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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Alençon on 17th May 2015

This is a report on the provisional result (based on telephone verifcations) of the British International Championship Club race from Alençon on 17th May 2015. 477 members sent 4,652 birds which were liberated at 7.00am into a light wind, after a one day holdover.

Alan Armstrong, Teresa & John Gladwin (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First open and first east section went to Gladwin, Jarvis and Family from Leigh on Sea with a two year old cock on 1292mpm. The whole Gladwin family have been in racing pigeons for generations, with John's father and grandfather keeping the birds before him. John Gladwin timed, Max, named after his late mother-in-law Maxine Jarvis, who passed away exactly eight year prior to the race date. A pigeon fancier herself, John thinks she may have helped the winning bird home. Max is a 2013 Formula One Lofts latebred which had only one race as a youngster and then three inland races as a yearling before being sent over the channel. Max is bred from two direct Frans Zwols pigeons the Gladwins bought in. The sire of Max is a direct son of Eagle Boy, whilst the dam is a direct daughter of D'Artagnan.

Meg Murray (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Meg Murray was second open and second east section with a yearling hen on 1282mpm. A regular on the British International Championship result, Meg is probably the best female fancier in the UK. Meg's winner came from a the cock of stock pair given to her by clubmate Lee Bastone. Known as the Good Pair, the cock is three quarters Soontjen through Sabre and Secret whilst the hen is pure Soontjen, containing the same bloodlines.Sadly, the hen died last year but the cock is still producing winners and on this occasion was paired to hen given to Meg by Craig Booth of Hartlepool.

Micky Watts

Third open and third east section went to Micky Watts of Southminster with a yearling on 1280mpm. Always a consistent flyer at the middle distance, in 2014 Micky took the first five positions in the Guernsey old hens race.

Tony & Pat Mahoney (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Mahoney Brothers of Basildon timed fourth open and fourth east section with a three year old, widowhood cock on 1277mpm. Their timer this time contains Planet Brothers Van Loon x Ron Williamson x Frank Sheader Soontjen lines and has previously won first open with the East of England Continental Club.

Dean Childs

Dean Childs, also of Essex, clocked a yearling on 1262mpm to take fifth open and fifth east section.

Mr & Mrs Streatfield

Mr and Mrs Eamonn Streatfield of Snodland timed a yearling on 1245mpm to take sixth open and sixth east section. This chequer hen contains Jan Lotterman bloodlines and was sent celibate. The sire of this pigeon won first from Le Mans, so winning is in its genes. Prior to Alençon it had three races as a youngster and then two inland races as a yearling, before being sent across the water.

Meades & Son's pigeon

First into the north-east section and in seventh open was Meades & Son from Suffolk with a yearling cock on 1242.8mpm. Peter and Andrew clocked a Busschaert on its fourth race of the season, having been fourth club from Clermont the week previously.

Second north-east section and eighth open was won by R Hacon & Son from Norfolk with a four year old on 1242.4mpm.

Mrs and Mrs Strowager of Suffolk were third north east section and ninth open with a two year old hen on 1241mpm.

Completing the top ten we have Colin Seago from Lowestoft with a two year old on 1240mpm and which was also fourth north-east section. Containing Soontjen bloodlines, this hen had three races up to one hundred and thrity miles as preparation.

Around the sections.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

The central section and thirteenth open was won by Mark Gilbert from Winkfield with a two year old on 1238mpm. Mark clocked one of his widowhood cocks, the sire of which was a son of Perpignan, first national, when paired to 79333 the dam of Mark's second open Tarbes winner. The dam is a double granddaughter to Gerard Koopman's Kleine Dirk. Mark timed seven pigeons within a minute and a half.

Roger Holdom

Mr R Holdom of Milton Keynes was second centre section and seventeenth open on 1230mpm. This two year old, chequer cock was sent driving its hen to nest. It was at Falaise with the British International Championship Club the week previously and featured in the provisional result and has also had a first club from Poole earlier in the season. Roger sent six and had all six back in good time.

Malik and Khan of Surrey were third centre section and twentieth open with a yearling on 1226mpm. Imran Malik timed a hen bred down from the partner's own family, the sire being Sirrol, a direct Koopman from De Lorris x Rafaella. Sirrol has sired section winners in the past. The dam is Tip Top Ace, a direct Frans Zwols from Tip Top Junior x Queen of Rekkem. Tip Top Ace has also bred winners in the past.

David Paine

North-centre section was won by David Paine of St Neots with a two year old hen on 1232mpm. Containing Houben bloodlines this hen was flown on the widowhood system. Prior to Alençon it had two races out to one hundred and seven miles.

Second into the north-centre section and fifty-eighth open was won by Gavin Duggan from Chipping Campden with a two year old cock on 1190mpm. Flown on the roundabout system this pigeon was bred for Gavin by his good friend Gary Carter of Broadway. Prepared with three inland races, next up will be a trip to Tours.

Mr and Mrs P Appleby of Grimsby were third north-centre section and sixty-fifth open with a four year old on 1182mpm.

Paul Murrell

Paul Murrell of Dorset was first west section and sixty-ninth open with a two year old, mealy cock on 1180mpm. Containing Vander Espt bloodlines obtained via Nigel Llewellyn stock, this pigeon had one race of seventy miles in preparation.

Geoff and Catherine Cooper were second west section and eightieth open with a two year old on 1174mpm. They timed their widowhood cock named Kerr, which is a half brother to Star. Ker's sire is Euro 60, a grandson of Euro Diamond and its dam is Carla Page, bred for the partnership by Alan and Carla Hudson.

E & M Richards of Somerset were third west section and nintey-fourth open with a two year old on 1164mpm.

Jeremy Davies

T & J Davies were first north-west section with a blue widowhood cock, the sire of which is the grandson of the world famous Gaby Bliksem cock. The dam came from Jeremy's old De Klack lines.

M & C Lee of Alfrick timed a two year old, chequer cock containing Martin Williams' Jan Huybreght bloodlines to take second section. This was its first race of the season on widowhood.

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury were third north-west section.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Alençon.