Vanroy-Rochtus win 1° National Argenton 25.531 youngsters and have the fastest pigeon from the 36.816 participating pigeons

With the Argenton of the 9th of August, the 2° national race of the 2008 season stood on the racing calendar. The organisers could rejoice in the fact that the 36.816 participating pigeons meant an increase of more than 5.000 pigeons compared to last year, and the highest number of pigeons over the last 5 seasons. The weather was also favourable, because between a few days spoiled by rain, early Saturday morning the sun was shining. An identical weather picture on virtually the whole of the racing line up to Argenton. At 7h45 the organisers from Cureghem Centre gave the starting signal, and with a light tail wind from west to mainly southwest for company… all the scenarios were present for a perfect and very smooth race! At local level the prizes were hardly open for 35 to 40 minutes anywhere; nationally (per 4) it was all done and dusted within 5 to 10 minutes! It was an Argenton in 'record tempo'. It was eventually the duo Vanroy-Rochtus from Hemiksem, who had the fastest pigeon of the 36.816 participating pigeons, clocked at 13h44'00" from a distance of 547,296 km, good enough for a velocity of 1524,50 m/min, which gave them the national victory by the 25.531 youngsters, just in front of an unchained Kris Cleirbaut from Bonheiden who in the provisional forecasts with places 2,3,20,21,22,31, classified no less than 6 pigeons by the 'top-31' nationally! Just phenomenal!

Willy & Nicole Vanroy-Rochtus
This sympathetic man-wife combination achieved then the magnificent victory from Argenton with the youngsters. For Argenton they basketted the same team with which they had shined from national Bourges 2 weeks ago, take a look: Bourges 626 young 6,10,11,33,74,81,119,192 (8/12 including 7 first nominated) Argenton 492 young 1,4,8,45,78,90,93 (7/10 with once again the 6 first nominated) FCD 2.024 young 1,12,36,136,230,282,295 (10) Nat 25.531 young 1… etc. This makes it clear that the youngsters are in 'blood condition'. Willy and Nicole then completely 'focus' their game with the youngsters on the month August for the national races with the youngsters. Earlier in the preparatory Middle Distance races they were sporadically entered for prize.

They own 70 youngsters from the 1° + 2° round, which are darkened from February until the beginning of June, but are not lightened. They are raced using the sliding door system. According to Willy they have been successful in the Lindelei in Hemiksem for 12 years with this current system, so why should they make any changes to it? The pigeons are fed with the 'Van Tilburg' mixture with diet mixture being added at the beginning of the week. The last 2 days they receive extra corn mixed with the feed. According to Willy it is the art … to keep the pigeons feeding! They are always given enough, but have to keep eating until the last meal. Supplements include tea, garlic or apple vinegar in the drinking water… while in the sport season they keep to the system of the firm Belgica De Weerd, where both the supplements and medical guidance is concerned. Also the old pigeon racing team, consisting of 36 widowers is prepared for the races using the aforementioned method. And seemingly with an overwhelming success, because the races from Poitiers, Limoges Yearlings and Souillac were finished with 'great success':

Poitiers 262 yearlings 3,4,6,15,35,43,44,54 (11)
Limoges YL 215 yearlings 1,3,5,10,12,20,22,29,37,40,47,54 (19) FCD 974 yearlings 1,10,14,30,34,73,95,109,144,155,187,227 (19) Nat 16.012 YL 42,205,267,594,677,1064… etc: provisional result (19)
Souillac 85 old 1,2,4,6,25 (6) FCD 529 old 1,3,19,30,154 (6) Nat 7.215 old 57,84,311,380 (6)

1° Nationaal Argenton 25.531 jongen
Pedigree : Click here

Willy & Nicole would like to concentrate more on races up to 800 km with the old pigeons in the future (read: one-day Long Distance). The youngest acquisitions were made with this in mind. The very old stock was build up with pigeons from Pierre Peeters (mainly Lou Wouters pigeons), Alfons Vanroy (his uncle), against which pigeons out the Van der Wegen-sort (via breeding centre Simons from Ransdaal) and direct pigeons from Marcel Aelbrecht and De Rauw-Sablon were crossed.

Lately Vanroy-Rochtus are mostly in East-Flanders in Baasrode (and FCD) to basket their pigeons, because they live alongside the border with East-Flanders, and their pigeons come much better from the provincial races in East-Flanders (read: out the right direction) than when they race with Antwerp (and the pigeons fly in from a more easterly direction).

The national winner from Argenton, ring 08-6102740 also stems out these newly obtained blood lines.
Her father, ring 02-4247633 was obtained as a voucher by De Rauw-Sablon in Lebbeke, and has an origin to be worshipped, because he is a brother of… the 2° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2007, "Blue Ace 095/03" by Erik Limbourg, and of the 'cock' of the now world famous 'Bak 17' by Marcel Aelbrecht! All 3 come then out the "Brother Smallen 848/00" x "Daughter Dromer 665/01"… a 'miraculous breeding line'!
The mother comes directly from the breeding centre Simons in Ransdaal (NL) out the Vander Wegen line, ring NL02-2122250.

The national winner had already performed well with the following performances:
Pithiviers 560 p. 35
Orleans 576 p. 48
Bourges 626 p. 11
Argenton 25.531 p. 1
Willy is a 55-year old labourer by trade and works shifts. Up until last season it was often a case of 'compromising' in order to accomplish everything with the pigeons, because it occurred more than once that Willy and Nicole both had an 'early shift' or such like. Since this year, Nicole has taken early retirement and everything can go exactly to plan with regards to the training and care! An advantage not to be scorned at says Willy! The combination of precise care, training and 'class' of the pigeon lie without doubt at the basis of their national victory from Argenton! For which our congratulations, from the entire PiPa-Team and its many readers!