Best of Britain - part 2

Once again Pieter Oberholster, the UK’s PIPA agent, has been twisting a few arms to get hold of more excellent bloodlines from a selection of the Best of Britain. Included in the sale are birds from many fanciers who are fast becoming household names not just in Great Britain but all over the pigeon world.

Mark Gilbert with Geoff and Catherine Cooper

Names like Geoff & Catherine Cooper, Mark Gilbert, Premier stud, Brian Clayburn, Crehan and O’Conner, Roger Lowe, Anthony & Simon Hughes, Bill Hague, Neville Evans & Steve Cuthbert and Ian Stafford who have all either won top national and international races and placings or performed brilliantly in the world’s largest and most prestigious one loft races and quite frankly they require no further introductions from me. This I am very pleased about because in truth I have used up my memory bank of superlatives to describe these fanciers and their pigeons. The Pipa clients who have purchased birds from these British lofts have realised that what the Brits bring to the table are birds that have been tested on one of the hardest of race routes the English Channel believe me only pigeons with stout hearts and strong constitutions will face 80 miles plus of open and often treacherous sea.

John Crehan with daughter Louise

G Macaloney and Son

In this sale though are a few other stars some of these fanciers like G W Macaloney and son who hail from North of the border in bonnie Scotland and have been tormenting the opposition for years. In the case of Willie Macaloney his family of birds are spoken of with reverence by so many pigeon enthusiasts from both the north and south of Hadrian’s Wall the famous barrier dividing England and Scotland. The Macaloney are superb all round pigeons and win right through to national level from and race points in Northern France. If you have never heard of this loft I don’t know why because it surely isn’t their fault as they have been winning for years.

Nevill & Angie Evans with Steve Cuthbert

Sheldon Leonard, Kelly and Newman and Hennie Kallmeyer all live in Ireland. Sheldon has a fabulous loft and birds many from his close friend and his son’s godfather the legend of Antwerp, Andre Roodhoft. Whatever praise one pays to Roodhoft and his birds is never enough to fully acclaim the emperor of the Antwerp Union. So it is clear as day that Sheldon has the finest blood from Andre and his results underline this fact. Hennie came over to Ireland from his native South Africa a few years ago and brought with him many birds from his homeland originating from David Clausing’s loft. These pigeons have since completed magnificently in the one arena in the emerald isle. Kelly and Newman are offering in this latest Best of British sale an opportunity to purchase a bird direct from two Millar Gold Cup winners. This is a not to be missed chance to get hold of the finest quality long distance bloodlines. I say to any of you doubting Thomas’s out there to just take a look at the map and the hazardous journey from Northern France into Ireland. If it’s rugged, winning long distance blood you are after this is the one for you.

Ian Stafford (centre)

Stephen Thornton is offering two birds both bred out of an Ian Stafford cock aptly called Simply the Best. This stunner is a direct son of Jos Thone’s fabulous Sars. The hens coupled to Simply the Best being Jordan the multi winning direct daughter of  Simply the Best and Royal Honour the daughter of Prince bred from the world famed Vandenheede cock Freddy, which was so important to the De Rauw Sablon dynasty.

Jutla Brothers from London the capital of England have been persuaded to send to auction a few of their crown jewels. Anyone who knows about these guys is well aware that these lads have always invested in what they believe to be the finest of bloodlines. The brothers are offering two multi race winning performers and a proven breeding cock of Vandenabeele lines. A golden chance to acquire blue blooded winning pigeons.   

To anyone wishing to add some tried and tested stock bred from actual winning birds I would urge you to check out the birds on offer in this latest Best of British sale.