PIPA appoints new agent for Spain: Juan Carlos Gutierrez Rodriguez

The Management of PIPA is pleased to announce the appointment of Juan Carlos Gutierrez Rodriguez as our exclusive agent for Spain.

Juan is a 44 year old mechanical engineer who was born in León – Spain. Though Juan has been breeding racing pigeons since the age of 17 he actually started  racing in 1996 and is currently a member and strong competitor in the “Colombofilo Leones” Club. Juan is fascinated by both showing as well as breeding and has been quite successful in both, in fact his recent show results include the winning of  1st  Nat + 3rd  Nat + 4th  Nat. Standard Class in the Spanish Exhibitions of 2008-2009-2010.His recent race results have included 1st  / 1080 birds 250 km 50% Van Noordenne ( Mother purchased on PIPA) ,1st  / 550 birds 575 km ,3rd / 460 birds 575 km and 6th  / 435 birds 510 km. Juan enjoys both breeding and racing  and is in a perfect position to assist interested Spanish fanciers in acquiring the very best  racing pigeons in the world given his close relationship with the worldwide PIPA family! Because Juan Carlos is well known within the Spanish sport he is in  the perfect position to assist in greatly raising  the level of participation in the PIPA auctions. Juan is dedicated to promoting a greater awareness in Spain of the PIPA brand by writing articles, translating content into Spanish so that key Spanish fanciers become increasingly aware of the overall PIPA philosophy, as well as the considerable advantages to be had by  purchasing through the PIPA network. Juan is definitely no stranger to promotional activities within the sport and to this end he will be developing a series of promotional activities all centered around facilitating greater participation of Spanish Fanciers in the PIPA process. Juan is clearly at your disposal for all of your racing pigeon needs.