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Paul & Jelle Roziers (Berlaar, BE) keep on excelling with ‘Queen L’-dynasty

In the Belgian province of Antwerpen the yearling and young birds team of Paul and Jelle Roziers is again performing on exceptional highs … the genes of living legend ‘Queen L’ make others look like schoolboys; the pair ‘Sunny Delight’ x ‘Little Queen’ sees its star status confirmed by impressing performances of descendants!

The yearling team is raced on total widowhood system and entered on 6 heavy middle distance races … The result was astonishing:

    Blois I.prov.        2,755 birds: 1st-2nd-3rd-32nd-51st (8/18)
    Bourges Nat.        20,544 birds: 193rd-269th-312th-1002nd-1678th-2220th-2225th (11/16)
    Chateauroux Nat.    25,263 birds: 64th-2960th-3319th-4699th-5695th (7/14)
    Limoges Nat.        14,673 birds: 64th (1/1)
    Montluçon Semi-Nat.  7,700 birds: 11th-146th-265th-385th-387th-761st (9/9)

The great Roziers specialty – young birds racing – was in 2011 so far again truly sensational! “The system was changed a small bit,” says Jelle. “Last winter I visited Embrechts-Theunis from The Netherlands and he convinced me to change the system. We used to race widowhood with youngsters – now we race them ‘on the door’. They are darkened from beginning of February until end June … starting 2 weeks before National Bourges they are lightened. Until Orleans the sexes were together (2 weeks before Bourges, AR) and on the provincial Blois race - when we won 4th, 5th and 7th - they were just one week ‘on the door’. From the start this method does well this year, despite the very heavy season so far. Therefore our hope for the Nationals is really high.”

No wonder, looking at the young birds results so far. On their territory ‘Laarhoeve’ the best 2011 performances with youngsters are:

    Quievrain     (100km)     765 birds: 7th-8th-10th-19th-24th-45th-76th-82nd-88th (28/86)
    Noyon         (200 km)    624 birds: 1st-4th-9th-10th-12th-13th-16th-17th-18th-21st-22nd-29th-
                                         30th-35th-36th-37th-38th-49th-56th-57th-60th (38/87)
                            2,240 birds: 2nd-15th-31st-32nd-47th-48th-77th-78th-80th-84th-85th-
                                         119th-121st-142nd-143rd-151st-171st-218th (36/87)
    Angerville    (365 km)  1,149 birds: 1st-5th-12th-15th-16th-27th-28th-31st-35th-36th-65th-
                                         74th-96th-114th (21/74)
    Noyon         (200 km)    313 birds: 1st-9th-10th-11th-18th-19th-25th-26th-34th-35th-44th-
                                         45th-51st-53rd (28/60)
                            1,548 birds: 1st-94th-96th-100th-144th-146th-190th-195th (22/60)
    Orleans prov. (405 km)    898 birds: 8th-15th-19th-34th-45th-59th-75th-79th-88th-95th-99th-
                                         101st-105th-110th (29/59)
                            4,877 birds: 32nd-86th-119th-213th-318th-405th-502nd-509th-558th-
                                         575th-624th-628th-652nd-696th (28/59)
    Blois I.prov. (459 km)  3,946 birds: 4th-5th-7th-21st-31st-38th-39th (only top 50 published)
    Bourges   LD club Bevel   573 birds: 4th-5th-12th-16th-22nd-31st-36th-60th-67th (20/40)
              prov.         4,555 birds: 8th-12th-25th-52nd-66th-117th-138th-217th-237th-273rd-
                                         340th-349th-405th-423rd-460th (29/40)
    Nat. (unofficial)      31,641 birds: 71st-77th 

Since their pairing in 2010, BE04-6277715 ‘Sunny Delight’ x BE09-6222557 ‘Little Queen’ are really striking because of the great boost their children give to the Roziers team on the beloved heavy middle distance races with youngsters. Without exceptions, children to this pair showed great talent in their year of birth and grabbed hands full of really promising quotations. Shortly resulting in:

‘Queens Delight’      8th prov. Gueret             1,871 birds
                      42nd Nat. Gueret            13,885 birds
                      10th Marne La Vallée         2,037 birds
                      40th Noyon                   1,492 birds
                      82nd Noyon                   1,030 birds
‘Little Delight’      16th prov. La Souterraine    2,499 birds
                      29th prov. Argenton          3,008 birds
                      38th Nat. La Souterraine    17,017 birds
                      180th Nat. Argenton         22,442 birds
                      188th prov. Bourges          1,642 birds
                      9th Noyon                    1,492 birds
‘047/10’              15th I.prov. Bourges         2,260 birds
‘Havana’              442nd Nat. La Souterraine   17,017 birds
                      1680th Nat. Argenton        22,442 birds

Results that made the expectations for 2011 very high of course; expectations that are now fully met up to. Jelle: “This is just the second year the pair raised youngsters and again success has come. Like ‘Havana’ winning 2nd I.prov. Blois against 2,755 birds after a loft mate, also becoming second from a total liberation of 6,355 birds. Two weeks later the wonder pair ‘Sunny Delight’ x ‘Little Queen’ is in centre of attention when two daughters won 7th and 21st I.prov. Blois against 3,946 birds …. On the same race a grandson won 31st I.prov.

Before 2010 ‘Sunny Delight’ already bred the top racers ‘Sunlight Dancer’ (29th Nat. La Souterraine 18,973 birds, 75th Nat. Argenton 20,844 birds and 133rd Nat. Bourges 31,824 birds) and ‘Sunrise Queen’ (amongst others 12th Nat. Bourges 17,138 birds, 136th Nat. Gueret 2,936 birds, 362nd Nat. La Souterraine 17,814 birds, 450th Nat. Gueret 14,245 birds and 559th Nat. Bourges 37,357 birds). As son to ‘De 005’ x ‘Eleanor’ he is bred from the basic pair that also produced toppers such as:

   ‘Heavens Fantasy’    1st prov. Bourges 2008          2,532 birds (7 minutes lead)
                        1st Nat.(Z) Bourges 2008        6,504 birds
                        6th Nat. Bourges 2008          13,354 birds
                        Mother to
                        1st La Souterraine                327 birds
                        24th Nat. La Souterraine       17,017 birds
    ‘Blaze of Glory’    33rd Nat. Zone Gueret           4,661 birds
                        51st Nat. Gueret               12,587 birds
                        88th Nat. Zone Argenton         7,621 birds
    ‘Jessica’           mother to ‘Miss Jenny’
                        1st s-Nat. Argenton 2005        6,585 birds
                        5th Nat. Argenton 2005         21,299 birds
                        mother to ‘Mister X’
                        7th Nat. Bourges 2006          26,984 birds
                        mother to ‘Dare to Dream’
                        51st Nat. La Souterraine 2007  18,973 birds
‘Gypsy Woman’           mother to ‘055/10’
                        1st Marne la Vallée             2,037 birds
                        Fastest Marne la Vallée        13,015 birds
                        110th I.prov. Bourges           2,260 birds

‘Little Queen’ is still very young (2009) and she perfectly passes on the genes of her mother ‘Queen L’, the amazing 1st Nat. La Souterraine winner against 16,297 birds and now absolute star breeding hen at Roziers. In 2011 again her offspring reigned supreme – 2nd and 3rd generation offspring is this year’s winner of:

    1st I.prov. Blois                        2,755 birds ‘11 ( 1st fastest   6,355 birds)
    1st prov. Vierzon                        2,564 birds ‘11
    2nd fastest Angerville                   15,570 birds ‘11
    2nd fastest Angerville                   4,203 birds ’11 ( 5th fastest  11,033 birds)
    2nd I.prov. Blois (after loft mate)      2,755 birds ’11 ( 2nd fastest   6,355 birds)
    3rd I.prov.Vierzon                       6,638 birds ’11 ( 5th fastest  17,706 birds)
    3rd I.prov. Blois (after 2 loft mates)   2,755 birds ‘11 ( 7th fastest   6,355 birds)
    5th I.prov. Blois                        3,946 birds ’11 (11th fastest   6,159 birds)
    7th I.prov. Blois                        3,946 birds ’11 (12th fastest   6,159 birds)
    7th prov. Bourges                        3,660 birds ‘11
    8th prov. Chateauroux                    3,042 birds ’11 (20th Nat. Zone 9,112 birds) 
                                                             (64th Nat.     25,263 birds)

Grandchildren en Great Grandchildren from QUEEN L on the 300 km till 700 km  races from 2006 - 2011

    1st Nat. Derby Juniors NL           56.613 birds '10
    1st NPO Orleans NL                  13.186 birds '10
    1st Nat. Zone Bourges               13.049 birds ’07
    2nd Nat. Bourges                    31.824 birds ’07
    2nd Nat. Zone La Souterraine         7.161 birds ’07
    2nd Nat. Zone Argenton               8.261 birds ’10
    3rd Nat. Orleans NL                 19.692 birds '09
    4th Nat. Zone Bourges               11.286 birds ’06
    5th Nat. Zone Bourges                9.732 birds '09
    6th Nat. La Souterraine             18.973 birds ’07
    6th Nat. Zone Gueret                 4.661 birds ’07
    7th Nat. Bourges                    26.984 birds ’06
    7th Nat. Argenton                   22.721 birds ’10
    7th Nat. Zone Argenton               5.642 birds ’06
    9th Nat. Bourges                    37.357 birds '09
    9th Nat. Gueret                     12.586 birds ’07
    9th Nat. Argenton                   14.534 birds ’06
    9th Nat. Zone Bourges                7.942 birds '10
    12th Nat. Bourges                   17.138 birds '10
    15th Nat. Zone La Souterraine        6.382 birds '10
    16th Nat. Zone Limoges               5.150 birds '11
    20th Nat. Zone Chateauroux           9.112 birds ‘11
    21st Nat. Bourges                    9.021 birds '07
    22nd Nat. Zone La Souterraine        6.382 birds '10
    24th Nat. La souterraine            17.017 birds '10
    27th Nat. Argenton                  21.092 birds '09
    37th Nat. Zone Argenton              8.440 birds '10
    38th Nat. La Souterraine            17.017 birds '10
    42nd Nat. Zone Argenton              8.440 birds '10
    42nd Nat. Gueret                    13.885 birds '10
    51st Nat. Zone Argenton              8.440 birds '10
    51st Nat. La Souterraine            18.973 birds '07
    64th Nat. Chateauroux               25.263 birds ‘11
    64th Nat. Limoges                   14.679 birds '11
    93rd Nat. Bourges                   31.824 birds '07
    1st semi Nat. Issoudun               5.815 birds ’08 (5 minutes ahead)
    1st prov. Issoudun                   2.300 birds ’08 (7 minutes ahead)
    1st prov. Vierzon                    2.564 birds ‘11
    1st prov. Bourges                    4.290 birds ‘07
    1st I.prov. Blois                    2.755 birds ‘11 ( 1st fastest  6.355 p.)
    1st fastest Marne la Vallée         13.016 birds '10
    1st fastest Pommeroeul NL            1.321 birds '09
    1st prize Final Quaoyou One loft Race Beijing '08
    2nd acebird One loft race ‘Belgian Master’ 2010
    2nd acebird Beijing Qiaoyou One Loft Race 2008
    2nd semi Nat. Bourges                8.360 birds ‘07
    2nd semi Nat. La Souterraine         5.581 birds ‘07
    2nd semi Nat. Gueret                 3.656 birds ‘07
    2nd fastest Angerville              15.570 birds ‘11
    2nd I.prov. Blois                    2.755 birds ’11 ( 2nd fastest  6,355 birds to loft mate)
    2nd fastest Angerville               4.203 birds ’11 ( 5th fastest 11,033 birds)
    3rd I.prov. Blois                    2.755 birds ’11 ( 7th fastest  3,655 birds)
    3rd I.prov.Vierzon                   6.638 birds ’11 ( 5th fastest 17,706 birds)
    5th I.prov. Blois                    3.946 birds ’11 (11th fastest  6,159 birds)
    7th I.prov. Blois                    3.946 birds ’11 (12th fastest  6,159 birds)