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Tony Blair from Castleview Lofts (Stirling, UK) achieves a total of 77 1st prizes in three seasons

Tam, as he is best known, races his pigeons from a modest back garden loft under the historic Stirling castle, in the heartland of Scotland. Stirling is famous for William Wallace after the battle of Stirling Bridge 1297. These days the living legend of Stirling, in the pigeon world, is Tam Blair!

Tam has always been a successful fancier but, in his own words, the last three years have been phenomenal with the Hermans-Ceuster breed of pigeons. His pigeons have dominated the North West Federation from 120k m to 623 km. With 77 x 1st prizes at club level (with no duplications) and also at federation, section & national level. They have had a largely unbeatable season even though Tam's loft location is not advantageous, as it is lying in the north west area of the Federation and one of the most westerly in the National section.

2013 has seen Tam to date winning 9 first Federations with most of the young bird programme still to race.

The introduction of the Hermans-Ceusters pigeons

This came about in the most difficult circumstances as Tam's wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and Tam had to sell of all his stock pigeons and youngsters in 2010 to pay for his wife's funeral. Before her death, she asked Tam to promise he would continue racing after her demise and use any funds available to purchase new pigeons in her memory. After a long inner debate with himself, Tam honoured his wife's wishes and contacted Premier Stud in North Yorkshire to purchase three pairs of Hermans-Ceuster. On receiving the initial pigeons, Tam was so impressed with the bird's feather quality,muscle tone and overall intelligence, that three more pairs were purchased. The success of these pigeons in the season 2011 was instant and they have produced the most significant team performances ever to be seen in the North West Federation.

Tam is presently a member of three clubs, including the North West Federation, Scottish Central Combine & the Scottish National Flying Club. Tam said that these Hermans-Ceuster pigeons are the easiest birds to condition that he has ever owned and that they have taken him to a different level of competition, winning at national level. This was a dream come true but Tam emphasised that his birds perform as a team putting in multiple wins week in week out throughout the season.

The birds are very versatile and perform at any velocity, winning from 1,000 ypm to 1600 ypm putting themselves to the front of competition up to birdage of over 5,000 birds. His moderate team of pigeons are managed on the roundabout system and the old birds and yearlings aren't trained throughout the season, only exercised aound the loft. This system was replicated from his good friends, the highly successful GWP Macaloney of the Lanarkshire Federation.

The stars of the loft this season, Champion Tartan Bolt, National Olympiade and National Bridesmaid, are all from the original Hermans-Ceusters pigeons.

Champion Tartan Bolt

Champion Tartan Bolt won 9 x 1st, 1 x 2nd and 5 x 3rd prizes. It's a Heremans-Ceusters chequer cock (SU11NW 1263) bred by Tony Blair. Click here for the pigeon's prize list.

Champion Tartan Bolt has been entered for various ace bird awards at Regional, National and RPRA level and must be considered one of the best middle distance performers in Europe for his results over the following 6-week period in 2013. You can check out those results here.

Tartan Bolt is full brother to Brother Bolt SU11NW1273. The prize list of Brother Bolt is displayed here. Sire to Tartan Bolt is Castleview Dawn GB10X34407 bred by Premier Stud from an original Heremans-Ceusters. This pigeon is an outstanding producer. Here you can have a look at the prize winners Castleview Dawn has bred. Sire to Castleview Dawn is Day Trader BE06-6410604 bred by Heremans-Ceusters and he is a grandson of Olympiade when paired to 606 both top stock birds for Leo Heremans. Dam to Castleview Dawn is Day Break GB07N02341 bred by Premier Stud and direct from Passion BE06-6405226 when paired to Delilah BE06-6148977 a direct daughter of Samson. Dam to Tartan Bolt is Perfection GB10X34485  bred by Premier Stud. Here is a list of the prizes descendants from Perfection have won. Sire to Perfection is Buckingham GB09Z59194 bred by Premier Stud. He is a direct from Brother, a full brother to Samson, winner of 1st National 33,097 birds. Brother is sire and grandsire to many prize winners which are all listed here. Dam to Perfection is Word Perfect BE07-6390551 bred by Leo Heremans direct from De Jan when paired to Zuster Natalia.

National Olympiade

National Olympiade is a 1st open national winner. She's a Heremans-Ceusters chequer hen (SU11NW1292) bred by Tony Blair. You can check out the prize list of National Olympiade here.

Sire to National Olmpiade is Castleview Dreamer GB10X35073 bred by Premier Stud from direct Heremans-Ceusters. Sire to Castleview Dreamer is Imagination BE06-6148271 bred by Leo Heremans, he is a direct son of De Charel 2nd Nat. Ace Regina Jonge 2002 when paired to BE04-6073810 a top breeding daughter of Olympiade x Goudklompje. Dam to National Olmpiade is Don’s Girl GB10X35418, bred by Premier Stud from direct Heremans-Ceusters. Sire to Don’s Girl is Don Corleone BE06-6148287, bred by Leo Heremans and an outstanding producing son of Olmpiade. Dam to Don’s Girl is July, BE07-6379854, bred by Leo Heremans and a direct daughter of Leadership and Peppermint.

National Bridesmaid

National Bridesmaid is a 2nd open national winner. She's a Heremans-Ceusters blue hen (SU11NW1243) bred by Tony Blair. Her prize list can be looked at here.

National Bridesmaid is full sister to champion Ellie SU11NW1235. The prizes Ellie has won during her career are enumerated here. National Bridesmaid is also full sister to 1290 & 1260, whose prizes are listed here. Please note that National Olmpiade and National Bridesmaid have been drug tested and both have come back 100% clear of any banned substance.

77 1st prizes in the last 3 seasons

Castleview Lofts have won 77 x 1st prizes in the last 3 seasons. They fly in 2 clubs (no duplication) in the north section of the Federation and Open Federation. Here you can have a look at the number of birds the first prizes were won against.