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Report of the National Flying Club race from Cholet

An analysis of the National Flying Club race from Cholet and a look at the open and section winners can be found here.

The National Flying Club Queen's Diamond Jubilee race from Cholet was held on Saturday 2nd June 2012. Eight hundred and twenty members entered five thousand seven hundred birds into this prestigious event. With an easterly wind and low pressure in the channel it was always going to be a challenging race and with rain predicted to move into the west country by midday, an early liberation was necessary to allow the birds the best chance. The birds were duly liberated at 06.15 hrs with bright sunshine at the liberation site. That said - the velocities of the winning birds defied the weather prediction as the winner was doing 1592 ypm. 

In provisional 1st open, 1st section D is Terry Dyer from Plymouth. This was GB 08 N 11171, a chequer pied Janssen hen who was sitting eggs fifteen days when she was sent. Velocity 1592 ypm. 

2nd open and 2nd section D is the partnership of Jimmy Knox and Brian Stewart from Bideford in Devon. The bird in question was a 3 yr old blue cock bred by the partnership from Mick Parish lines. Velocity 1580 ypm. 

3rd open and 1st section C is Mike Staddon from Crewkerne in Somerset with a five year old chequer pied cock. Velocity 1555 ypm.  

4th open and 3rd section D is R Goodier and Sons from Marsh Green. The winnig pigeon here is a Jos Thoné cock sent sitting 12 days which is his favourite nest condition for performing well. Velocity 1546 ypm. 

5th open went to the Plymouth loft of Brian Smith and Mike Hannaford. The hen timed from Cholet was mated to another hen as the partnership lost a lot of cocks on the black weekend of 28th April 2012. Velocity 1542 ypm. 

6th open and 1st section G is Nigel Templar from Bristol who clocked a Verreckt x Arien. Velocity 1537 ypm. 

1st section J and 17th open is Charlie Bradshaw Jnr from Swansea. This loft is in cracking form having scored from Alençon with the BICC the week previously. The bird in question was a two year old Van Bruaene x Steele widowhood cock. Velocity 1478 ypm. 

In section B Mr and Mrs Harris and Daughter from Porchester took 1st section and 41st open with a Janssen gifted to them from Derek Hayward of Portsmouth. Velocity 1418 ypm. 

Winning section I was Cliff Sanders from Atherstone in Derbyshire with a hen gifted to him by Brian Jones of Crewe. Velocity 1380403 ypm

The Compton Bassett loft of Anna Crowley and Richard Green were 1st section F and 54th open. Their first bird was a three year old blue Leo Van Rijn widowhood cock called Vagabond. Velocity 1399 ypm. 

D & K Jones from Havant were 1st section A and 65th open with a 2 yr old Jacob Poorviert hen. Velocity 1391 ypm. 

Section E was won by R V Ball of Northchurch, Hertfordshire and this bird took 113th open. This was a 3 yr old widowhood cock which last year was 10th section, 114th open Cholet with the NFC. Velocity 1337 ypm. 

1st section L was L Davison and Son from Liverpool, this bird took 114th open and was bred from a mealy Marcelis cock. Velocity 1336 ypm.  

The winner in section H was A Smith from Wellingborough, Northants with a three year old Van Bruaene called Southam, the dam of which has now bred three NFC section winners. Velocity 1282 ypm. 

Up into the north east and first section K, 199th open was R & N Dennett from Meden Vale. This was a 2 yr old De Klak x Van Loon cock flown on total widowhood. Velocity 1275 ypm. 

In conclusion, another successful race for the National Flying Club - the next race will be from Tarbes.