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The British International Championship Club race from Guernsey for young birds on 25th August 2013 - a report on the winners and the section winners

This is a report of the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey for young birds which was liberated on the 25th August 2013. One thousand and forty eight young birds were liberated at 11.30am BST into blue skies and sunshine. The provisional result is as follows.

Two versions of Roger Lowe (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First centre section and first open was timed by Roger Lowe of Caversham near Reading on 1081ypm after a distance of nearly 155 miles. Roger timed The 02, a full sister to Small Delight which was the winner of first open from Carentan with the Central Southern Classic Club amongst other prizes. Both these pigeons are double grandchildren of My Little Diamond, Roger's best breeding hen and a winner of first open National Flying Club as a young bird in her only ever race.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

The Winkfield Wizard, Mark Gilbert was second centre section and second open on 1076 ypm over a distance of 159 miles. Mark had three birds come together, the first of which was out of a son of his 2011 Saintes second prize winner when paired to a daughter of his winner in that race. The second on the clock was bred from a son of Golden Gaby when paired to a daughter of Vandenabeele's Loverboy. Mark's third bird was from a son of Southfield Supreme when paired to a direct Van Elsacker hen.

Mark Currivan (Ken Hine's grandson) with more grandchildren

Third centre section and third open went to the loft of Mr and Mrs Ken Hine of Hayes on 1074 ypm over 170 miles. Ken himself, passed away a few years ago and the loft is now managed by Mark Currivan and Gary Woodward, Ken's grandson and son-in-law assisted by loft manager, Jeff Byles. Their pigeon, named Charville Beckie, is a chequer hen the sire of which is on loan to the loft from Peter Sabba and was bought from Premier Stud's Herman Ceusters lines. The dam was bred by Garry Inkley and is also on loan to the Hine loft. She was a darkness youngster and was sent to the race sitting sixteen day eggs. Prior to Guernsey she had five club races up to one hundred and thirty miles.

Jason Ross

Jason Ross of Portsmouth timed fourth centre section and fourth open on 1051ypm after a distance of nearly 114 miles. His pigeon, a Vandenabeele hen, bred down from birds Jason purchased at the clearance sale of Tony Carter, trapped back so well he was sure it was a winner. Jason races his young birds on the roundabout system with training to Bournemouth two or three times a week, weather permitting. Jason is enjoying an excellent young bird season have taken twenty two out of a possible thirty club prizes so far.

Dave Lee

Fifth centre section and fifth open on 1049ypm was timed by Dave and Louisa Lee of Reading who fly 152 miles. The partners timed a chequer cock of Janssen Koopman lines bred by Brian Murray of Cheshire. The Lees have won every young bird race so far this season with birds from Brian.They race their youngster on the darkness system and a brother to this pigeon won first federation.

Dean Childs

First east section and sixth open went to Dean Childs of Basildon after 196 miles on 1035.5ypm. Dean clocked a chequer hen, a grand daughter of Mark Gilbert's NFC Saintes winner. Dean re-started in the sport a few years ago and was determined to get the best he could afford so he sourced his stock from Mark. Bred in January and flown on the darkness system this is the second Guernsey race for this hen, this season having been sent two week's previously and then trained to fifty miles to keep her keen.  A J Hounsell of Portsmouth took sixth centre section and seventh open on 1035.3ypm over a distance of 114 miles. Seventh centre section and eighth open was timed by Wearn Brothers and Neilson on 1026ypm after 125 miles.

Dr Steve Plummer

Ninth open and in eighth centre section is Dr Steve Plummer of Upper Beeding on 1014ypm over a distance of 139 miles. Steve clocked a blue chequer Lefebre Dhaenens x Janssen hen that was hatched in mid April and flown on the natural system. Her pedigree contains numerous north road federation winners and her dam was thirteenth section A from Fougères with the National Flying Club. Steve has kept pigeons since he was ten years old, but left the sport in 2006 after thieves targeted his loft, but he recently made the decision to start up again.

Completeing the top ten and in ninth centre section is K & L Cleife of Portsmouth doing 1014ypm after 115 miles. The partners clocked a German rung youngster that was one of a batch of five they purchased at a Belgian show earlier this year. This cock was flown on the darkness system and has been trained daily to thirty miles from all points of the compass.

Around the sections

Second east section and in thirteenth open is Gladwin, Jarvis and Family from Leigh on Sea in Essex. Flying nearly 202 miles their pigeon was timed on a velocity of 999ypm. The partners had two young birds come together and the first on the clock was a Formula One lofts bred Frans Zwols youngster, the sire of which is the Pomeroy cock. The dam of this pigeon is the Frans Zwols 052, direct from Argon. The partners second bird was a Frans Zwols x Leo Hereman.

Meg Murray

Third east section and fifteenth open went to Meg Murray of Burnham on Crouch on 996ypm after 210 miles. Meg clocked a youngster bred from birds she was gifted by Lee Bastone out of his best Mardon stock. The sire of this youngster was a Mardon cock and the dam a Soontjen hen.

Phil Lane

P Lane and Son (Kevin) of Wootton were first north section and twelfth open on 1004ypm and a distance of 201 miles. Father and son timed a blue hen with Leo Van Rhijn bloodlines, that they bred from a pair obtained direct.

Peter Oliver

Second north section and sixty second open was timed by P Oliver of Lutterworth on 825ypm after a distance of 219 miles. Peter timed a chequer pied cock bred from his old Logan family, previously well trained up to sixty miles, this was his first ever race. The sire to this pigeons has flown Tarbes three times and the dam won first section BICC Pau international.

Michel and René Houpe of Whaddon were third north section and nintieth open on 666ypm over a distance of almost 190 miles. The couple clocked a Van Hee hen that was bred and gifted to them by their friend, Dave Lyden of Milton Keynes.

Robert Brown with granddaughter Jessica

The west section and thirty third open was won by R Brown of Devizes on 923ypm over a distance of 129 miles. Robert timed a hen that was on its first channel race after five inland races with the West of England South Road Combine. She was sent sitting a five day old youngster.

Brian Sheppard

Second west section and fifty third open was clocked by Brian Sheppard of Trowbridge on 842ypm and a distance of 129 miles. Brian clocked a dark, grizzle cock raced on the darkness system. This cock is bred from two of Brian's NFC section winners and contains the west country bloodlines of R & M Venner and Trueman Dicken. Brian sent two to Guernsey and timed them both on the day.

Third west section and sixty eighth open went to I Carenza from Evesham on 785ypm after a distance of nearly 183 miles. This hen was being driven to nest when basketed and is off Cattrysse x Staf Van Reet bloodlines.   

That concludes the report of the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey for young birds.