Devos Etienne & Frank, "Etienne and Frank Devos score greatest triumph"

Etienne Devos and "Zidane" 1st International Carcassonne

1° international Carcassonne 10329 pigeons
1° national Carcassonne 3942 pigeons (2006)

Pedigree brother "Klaren" = brother "Zidane" : Klik hier

Etienne and Frank Devos have been subject of many discussions lately. Registered distances to determine rankings in championships have to be observed by everyone ... and the KBDB checks this for everybody ... and they usually check in a strict way....
Certain press felt called to condemn Etienne and Frank ... they even started questioning the entire career of Devos.
And that hurt a lot ...
Etienne and Frank could only answer to these accusations in a sportive way ... and one can of course dream, realizing that dream is something else ...

Saturday, the 22nd of July 2006 … Most of the races were postponed until Sunday ...
Sunday: beautiful pigeon weather... Souillac national went very smoothly. Speeds up to 1257 metres per minute were registered; first national was obtained by Johan Tant in Olsene, grandson of the illustrious Valère Desmet-Matthys (Nokere) ...

The first mentions of Carcassonne for short distances of 700 km are made between 7 and 8 PM ... highest speeds of 1050 metres per minute ... a tough job indeed ... 8:40 PM: our champions are already up in the air for 13 hours straight ... many of them will soon start to think of getting some rest ...
8:44 PM: Etienne Devos reports, 850 km ... his first nominated pigeon “Zidane” 3001583/2003, which won the 2° national Ablis 5063 pigeons three weeks before (773 km speed 1068 metres/minute, a tough race as well ...) and brother of Etienne’s well known “Klaren” that became provincial ace pigeon KBDB West-Flanders last year with a brilliant list of achievements (18° Angoulème 2915 pigeons, 34° Limoges 2811 pigeons, 9° nat. Limoges 12266 pigeons, previously also Ablis and in 2004 11° Angoulème 2589 pigeons) ... a quick calculation indicates a speed of 1084 metres per minute … No-one even gets close … Famile Brockamp (1077m/m) in Germany and his friend André Colbrandt (1076 m/m) will achieve the places of honour.
Only the top champions (pigeons and fanciers) of our sport can put up such a performance ... people can talk about it for hours but you still have to score such a success and point it out to us... We will be happy to pay attention to it.

Compliments to the “Club de fond de Wallonie”
(Long distance club of the Walloon provinces in Belgium)
Many pigeons have been re-ringed, the birds from the Meulebeke club where Etienne put his pigeons into the basket as well ... the victory wasn’t confirmed until all the necessary checks had been made ... which only adds lustre to this historical triumph.
Etienne had already merited a place among the “Flandriens” and thanks to this victory he has definitively conquered a position among the legendary “Flandriens” of Belgian Pigeon Sport.
Please note: this is the first international and fourth national triumph of the Devos family.

How can such a level be achieved?
A plain question, but the answer certainly isn’t simple ... many years of experience, a persevering search for good pigeons, feeling, good lofts, medical support ... all important factors that play a part. We will focus on the quality of the pigeon: when you hold him in your hands it’s not the most beautiful bird because he has a very ‘deep’ built (the breastbone is situated deep down in the pigeon) but apart from that he has a magnificent wing, beautiful yellow eyes and most of all: a bunch of qualities that cannot be evaluated just like that: endurance, liveliness, ...

Is always intriguing and this pigeon has the best blood running through his veins ...
Father: “Kleine Wittenbuik” 3190062/00 a top racer who will probably become an even better breeder; won 8 x national; he descends from a co-breeding with Gaby Vandenabeele namely
“ De Prost” 300866/89 father “Stanics” 1° national Limoges x “Provinciaaltje Gaby Vandenabeele” 1° prov. Tours and daughter of Gaby’s famous “Turbo”. “De Prost” descends from the brother of the renowned “Witterugge” and a hen Vanhee from “Blauwe Witpen Monsieur”.
Mother: “Eddy-duivin” 3190002/00 from “de Monseigneur” (Ameye strain) x “Maria” 2° reg. Bourges direct from Gaby de Meulemeester in Zulte.

"Kleine Wittenbuik" father of "Klaren" and "Zidane"