PIPA appoints agent for Germany: Mr. Franz-Josef Irmer

PIPA has recently appointed Franz-Josef Irmer as its agent for Germany. We would like to introduce him to you.

Franz-Josef Irmer is a well-known name in German pigeon racing. He is an ambitious and well respected person. Franz-Josef is a self-employed butcher (he took over the family business in 2007) and he and his wife Brigitte have three kids: Laura, Luisa and Robin.

He has been active in pigeon racing since 1977. He and his father Manfred are known by the name Irmer & Son and they participate participate in races between approx. 100 and 600 kilometres. Franz-Josef’s son, Robin, also races pigeons.

Because Franz-Josef is ambitious, he wants to help PIPA give German pigeon racing more global attention and make PIPA better known in Germany. The fact that he has been maintaining a very close relationship with Nikolaas and Thomas for several years will help him reach his goal.