Delta One Loft Race Hungary 2011 – winners Jürgen & Sarah Jung (SG Jung-Jupid) - Update

Last Saturday Sarah & Jürgen won the final race Delta One Loft Race Hungary 2011. The race is 300 km with 426 pigeons (604 pigeons at the beginning) from 13 different countries. The first ones flew about 5hours 50 minutes with headwind.

Finalrace was on 03.09.2011.

At the beginning there were 604 youngsters. 426 youngsters, from 13 different countries started at 08:00 o‘clock in HAAG.
Normally the pigeons should race from St. Pölten (400km), but because of the bad weather the organization decided to race from Haag (300km).

With strong headwind and 30°C the fastest pigeon arrived  home in Balatonfőkajár (near by Lake Balaton) at 13.45.37 pm  . That’s a velocity of  865,763 m/min.

The winner "Balaton Queen"  08857-11-210 was bred by JUPID.
In total there was 107 prizes, wherefrom  JUPID won 16 prizes (30 pigeons in the race).

Also achieved by SG Jung - JUPID
7.  Ace-bird
10. Ace-bird
12. Ace-bird

Other participants in the Delta One Loft Race included:
Jan Lotterman (NL), Berti Camphuis (NL), Helmut Führer (DE), Kenji Schmitt (BE), Armin Komes (DE), Jozef van Damme (BE), Anton Ruitenberg (NL), …

More information can be found here:

Website Delta One Loft Race Hungary: Click Here



Pictures by: Bertalan Jilly

Ringnumber winning pigeon

Opening  with Mayor Balatonfőkajár  and Miklos Hegedűs (Main-Organizer) from the Netherlands
and István Bárdos President of the Hungarian Pigeon Sport Association

Wing of “Balaton Queen”

“Balaton Queen”

Miklos Hegedűs (Main-Organizer) with “Balaton Queen”

Pedigree of the winner 'Balaton Queen'

Jurgen & Sarah Jung are not unknown in the pigeon sport. They became really world-famous when they bought Aladin in the total auction of Marijke Vink. SG Jung - Jupid have built up an unbelievable breeding collection over the recent years. And last week, a SG Jung-Jupid bred pigeon won the 1st national La Souterraine in the lofts of Verreckt-Arriën. But the party goes on, because now they have won one of the biggest one loft races in Europe, Delta One Loft Race, with a grandchild of Aladin & Lucky 848.

Pictures of PIPA's visit to Jung-Jupid: