and D McFadden were tenth open and third section G with a yearling on 1307ypm. Darran timed two yearling hens together, both raced on the widowhood system. First on the clock was bred from a son of Pau Princess paired to a duaghter of Megan's Lad, the father of the loft and containing Eric Cannon bloodlines. Second to time was a grand-daughter of Razor's Girl.

Around the sections

Stan Brimecome

S and K Brimecome of Portsmouth timed two pigeons to take first and third section A. First on the clock was a two year old on 1239ypm, whilst second to time was a five year old on 1104ypm. First section is a Jan Aarden hen sent sitting fourteen day eggs and bred from their own stock. Third section is a blue chequer, Ko Nipus cock.

Eddie & Freya Rann

Eddie Rann of Chillerton also timed two pigeons to take second and fourth section A on 1212ypm and 1082ypm. First was a three year old, whilst the second was a two year old. First on the clock was John Boy, named after John Rowlands who bred the sire. The dam was a daughter of Jim Shepherd's Southwell based hen, Mecca. Eddie's second to time was Mo, a grand-daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme.

Ray Dibben

R Dibben of Poole timed a four year old cock on 1202ypm to take first section B. He timed a second pigeon, a two year old on 1153ypm to also take third section B. Ray's first to time was a pigeon bred by his partner Lou 'The Fisherman' Waltridge from his old family of pigeons. Second was a Vandenheede x Kirkpatrick cock.

Marg Cowley

Mr and Mrs L Cowley of Dorchester were second section B with a yearling on 1170ypm. Lawrence and Marg timed a roundabout hen bred out of the Pearson and Dransfiled long distance family, mostly from D Impett of Blackpool.

John & David Staddon

John and David Staddon of Evercreech were the section C winners with a four year old on 1156ypm. The Staddons clocked Shapway Evie flown on their chaos system. Shapway Evie is a full sister to Shapway G Force, which won many national prizes. The dam of both pigeons was bred by Mark Gilbert from a son of Brockamps Perpignan 06 and a daughter of Southfield Supreme. The dam is from their own family and contains Lady Caroline bloodlines.

Raymond Beaconsfield

R Beaconsfield of Marlborough clocked a yearling hen on 1155ypm to take second section C. Ray clocked a Muller Aarden x Super Crack pigeon. The Muller Aarden was purchased from Ponderosa UK and crossed with a pigeon from Chris Lester.

M Bird of Andover was third section C.

Dennis Smith

Second section D was a yearling timed by Dennis Smith of Bethnal Green on 1303ypm. The sire of Dennis' winner was a late bred cock purchased from Tumley Lofts and bred down from Seren Eleven when paired to a hen from Dave Downing of Newmarket.

Ken Pettitt

The section E winner was K Pettitt of Stoke on Trent with a two year old on 1186ypm. Ken clocked Passchendaele Princess early on the second day. Ken's family of pigeons are based around Walter Docx and Vandenabeele bloodlines.

Steve Parkinson

Second section E was a three year old on 1154ypm for S Parkinson of Crewe. Steve timed his single entry, a hen sitting six day eggs and slipped a youngster the day prior to basketing.

G Baker of Shifnal was third section E.

Willie Healy

W Healy of Jersey clocked a three year old on 1223ypm to take first section H. Willy timed a hen gifted to him by Wilby and Thaxton of Jersey, containing Jim Biss x Jan Aarden bloodlines and sent sitting six day eggs.

Alan Phillips

A Phillips of Guernsey was second section H with a six year old cock on 902ypm. Alan's pigeon contains his old, original Jan Aarden bloodlines.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Bordeaux.