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A report on the National Flying Club old hens race from Guernsey on 6th September 2015

Ater a one day holdover due to cloud cover at the racepoint, the birds for the National Flying Club old hens race from Guernsey were released at 09.00BST on Sunday the 6th of September 2015. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Micky Watts (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First section E and first open went to Micky Watts of Southminster who timed a yearling hen on 1347ypm over 211 miles. Micky had two nestmates drop together and timed on the same velocity so will probably end up taking first and second open in the final result. These two pigeons were bred in 2014 by Mark Evans of Myrtle Lofts, the sire being Blue Excellence, a direct son of the excellent breeding pair Solitaire x Band of Gold. The dam is National Carrie, one of Mark's best breeding hens and herself bred from Jester and Carrie. The sire of National Carrie is Edou, purchased by Myrtle Lofts from Freddy Vandenenbrande's entire clearance sale in Belgium. Given the wind on the day this was a magnificent performance by Micky.

Lady Lucas (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

J, E & I Maguire

First section J and second open was a three year old hen on 1349ypm over 167 miles for J, E and I Maguire of Gloucester. The Maguires timed a hen named Emiligen after the two daughters in the partnership, Emily and Imogen. A Herman Beverdam x Braspenning, bred from the Jack Pot and Super Bristol lines, the dam of this pigeon was bred by J Nutt of Bristol. Trained daily to a distance of fifteen miles, this hen was sent sitting a ten day old squeaker.

John & David Staddon

John and David Staddon of Shepton Mallett were first section G and third open with a two year old hen on 1334ypm over 116 miles. The latest winner for the Staddons was a hen named Gina G and bred from their Miracle pair, the only pair of middle distance breeders that they own. The Miracle pair were bred by Mark Gilbert from stock obtained from Syndicate Lofts. Gina G was sent feeding an eighteen day old squeaker.

John Halstead

First section C and fourth open was taken by John Halstead of Gillingham with a yearling hen on 1320ypm over 105 miles. John's section winner is a blue, white flight hen sent sitting a four day old squeaker. This hen was bred from two pigeons John obtained direct from Crammond and Langstaff of Fontwell out of their double national winning bloodlines of Kees Boshu x Van Osche.

Johnny Attrill

Johnny Attrill of Salisbury timed a two year old hen on 1311ypm over 118 miles to take first section B and fifth open. Johnny's section winner is a Kees Bosua x Van Osche hen which was paired to a young cock.

Mike Staddon

Mike Staddon of Crewkerne clocked a yearling hen on 1305ypm over 98 miles to win second section C and sixth open.

J Booth

J J Booth of Castleford was first section K and seventh open with a yearling hen on 1297ypm over 238 miles. Mr Booth timed a mealy hen bred from his Lambrecht pair, the cock of which was purchased from the late Ian Hinchcliffe's entire clearance sale, whilst the hen came from George Harrison of Garsforth. This pair have bred many winners. Paired to a young cock, this hen was racing back to recently hatched eggs.

Mr & Mrs Grimsdell

Mr and Mrs Ray Grimsdell of Burton on Trent timed a yearling hen on 1295ypm over 236 miles to take first section I and eighth open. The Grimsdells timed Jenaray Jeanie bred from their old family of birds, the original bloodlines of which go back to Geoff and Barbara Kirkland. The sire contains Sheldon Leonard blood, whilst the dam is a Thas x Meulemans. The week prior to Guernsey all the hens were housed with the youngsters and the day before basketing Ray let them back in with their cocks and nestbowls for a bit of extra motivation.

Alan Partridge

First section L and ninth open was a yearling hen timed by Alan Partridge of Manchester on 1294ypm over 250 miles. Alan timed a Janssen Van Loon hen, the sire of which was one of a kit of four youngsters that he bought from Ron Hillcoat of Sowerby Bridge in 2013. The dam was obtained from local fancier Gary Heigh of Hyde, as a youngster.

Geoff Kirkland

Completing the top ten is Mr and Mrs Kirkland of Stoke on Trent with a three year old hen on 1292ypm over 250 miles and which was also second section J. This hen was bred for the job as she is from the best of the Kirkland's old family when crossed with Kipp and Son distance birds from Germany.

Around the sections

Tom Powers

First section A was won by Tom Powers from Whitehill with a yearling on 1215ypm over 135 miles. Tom timed a hen that had previously been a widowhood hen and was then paired up and trained from the south coast every other day. This was her second time racing from Guernsey this season, she was ninth section with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club a few weeks previously.

Mr & Mrs Marsh

Second section A went to G & D Marsh of Southwater with a three year old hen on 1161ypm over 144 miles. A Cattrysse x Vandenabeele, this hen was flown on the roundabout system. The sire is Showman, a inbred Derek Smith Cattrysse, whilst the dam is Woodlands Gem containing Crammond and Langstaff bloodlines.

J Attrill & Sons

Second section B went to J Attrill and Sons of Southampton with a yearling hen on 1237ypm over 112 miles. The partners timed a half-sister to their first on the clock from Guernsey last season. The dam was a Delbar from the National Breeding Station whilst the sire contains Martin Norman's Red Barcelona bloodlines.

Ray Clive

Ray Clive of Tiverton timed to take first section D with a yearling hen on 1246ypm over 112 miles. The sire of Ray's winner is a Freddy Vandenheede from Pountney and Aston from Great Barr in Birmingham, whilst the dam was a Vandenabeele bred by Stuart Harford of Worcester.

Steve White

Second section D went to Steve White of Wilmington and was a three year old hen on 1244ypm over 95 miles. Steve's timer contains Busschaert x Jan Aarden bloodlines and was sent sitting ten day eggs. The sire is a grandson of Verreweg De Beste and the dam is White Tip, bred by Brian Reene of Honiton.

S & P Kulpa

Second section E was S & P Kulpa from Reading with a yearling hen on 1347ypm over a distance of 211 miles. Steve and Paul clocked a hen bred from their established Janssen De Klak family. This hen was third section from Fougères earlier this season.

Eric Ilsley

Section F was won by E Ilsley from Wantage with a two year old hen on 1275ypm over 156 miles. Eric clocked a Jan Aarden bred from birds orignating from Louella many years ago. All his hens are used on the widowhood during the old bird season and then paired up and trained in anticipation of the old hen races in September.

Second section F went to Mark and Clare Brown from Hungerford with a three year old hen on 1275ypm over 145 miles.

Bill Harris

Second section G went to Bill Harris of Elton with a three year old hen on 1264ypm over 163 miles. Bill timed a small, dark chequer hen, the sire of which was bred by Mike Briginshaw of Reading, whilst the dam was bred by Bob Walton of Warley. Bill races his entire team on the roundabout system, from the first to the last race of the season.

Roger Strowger

Section H was won by Mr and Mrs Strowger of Leiston with a two year old hen on 1264ypm over 261 miles. The section winner contains Vandenabeele x Pouw Brothers Janssen bloodlines and was bred by Bob and Jamie Langrish of Lancashire.

John Black

Second section H went to John Black of Hitchin with a yearling hen on 1190ym over 203 miles. The sire of John's pigeon is a grandson of Invincible Spirit, whilst the dam is a daughter of Dave Albone's Tours national winner.

Second section I was won by T and J Mather and S Heywood of Matlock with a three year old hen on 1276ypm over 254 miles.

Peter Hagland

Second section K went to Peter Hagland of Doncaster with a yearling hen on 1268ypm over 280 miles. Peter timed a grizzle hen that is a daughter of Cynthia's Pride, his double section winner, when paired to the Tournier cock.

Derek Jones

D Jones of Wrexham was second section L with a yearling hen on 1294ypm over 274 miles. Derek's winner was bred down from his ultra successful J C Dutton Wildermeersch family.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club old hens race from Guernsey.