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A report on the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey on 12th September 2015

One hundred and eighty-eight members entered one thousand seven hundred and eighty birds into the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey. They were liberated at 10.00BST into a west-south-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

D Heywood & Son (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

D Heywood and Son from Laindon were first east section and first open on 1785mpm over 196 miles. Dave and Gary timed a cock bred from a son of Lourdes, a Van de Wegen which was first St Vincent and was loaned to the partners by John Gerard. The dam to this winner is a hen from Etien Mierlaen bloodlines bred down from Perpignan Lady. Perpignan Lady was a first long distance KBDB champion and was given to Dave and Gary by James and Peter Parker from Newbury. This cock was raced on the darkness using the sliding door method.

John James (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Malik & Khan

Malik and Khan of Tolworth clocked two pigeons to take first and second centre section and second and third open on 1777mpm over a distance of 165 miles. The partners timed two cocks on the same velocity, the first of which was sent sitting and the second was driving a hen to nest. Sire of the first on the clock was Sirrol, a direct Koopman from De Loris and Raffaella and the dam is Nala, a direct Jan Hooymans, being a double granddaughter of Jonge Bliksem. The sire of their second cock is a direct August Janssen from a full sister to Olympiade 03 and the dam is a direct Dirk van Dyke from Madam Bourges and a son of Kanibal,

Khan Brothers from New Malden were third centre section and fourth open on 1759mpm over 166 miles. The brothers timed a young hen that was sent showing to a cock and both sire and dam were bred by Ace Lofts from the L Ring bloodlines.

Derek Reid

Derek Reid from Weybridge timed on 1753mpm over 160 miles to take fourth centre section and fifth open. Derek timed a hen, the sire of which was a Janssen purchased from Adrian Duggins of Derbyshire, whilst the dam is a granddaughter of Derek's 2005 winner from St Nazaire.

Dean Childs

Dean Childs of Basildon was second east section and sixth open on 1753mpm over 160 miles. Dean moved house earlier this year so his first round of youngsters were bred in May and had only had three races prior to being sent across the water. The sire of this pigeon was bred from a son of Charlie Simmons' Champion Gilbert and the dam is a daughter of Mike Mitchell's long distance racer, The Dutch Hen.

J House and Son, also from Basildon, were third east section and seventh open on 1751mpm over a distance of 197 miles. This slatey hen was bred from a Camphuis hen bred from stock obtained from Derek Pedley and the sire is a Ponderosa De Klak.

Bruce McAllister

B McAllister of Buntingford was fourth east section and eighth open on 1746mpm over 206 miles. Bruce had four drop together and first on the clock was a chequer hen bred from a Peter Fox sire containing the bloodlines of Teofilio. The dam was a Van Dorp hen containing Iron Man lines.

Fifth centre section and ninth open went to W Carr and Son from Epsom Downs on 1741mpm over 162 miles. The sire of the partners' winner contains Mark Gilbert's bloodlines, whilst the dam contains Brockamp x Chris Gordon x Brian Denny, these also obtained via Mark Gilbert.

Richard Kent

Completing the top ten and in sixth centre section is Richard Kent from Walton on Thames on 1738mpm over 162 miles. Richard purchased the sire of this young hen from Alan Aitkinson, whilst the dam was a Dutch Hen. Richard only bred two youngsters out of this pair and both were sent to Guernsey.

Around the sections

Mr and Mrs Dean Peart of Birdlip were first west section and one hundred and thirty-fourth open on 1275mpm over 165 miles.

Dave Fox

Dave Fox of Stroud was second west section on 1267mpm. Dave clocked a chequer hen raced on the darkness and flying to a perch. Containing Dark Corbett Busschaert bloodlines bought from Louella Stud on the sire's side, the dam was a Busschaert gifted to Dave by Duncan Cook of Newent.

Keith Donnelly from South Wales was third west section on 1175mpm, no mean feat given the predominantly westerly wind on the day. Keith timed a cock bred down from the best of Preece Brothers and Sons' Queen's Cup winning bloodlines when crossed with some Ponderosa Jan Aarden Mullers.

Paul Loom

B & P Loom from Wyboston were first north-centre section and ninety-fourth open on 1436mpm over 212 miles. Paul timed a blue hen that was bred by Johnny Chipperfield of Herne Bay. Sent calling to nest, this hen won £300 in the Baldock breeder buyer the week prior to Guernsey.

B Hobbs and Son from Wellingborough were second north-centre section on 1407mpm. Troy's winner was a grizzle hen that had flown every race in the programme this season and looks likely to win the Barry Hobbs Memorial trophy presented by Troy in memory of his late father and awarded to the first bird clocked into Northamptonshire from the longest young bird race with the BICC.

Jamie Mitchell from Bedford was third north-centre section in 1376mpm. Jamie's pigeon lost fourteen minutes between arriving and trapping. A darkness youngster, this cock was bred from Jutla Brothers' bloodlines.

Bob Fenech

R Fenech and Son from Attleborough were first north-east section and seventeenth open on 1716mpm over 260 miles. Bob had a number of pigeons drop together, the first of which was a Cooreman hen bred from Jimmy Hamilton's Irish national winner, Celtic Lad. The dam is a direct Cooreman bred by Louis out of Bernie and Blor. Bob's youngsters are flown on the darkness and using the sliding door system.

Mr and Mrs Strowger from Leiston were second north-east section on 1667mpm. Roger timed a chequer hen bred from his race team and containing the bloodlines of Terry Smith of Worksop. The sire of this hen has won numerous prizes at club, federation and national level. Motivation for Guernsey saw the youngsters given nest bowls and straw on the Wednesday prior to basketing.

D Downing from Suffolk was third north-east section on 1638mpm. Dave's first home was a Vandenabeele cock bred down from the best M and D Evans bloodlines, the sire being a great-grandson of Benetton and the dam is a granddaughter of Jester.

John Rodway

John Rodway from Rushwick was first north-west section and one hundred and thirty-second open on 1283mpm over 187 miles. John timed a young hen that was his third arrival from the previous Guernsey race. In her four previous races she was well behind the leaders, but from Guernsey she came to the fore, dropping well off line from an easterly direction.

Eric Watkins of Shrewsbury was second north-west section on 1191mpm.

Mr and Mrs Lloyd from Moreton-in-Marsh were third north-west section on 1132mpm. Gwyn and Joy timed a blue Jacob Poortvliet x Vandenabeele hen sent sitting eggs. The partners sent six pigeons and had all six on the day.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey.