Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

A report of the British International Championship Club race from Agen on 30th June 2013 in conjunction with the international.

One hundred and thirty one members of the British International Championship Club sent six hundred and fifty nine birds to Agen in conjunction with the international race. The winner in the UK was Mark Gilbert from Windsor!

Mark Gilbert

Mark's first pigeon recorded a velocity of 1,217 yards per minute (we are still on the imperial system with regards to pigeon racing in the UK.) This time Mark clocked a mealy hen with the bloodlines of Marcel Sangers Super Breeder on the sire's side and his Dax international winner (Southfield Supreme) on the dam's. She was mated in February and allowed to rear a pair of youngsters in the nest before being raced on roundabout. It is thought that this latest winner for Mark will finish in the top two hundred of the international result where more than twenty three thousand birds were competing. Given the weather conditions on the day the British birds had to do everything they could to get on the top of that result. Mark timed six other pigeons which on are the provisional UK result and look to be 13th, 22nd, 29th, 34th, 47th and 58th open.

Calum Edmiston

Calum Edmiston lives in Horley in Surrey and had a great race as he clocked three yearlings to take 2nd, 4th and 7th open. Aged forty nine years old, Calum has had pigeons for thirty years now. Calum flies to a small 28 foot loft and his three birds that he clocked were all bred in May last year. He has previously won 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th in classic and national races. His timers were unraced as babies and had had no training this year but were sent to three inland races and then three or four channel races including Tours with the BICC. They were then raced on the natural system. Calum exercises his birds twice a day and doesn't use any medication apart from the compulsory vaccination for paramyxovirus. His family originates from Dutch long distance bloodlines obtained from around Steenbergen and predominately from Van der Wegen.


Roger Lowe in another unbelievable outfit!

Roger Lowe of Reading finished in third section, third open on a velocity of 1203 ypm. Roger clocked a three year old widowhood cock now named The Only One as it was Roger's first bird clocked on the result and in the end the only one from Agen that that he clocked on the day. The Only One is three quarters Marcel Aelbrecht crossed with one quarter Janssen Brothers and his sire is the Crack 42 bred by Sheldon Leonard from Ireland from his Showman 2 which was bred by the Janssen Brothers. The dam of Crack 42 is a direct daughter of De Marseille x Het Fijn Blauwe, which are direct Aelbrecht and which are now owned by Eric Limbourg.

The Ashford partnership of DG Watson and Son were fifth centre section and fifth open with a three year old blue cock flown on the widowhood system. This cock contains Krauth and Johnny Dixon bloodlines and has flown every BICC race this season. He was shown his hen for thirty minutes prior to basketing for Agen. David and his son Daniel exercise their birds for two hours daily, morning and afternoon when they are flagged when necessary.

Brian Sheppard

First into the west section and seventh open was clocked by Brian Sheppard from Trowbridge. Brian (aka. The Wiltshire Wizard) is no stranger to international success as he has previously won the Dax international. From Agen, Brian timed a three year old grizzle cock flown on widowhood and doing 1108 ypm. This cock has been across the channel four times this season, from Guernsey, Carentan, Alençon and Tours, after which he was given a two week break before being sent to Agen. Brian's cock is bred from some of his top performers as his sire was 8th and 40th NFC Tarbes. 

Geoff Cooper with grandson Sol

They were the latest UK international winners (two weeks ago) and now they have won second west section and eighth open BICC Agen on a velocity of 1,087ypm; of course we are talking about Geoff and Catherine Cooper from Peasdown St John in Somerset. The husband and wife partnership clocked a three year old grandson of Farm Boy which is now called Sol after their grandson who was watching the pigeons come home with them for the first time. Sol was raced on widowhood and was last raced with the BICC from Tours. He arrived just as it was getting dark after fourteen hours of flying. The Coopers will be sending him to Perpignan at a distance of 638 miles for his next race. 


Geoff and Clayton Preece

The east section and ninth open was won by the father and son partnership of Geoff and Clayton Preece flying into Dover. The partnership clocked a German rung three year old on 1025ypm.

Jan Deacon with the Agen pigeon

Completing the top ten are A & T Deaon with a Southwell based cock whose sire was Panzara which was second section, third open Pau amongst other excellent performances. Albi is the A in the partnership and he is the chairman of the BICC so well done to him! 

Mark Sparey

Around the sections, Mark Sparey of Abertillery was third west section with a blue widowhood cock that has already flown Carentan, Alençon and Messac this season and is a grandson of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme.

Charlie Simmons

Charlie Simmons from Basildon was second east section with his single entry, a six year old Soontjen cock flown on the widowhood system.

John Lane with good friend Terry Johnson

John Lane of Whitstable was third east section on a velocity of 947 ypm with a two year old dark pied cock sent sitting a nest of eggs for the first time. This pigeon was bred from gift birds obtained from John's good friend Terry Johnson and contains Terry's Barcelona winner in its bloodlines as well as Frank Perry's Palamos winner.

The north section was won at the Chipping Campden loft of Gavin Duggan and was a two year old widowhood cock on a velocity of 990 ypm and containing Red Barcelona bloodlines on the sire's side and Barcelona Challenge on the dam's. Second in the north section went to a two year old Desmet Matthys hen raced by Marco and Cathy Wilson from Cleethorpes. Rob Rome from Cheltenham was third north section.

Marco Wilson in the middle

This completes the report of the BICC race from Agen in conjuntion with the international.