Aerens Daniël, Drongen

1st international 1666 hens on St-Vincent 2007

Drongen, in the shadow of the Gent, the capital of East-Flanders, hometown of surely one of the best long distance fancier in Belgium the last 6 years.
See what this fancier won from 2002-2007:
1ste Champion KBDB very long distance
1st West-European Super marathon
1st Champion Entente Belge/Belgische Verstandhouding Very long distance
1st Cup of Europe Winner Silver Wing 'Brugse Barcelona Club' (most famous Barcelona club in Belgium)
National winner Orange
National winner Montelimar
International winner St-Vincent

Not many fanciers in Belgium can equal this important championships! His name is Daniël Aerens, the chairman of the club Union et Liberté Gent and O.V.V Gent. He has some strange ideas about pigeon racing and some unusual systems. But the winner is always right. He learned some of these methods from the famous Antoon and Lucie Van der Wegen (Steenbergen ,NL). The crossbreeding of the strain Van der Wegen X Vandenbroecke or Norman or Martens, the old blood from long distance racers in the Flanders. The way to the top!

Building a strain of long distance birds
Daniël Aerens, born in 1939 and still manager of some partnerships, started with pigeon when he was only 10 years young. No, not because his father had already racing birds. Daniël wanted to own the pigeons and his father was there to help him. The father and son partnership only entered in the speed and middle distance races.
During winter they only had 20 pigeons in the loft, one cannot say they owned too many! Daniël got the birds from two famous long distance fanciers: Desmet-Matthys and Deraedt-Vangrembergen.
These birds had good results on speed races also.

In 1970 the father passed away and all birds were sold. Daniël had become a businessman and did not have the time to take care of the pigeons by his own. During 12 years Daniël did not race or own any pigeons. He stayed in touch with pigeon racing because he became chairman of the local club Union et Liberté Gent and later of OV.V. Gent.
In 1982 he started a second chapter in pigeon racing, the way to the top. He moved to a house in Drongen and build some nice brick lofts next to it. New house, new lofts but also new pigeons, new strain. He went to 3 very good long distance fanciers in the Flanders: Cyriel Martens, N. Norman and J. Vandenbroecke.
In the beginning Daniël entered the one-day-fond races but since 1990 he specializes on the international races. Daniël reads lots of magazines about pigeons and he got very interested in the strain Van der Wegen.
In 1995 he went to the world famous Antoon & Lucie Van der Wegen from Steenbergen (NL). Daniël managed to buy some good youngsters but in the mean while got lots of good advice.
Daniël changed his system and followed the advice. Antoon had told him to crossbreed the Van der Wegen pigeons to his own birds.
In the beginning of the 90's Daniël had some excellent birds and excellent results.
In 1992 he won two times 1st provincial (Barcelona and Limoges) and 3rd Ace Pigeon KDBD.
The best strain in the Netherlands matched to his best breeders. The way to the top has begun.

Daniël Aerens knows that good pigeons, a good loft and good management are important. But he says: "The best fancier is he who makes the least mistakes in one season!" Each fancier makes mistakes, but the best fanciers make the least and they learn from their mistakes.
The system that Daniël uses is not similar to most fanciers. He has strange methods but isn't the winner always right? While we talk about his system, he tells me a few times: "Maybe some other fanciers don't believe this, but that's not my problem. I tell the truth and they don't have to copy my system. When I have a bad race, I do not change my method. I stick to it. Holding on to a certain system is as important as the system itself" After the Perpignan race, beginning of August, Daniël does not match his widowers. No, they do not get the hen. After the moulting, by the end of October, they receive the hens.

The widowers can breed on eggs for two times but no youngsters are allowed. The couples are separated by the end of December.
To prepare for the following racing season, the 40 old widowers are matched on 15th of March. They can raise youngsters now and breed for a second time after the youngsters. Than the widowhood start and in the meanwhile these cocks are tossed for a few times. Daniël learned this method from Antoon & Lucie. The moulting starts later and the cocks have their best form in July, the month of the big international races. He is convinced that good pigeons have best form during 5-6 weeks and this cannot last from May to August. Daniël never shows the hen before basketing.
To prepare for the Barcelona race, he races his birds on Chateauroux (500 km) for two times. The second time 14 days before basketing. The best Barcelona birds must race Beziers and the widowers that race Dax go to Perpignan. Every 3-4 weeks, the old widowers get a cure against trichomonas but this is all that Daniël gives his birds. The never get anything against coccidiose or head disease.

The youngsters, yearlings, even the stock-birds never get any medicine. They never got something against trichomonas. The birds must be strong. The stock birds (20 pair) are matched in February and breed several times. The youngsters stay inside the loft till they are 2-3 months old. (again the system Van der Wegen!) Daniël says he does not loose many youngsters this way. Young birds are not raced, not even tossed. They are not in the basket during their first year. Tossing starts as a yearling. The yearlings are not separated but are not allowed to start a nest. They must race every week, from April till August. They race Chateauroux, Argenton, Limoges and their last race is Beziers (900 km) or Perpignan (940 km). Daniël says he has 50 % prize on these races with his yearling cocks and hens. No widowhood, no natural system and still 50 % prize. He must have excellent birds. Daniël only gives his old widowers twice a year vitamins. "Vitamins give form but only for a few weeks. After these weeks, the form is gone and will not come back that year. Be careful with vitamins".

St-Vincenthen 4092744/06
1ste intern. St-Vincent 1666 hens 982p-1
International 7515p-4
The father is '4400106/94'. He was excellent racer on Barcelona and Perpignan and son of 'Zwarte Pau 348/88'. This is the basic breeder of this loft. He is from the old strains Cyriel Martens x Norman. 'Zwarte Pau' was matched to 'Schoon Blauw Norman 256/92', a sister of 2 x 1ste national Argenton winnar from N. Norman.
The mother is '4116292/92'. She is a sister 1ste Barcelona Gent 1999 from Aerens. The father is 'NL349/95' (direct A & L van der wegen) and mother is '624/89'(direct J. vandenbroucke line DIDI) These are the parents of 1ste national Montelimar 2004. A pair that breed super birds, national top racers in Belgium.

Den Orange 4033136/03
Chateauroux 135p-3 Chateauroux 137p-7
Orange national 6751p-1st
Daniël kept on racing his national winner!!
Narbonne nationale 5963p-192
2006 Albi nationale 5063p-100
Narbonne nationaal 9634p-865
2007 Orange prize 1/10 but not raced after this.
He is on the breeding loft now. He is a direct son of one of the best racers on this loft; " De 678/93 "
He won :
In 1994 : Limoges Nat. 18.608 p. 2571
In 1995 : Brive Nat 21.390 p. 2654 Limoges Nat 9.222 p. 646
In 1996 : Brive Nat 16.560 p. 460 Cahors Nat 9.043 p. 737 Montauban Nat 4.743 p. 222 Narbonne Nat 6.092 p. 1473 In 1997 : Brive Nat 20.611 p. 3018 Cahors Nat 9.070 p. 383 Montauban Nat 7.352 p. 84 Narbonne Nat 6.021 p. 1290 He is full brother of '106/94', the father of the international winner 2007 from St-Vincent. The mother of 'Den Orange' is '905/93 Red hen-' from '657/85' (basic cock 'Red C Martens x basic hen 'Kleine C. Martens') x '624/89'(that hen from J. Vandenbroecke!)

4389227/05 De 227 hen
St-Vincent Gent 92p-1
St-Vincent intern. 5409p-27
2007 Barcelona Gent 178p-1 International 25.716p-380
The father is '4166205/00'. He is a son of '160/90' who won 1ste semi-national Limoges in.
The mother is '227/03', a daughter of 'Silver wing 080/96'. His father was NL 9504315/95 direct from Antoon & Lucie Van der Wegen. He was bought their in 1995 as a son of '742/86' (uit '3 vijfjes' X 'granddaughter 49') X '903/87' daughter 'Teen' (from de Teen X 'granddaughter 49).
The mother of 'Silver Wing' was '4001211/86', from basic cock 'Red 582/82' (C. Martens) and basic hen 'Kleine 688/82' (C. Martens). 'Silver Wing' had good results on the racing loft:
1998 Perpignan 5855 p: 268
1999 Narbonne 4403 p: 414 1999 Marseille 10.309 p: 935 2000 Barcelona 13.659 p: 162
2000 Narbonne 6.423 p: 419

2001 Beziers 6.522 p: 38
2002 Barcelona 13.021 p: 6 2002 Beziers 5886 p: 513

Blauw Wittepen hen 4033134/03
Barcelona national 11.802p-118
Perpignan national 6765p-286
Perpignan national 5547p-42
The father is 'Den Barcelona 691/97' (19de nationale Barcelona 2000). He was bred from '255/89' (son of basic cock 'Red 582/82' x basic hen 'Kleine 688/82') X '624/89'( again the same hen direct from J. Vandenbroecke-!)
The mother '4428173/96' is full sister of 1ste national Orange 2005

Results 2007
Barcelona reg. 178p: 1-6-14-15-17-18-19-24-25-26-30-31…19/29
National 12.612p: 115-551-794-828-999-1018-1096-1457-1499…
Intern. hens 6807p: 125-454-957…11/20
Intern. 25.716p: 380-1535-2088-2159-2497-2551-2723-3454-3544…18/29
Irun II reg. 116p: 1-4-7-10…10/17
National 5846p: 17-201-322-347…
International 15.627p: 29-358-580-618…10/17
Narbonne reg. 53p: 3-7-8-11…7/9
National 5051p: 109-158-321-576…6/9
Intern. 9326p: 153-233-468-740…7/9
St-Vincent reg. 178p: 1-3-5-10-14-15-17-19…20/46
Intern. 7515p: 4-29-91-193-326-356-498-601-752 Intern. hens 1666: 1-9-28-61-95-102-146-165
Angoulème reg. 146p: 1-5-12-14…
Prov. 971p: 3-12-36-45…
Perpignan reg. 156p: 1-3-15-19-24-28-31-33-34-36-37-39…14/30
National 5547p: 42-86-490-561-756-829-855-881-886-894-907…14/30
Intern. hens 3131: 5-16…
International 15087p: 81-169-1361-1528-2045-2289-2339-2350…15/30