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A report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club any age race from Falaise

Ninety-four members entered four hundred and fifty-nine pigeons into the British International Championship Club any age race from Falaise. They were liberated at 08.45CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Mr Hill

Mr and Mrs Hill and Daughter from Downend clocked a three year old on 1228mpm over 207 miles to take first open and first west section. This is the first national race that the partners have entered. Their winning blue pied hen was bred from a great-grandson of M and D Evans' Eisenhower, when paired to a hen bred from a pair of Van Reets from Lee Birrell of Bristol. This hen was sent sitting overdue eggs.

A Hand & Son's pigeon

A Hand and Son from Hampton were second open and first centre section with a yearling on 1226mpm over 175 miles. The sire of this pigeon was bred by Mark Gilbert and is a Deweerdt on the one side crossed with a son of Smargagd 11 that was purchased from Elimar. The dam is a Jan Loots via Mr and Mrs Kirkbride.

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury timed a yearling on 1191mpm over 232 miles to take third open and first north-west section. Trevor and John sent three to the race and had two yearling hens arrive together, clocking just five seconds apart. Both hens are bred from Jan Aarden and Brian Sheppard bloodlines.

John Rodway (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John Rodway of Rushwick was fourth open and second north-west section with a six year old on 1179mpm over 245 miles. John timed a blue cock sent feeding a big squeaker. An inconsistent pigeon in the past, often being hours beind or nighting out, from Falaise it came off line from the north-east.

Micky Watts (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Micky Watts of Southminster timed a yearling on 1138mpm over 197 miles to take fifth open and first east section.

Chris Templar

Chris Templar of Bristol was sixth open and second west section with a two year old on 1128mpm over 204 miles. Chris sent seven hens that had returned from the national race the day before in such good condition that they were ready to go again. First on the clock was bred from a grandson of the excellent cock from Alun Maul, whilst the dam was purchased from the Gerrit Lahuis clearance sale.

Gary Carter

Seventh open and first north-centre section was a yearling on 1127mpm over 230 miles for Gary Carter of Broadway. Gary timed a hen bred by John Rodway and sent feeding a fourteen day old squeaker.

Paddy Kelly

P Kelly of Harlow was eighth open and second east section with a yearling on 1110mpm over 198 miles. Paddy clocked a hen sent sitting ten day eggs and bred by Dave Paine from St Neots.

Graham Seaman

Graham Seaman of Dickleburgh timed a three year old on 1103.9mpm over 250 miles to take ninth open and first north-east section. Graham's mealy hen was raced on the natural system and sent sitting a one day old squeaker. The sire won many first prizes, whilst the dam was bred through the late Len Lager, Janssen bloodlines.

Mike Turner

Completing the top ten and in second north-centre section is Mike Turner of Alconbury with a yearling on 1103.6mpm over 240 miles. Mike's Jan Aarden hen was sent sitting sixteen day eggs and the night before basketing she was given a small youngster. This hen was bred by Clive Brown, the sire being from his Jan Aarden stock, whilst the dam was one of Mike's own stock hens.

Around the sections

Wearn Brothers and Neilson from Ramsdean timed a seven year old on 1092mpm over 149 miles to take second centre section. A multiple prize winner for the loft, this hen was bred from their old Fred Bloor Stichelbaut family of pigeons and flew Tarbes earlier in the season. Since Tarbes she has been celibate and only had training tosses.

Jitendra Patel of Southall was third centre section with a yearling on 1071mpm over 182 miles. The sire was bred by Gosling and Jarvis and the dam by Lyden Brothers of Kent.

T Wheeler and Son of Eltham were third east section with a three year old Van Loon x Jan Aarden hen on 1074mpm over 177 miles. This hen was sent sitting fourteen day eggs.

Chris Davis

Chris Davis of Neath timed a yearling on 1027mpm over 251 miles to take third west section. Chris clocked a gift bird from Dave Albert of Llanelli, bred from a Jan Aarden sire when mated to a Southwell hen.

C Crick & Son

C Crick and Son from Stotfold were third north-centre section with a two year old on 1025mpm over 215 miles. The partners timed a pigeon that was used as a widowhood hen earlier in the season, then paired and sent sitting eggs.

Paul Austin and Son of Bury St Edmunds clocked a two year old on 1064mpm over 241 miles to take second north-east section. The Austins timed a mealy pied cock containing Staf Van Reet bloodlines.

A Wright & Daughter

A Wright and Daughter from Ipswich were third north-east section with a yearling on 1051mpm over 230 miles. The Wrights timed a Van Loon hen.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club any age race from Falaise.