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A report of the British International Championship Club race from Poitiers on 14th June 2014

One thousand, nine hundred and thirty four birds were entered into the British International Championship Club race from Poitiers on 14th June 2014. They were liberated at 6am into a north easterly wind with overnight showers having cleared the channel. The following is a report on the provisional result based on telephone verifications.

Gareth and Stuart Treharne (Photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First west section and first open was timed by G Treharne and Son from Nantyglo. The partners clocked a three year old hen over 393 miles, on 1054mpm. Gareth and Stuart's winner is bred from a Eijerkamp Janssen cock when paired to a Marcel Sangers hen, the sire being a grandson of Glamourboy and Wonderboy 06. Raced on the roundabout system this hen has previously been twelfth open from Carentan with the Welsh South Road National Flying Club and last season it was eighth open from Bordeaux with the same organisation. The second pigeon to the partners' loft was the cock that was paired to their winner and which contains Wall, Lunt and Green Merlin bloodlines. This is the partners' second national win with the British International Championship Club this season.

The winning loft (Photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Scammell & Peploe

Once again second open was won by the Pontypool partnership of Scammell and Peploe who were also second west section. They timed a two year old after 388 miles, on 1036mpm. This was a chequer hen bred by Jimmy Richards of Laindon, the sire being out of Chris Gordon's NFC Pau winner when paired to a dam from Jim Biss' NFC Pau winner. Jim obtained these bloodlines from Terry Robinson of Goffs Oak. The dam of this pigeon was bred by the partners and is the same way bred as the double national winner that they bred for D & C Flowers of Pontypool.

Keith Haines

Third west section and third open was clocked by Keith Haines of Frome and was a two year old on 1026mpm after 345 miles. Keith's winner was prepared for Poitiers with two channel races from Carentan and then Tours. It's breeding has Red Barcelona De Narbonne on one side and Full Try Vale Cahors, Braakhuis and Taverne Rigiole on the other. Keith flies his pigeons on the roundabout system with the hens and cocks being exercised separately once a day.

Preece Brother & Sons

Preece Brothers and Sons of Abertillery timed fourth west section and fourth open, which was a four year old hen named Gwasted Cameo on 1006mpm after 390 miles. It's breeding is Lefebre Dhaenan and it was raced on the roundabout system. The sire of this hen is one of the partner's top stock cocks, a Jeff Davies Lefebre Dhaenan which is a grandson of both Champion Brokey Wings and Champion Mulberry. The dam is a direct daughter of Champion Miss Lee, the partner's Queens Cup winner.

Steve Luscombe

S Luscombe of Plymouth was fifth west section and fifth open with a yearling, roundabout hen on 1005mpm after 332 miles. This hen, named Little Rose, was tenth open BICC Falaise earlier in the season and is bred from a cock off a grandson of the great Vale Cahors which was gifted to Steve by Robbie Prettejohn when paired to a red pied Van Theelen hen. The dam of Little Rose was purchased from Robbert Ten Berge of Futural Kweekcentrum.

Wyatt & Grey

Wyatt and Grey of Wraxall timed a two year old widowhood cock on 1001mpm over 364 miles to take sixth west section and sixth open. This was this cock's sixth channel race of the 2014 season and it is one of the loft's most consistent performers having been fourteenth section from Cholet with the Nationel Flying Club in 2013. This season it was eighth section from Carentan with the British Barcelona Club. It is bred from a son of Gary Summers' Saintes winner when paired to a De Klak from C J Smith of Salford.

John & David Staddon

John and David Staddon from Evercreech were seventh west section and seventh open with a two year old hen, Shapway Miss Caroline, on 986mpm after 341 miles. This hen is bred from Shapway Larry, a full brother to Lady Caroline which was first section, second open from Pau with the BICC. The dam is Shapway Dark Velvet which was first section, tenth open BICC Perpignan and second section Tarbes with the National Fling Club.

Paul Ayling

First into the centre section and eighth open was timed by P Ayling of Gosport and was a yearling on 979mpm after 300 miles. Paul's section winner is a Staf Dusarduyn x Deymeyere cock bred by Crammond and Langstaff from Fontwell. Paul timed a second pigeon close behind and this was a Vandenabeele hen with Jimmy Wearn bloodlines.

John Rogers

Second centre section and ninth open went to John Rogers of Portsmouth with a yearling cock flown on the natural system, doing 971mpm over 299 miles. This cock contains Kirkland bloodlines and was sent feeding a twelve day old squeaker.

Mark Gilbert (Photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Third centre section and tenth open was clocked by Mark Gilbert of Winkfield. This was a two year old, Koopman hen flown on the roundabout system, on 965mpm over 339 miles. Mark clocked a second pigeon shortly afterwards and this was a red cock direct from Kanibal Barcelona.

Around the sections

C Preece

C Preece of Bridgnorth was first north west section and fourteenth open with a three year old, widowhood cock on 949 mpm over 423 miles. An Ian Axe Janssen, this pigeon was second section from Tours two weeks previously. Second north west section and thirtieth open was clocked by T & J Davies of Birtsmorton and was a two year old on 920mpm over 394 miles. This pigeon is a granddaughter of the Red Barcelona cock. Third north west section and one hundred and fifty third open went to M & C Lee of Alfrick with a five year old on 626mpm over 405 miles.

Jamie Mitchell

The north centre section was won by Jamie Mitchell of Bedford and was also twenty first open. Jamie timed a five year old Gaby Vandenabeele x Peter vd Merwe on 937mpm over 385 miles. He acquired these bloodlines from the Jutla Brothers. Second north centre section and sixty first open was a four year old on 863mpm over 398 miles and was clocked by Mr and Mrs G Stafford of Higham Ferrers. This was a widowhood cock bred down from Busschaerts obtained from Tim Rodwell of Gravesend. Third north centre section and sixty fifth open was clocked by Mr and Mrs Bradford from Farndish. This was a four year old Deweerdt cock on 860mpm after 395 miles. Russell obtained the Deweerdt bloodlines direct on a visit a few years ago.

Topping the north east section and in fifty seventh open are A & C Daniels of Diss. Andrew and son, Craig, timed a three year old, widowhood hen on 874mpm over 402 miles. This pigeon was bought at a futurity sale and was bred by their clubmate Tony White. Second north east section and seventy first open was timed by A Wright and Daughter, Bethany, of Otley and was a three year old on 851mpm over 387 miles. This was a widowhood cock bred down from stock obtained from the late Les Hill of Pontypool. Kelvin Sharman of Syleham clocked third north east section and seventy third open with a three year old on 851mpm over 401 miles.

Les Hawkins

First east section and twenty third open went to Mr and Mrs L Hawkins of Bishops Stortford and was a two year old on 932mpm over 369 miles. Les and Rosalind timed a widowhood cock which was sent as preparation for the National Flying Club race from Tarbes in a few weeks time. The sire is the partner's top Ken Hine x Van Bruaene cock whilst the dam was bred by Mark Bulled. Second east section and twenty fifth open was a three year old on 929mpm over 346 miles clocked by D Heywood and Son of Laindon. This pigeon contains the bloodlines of Tours Lad and John Joe. D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary timed a three year old, widowhood cock on 906mpm over 338 miles to take third east section and thirty seventh open.

That concludes the report of the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Poitiers on 14th June 2014.