UPDATE video's: Derby Arona One Loft Race in Tenerife - Minna & Fien from PiPa are there to watch the final...first pigeons arrived !

On 19 March the pigeons have been released for the final of the Derby Arona Race in Tenerife. Derby Arona is one of the thoughest one loft races in the world, where the pigeons need to fly overseas for a long distance.

Final Race Winners Ceremony 20-March-2011:

Final Race Arrivals 19-March-2011:

Final Race Verification Of Pigeons 19-March-2011:

Final Race Liberation 19-March-2011:

The Winner Interview 21-March-2011:




Every year Jose Ledesma and his team organise the Derby Arona One Loft Race in Tenerife. It has not been always very easy for José as the circumstances of the Canary Islands are very tough. Even the pigeons are very healthy, well trained, and well taken care of, there are sometimes big losses. This morning Saturday 19th of March the pigeons are liberated at 7h45, more info & results will be published here http://www.derbyarona.com

PiPa was invited by the organisation and Minna and Fien from PiPa were glad to visit Derby Arona, they will inform us with more pictures and info later on.