Vermote Andre, "1st Series national San Sebastian 2002. 1st Series national St.-Vincent yearlings 2002"

Andre VERMOTE, Ostend (BE)

4de national Castres 2002
3rd and 40th international San Sebastian 2002
2nd Champion Fond Cureghem Centre 2002
53rd national Pau 2002

Ostend :
Many people know this popular town by the cost of Belgium. Today I visit the world famous fancier André Vermote. Since he won 1st national Cahors in 1971, he has never had a bad-racing season. He can look back to more than 40 years of success. He has won 6 national or international long distance races. Who in Belgium can say that?

1st national Cahors 1971
1st national Perpignan 1976
1st international Perpignan 1976
1st national Perpignan 1981
1st international Perpignan 1981
1st national Limoges 1985

He is the only fancier in Europe who won two times 1st international prize on Perpignan, one of the few to have won twice on any international long distance race. He had a superb year in 1999, the year he won most of the important long distance championships in Belgium:

1st National Decathlon
1st National Marathon
1st National Super prestige
1st International (1 signed) West-European Marathon

Any other fancier in Belgium has never done this. André Vermote had built himself a strain of birds, the WRINGER-DYNASTY. It all started with one excellent breeding pair. An interesting story…

Strain building :
André Vermote was born in 1944 and now retired. He used to teach children from 6-12 years. His father was not a pigeon fancier. ‘When I was only 14 years old, I owned some singing-birds and wood birds. A few years later I started racing pigeons because my friend Emiel Denys was racing birds and became famous in this sport.
In 1963 I entered KBDB for the first time. I had 17 youngsters but the results were not good on the short distance. In 1965 I had 4 yearling cocks that did not have good results but I wanted to race them on middle distance. I went to the biggest club in West-Flanders Gistel and entered the Chateauroux race. My 4 cocks won three prizes in top 10. My good results had started.
In 1964 I became 4 eggs from Casteleyn from Moere.
In 1967 my friend Emiel and I went to the famous Maurice Vandevelde who owned many birds from Van der Espt. I had the chance to pick one of the 30 late-breds present at the loft at that time. Was it luck? I picked the hen 3447594/67, later called ‘Spreeuwtje’. She had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Emiel Denys advised me to match this hen to one of the cocks from Casteleyn. He chose ‘Oude Blauwen 3198093/64’. Personally, I would not have done this but Emiel was already a famous and excellent pigeon fancier. The breeding pair ‘Oude Blauwen 093/64’ X Spreeuwtje 594/67 is my best pair ever. The first nest in 1968 it was already firework. My basic cock ‘Wringer 3311745/68’ was born. He won 1st national Cahors 1971. The same year I won 2nd national Ace pigeon KBDB with ‘Den Atleet 3311730’ half brother of ‘Wringer’ but now with blood direct Emiel Denys. Six direct sons of the basic pair won in top 20 on the national long distance races. A brother of ‘Wringer’, match to a hen 50% Van der Espt en 50 % Stichelbout, is the father of my 1st prize international Perpignan 1976.
This was my ‘Perpignan 3245249/71. ‘Nero 3094650/78’ won my other 1st prize international on Perpignan in 1981. The father was strain Vanbruaene and the mother was a sister of ‘Wringer’.
In 1977 I won 7th and 10th national on Barcelona. ‘De Barcelona 3239808/74’ won the 7th prize national, direct son of ‘Wringer’ matched to a hen from strain Van Spitael via Guelton. ‘Gijzelaar’ won 100 % brother of ‘Nero’ the 10th national prize. A few years later I was lucky to have ‘Paul 167/79’. He won 4th national Perpignan, 48th national Barcelona and 58th national Barcelona. His mother was another direct daughter from ‘Wringer’. In crossbreeding Vanbruaene X a daughter of ‘Wringer’ I became ‘Limoges 330/81’, 1st national Limoges 1985.
A son of ‘Limoges’ won 2nd national Narbonne and 45th national Perpignan. This was ‘Benjamin 3023790/86’.
My basic cocks of 2002, Kleine Marseille and Marseille, are grandsons of ‘Benjamin’. I can say that Vermote-strain = Wringer. He is my most famous pigeon ever. Well known in the whole world.’
I must agree. Vermote has made the Belgium pigeon racing big and famous. Many fanciers have good results with this strain. In Belgium 5 national winners on long distance have 50 % direct Vermote blood.
The mother of the national winner Perpignan 1993 in France was direct Vermote.
The 1st international Pau 1994 was bred from two direct birds Vermote. André Vermote has had many congratulations from fanciers all over the world. A man in Japan invited André and his wife on a 9-day trip to Japan. The Japanese fancier paid all the costs because he was so happy with the results of Vermote strain. André Vermote was the first fancier in Belgium who was in Saudi-Arabia. He was invited by the prince to talk about pigeon racing in Belgium. To finish I will tell you two interesting stories. A Japanese fancier bought some birds at the loft Vermote. He had many good results and returned in 1992 for a visit. In one day he bought pigeons for more than 1.000.000 Belgium francs. In 1991 a fancier in Taiwan won almost 60.000.000 Belgium francs with a bird 50% Vermote.

Basic birds 2002

The hen 3085896/90, daughter of ‘Benjamin’ and granddaughter of ‘Limoges’ is the hen with the golden eggs. The sons ‘Marseille’ (20th national Marseille) and ‘Kleine Marseille 3358752/91(1st provincial Marseille, 20th national Marseille, 30th national Marseille and 70th national Tarbes). Both these cocks are important in the success of 2002. The father of ‘Marseille’ is ‘Paul 176/79’ and the father of ‘Kleine Marseille’ is ‘Elfpender 902/90’(crossbreeding Gaston Devooght X sister of Limoges). ‘Kleine Marseille’ is the father of one of the best racers: ‘Caruso 821/96’. He won 155th national Limoges 21.313 pigeons, 45th international Dax 16.880 pigeons and 70th international Perpignan 17.574 pigeons. He is also father of ‘Filou 009/98’ (43rd national Narbonne as a yearling). Another important pigeon is ‘De Barcelona 3359042/93’, the last son of ‘Paul’. He had some good result on Barcelona: 323rd national; 261st national and 461st national) and is father of ‘Witoog Barcelona 753/96 (105th national Barcelona ’99). One cannot race 40 years with one strain so André uses crossbreeding with his racing birds. He visits the best fanciers in Belgium for this crossbreeding. I give you some examples:

3343038/94 "De Zot"
1995 : Chartres 360 : 77 - Limoges 16.854 : 3.505
1996 : Limoges 9.083 : 740 - Perpignan 12.551 : 302
1997 : Montauban 7.352 : 766
1998 : Dax 10.511 : 1.397 - Perpignan 16.025 : 100
1999 : Chateauroux 666 : 214 - Brive 3.620 : 799 - Dax 12.880 : 98
2000 : Limoges 3.967 : 745 - Perpignan 18.426 : 248
The father is ‘Nick 033/87 (Limoges X daughter Sproetje 053/80) and the mother is 033/93, from strain Florizoone X Coutteau. Some of the best long distance blood in Belgium!

3343042/94 "Rucanor"
1996 : Perpignan 12.551 : 60
1997 : Montauban 7.352 : 454 - Perpignan 12.367 : 492
1998 : Pau 565 : 183 - Dax : 10.511 : 524 - Perpignan 16.025 : 111
1999 : Chateauroux 4.329 : 1069 - Pau : 537:174 - Dax : 12.880:445 - Marseille : 17.649:786
This is another crossbreeding with Florizoone. The father is ‘Gebroken poot 707/90’ (son Pfaff, 80th national Narbonne- 36th national Perpignan –36th national Lourdes X daughter Paul) and the mother 871/91 is direct Roger Florizoone (Nieuwpoort). She is a daughter from 3026012/81 (Golden Wing Barcelona 1981) X 3396389/88.

3062122/99 "Blauw Bolleke"

2001 : San Sebastian intern. 1.393 : 34
2002 : San Sebastian intern. 2.550 : 40 - Pau intern. 7.867 : 91

3062169/99 "San Sebastian"
2002 : San Sebastian intern. 2.550 : 3
These two cocks are brothers. The father is 3306301/96 ‘Miel’. He is direct from the famous Emiel Denys. The father is 3341292/94’Grote Basser’ and the mother 3341201/94. The mother of Blauw Bolleke and San Sebastian is 3347121/92, a direct daughter of Thomas 385/87(50th nat. Perpignan, 123rd and 43rd national Barcelona) X 630/86 (daughter of ‘Vooruit’, 4th national St-Vincent ’91)

"Crayonné" 3019839/96
2002 : Castres 3.222 : 4th
This last cock is crossbreeding Florizoone, Denys and Vermote. The father is 3303351/95. He is from cock ‘Jonge Paul 879/86’(303-309-353 national Barcelona) and the hen 3155066/93 (direct Florizoone). The mother is 3303241/95 (‘Thomas’ 385/87 X 990/93 Emiel Denys).

Method :

Youngsters are tossed many times and raced on Clermont and once Dourdan (300 km). They are kept healthy but performance is not important anymore. André does not use any system, any door-system, darkening-system or natural system. Cocks must be good as a yearling. Hens are not raced. All stock birds and widowers are matched on March 1st. André only has 8 pair of stock birds. He rings youngsters from the best widowers.
In 2002 he raced 60 old cocks and 38 yearling cocks.
As a yearling the cock must race Chateauroux and Limoges and some go to very long distance races like
and Beziers. In 2002 he entered 6 yearlings to St-Vincent and won 4 prizes, 2 to Beziers and won 2 prizes. The 2-year old cocks participate in long distance, most of them not the very long distance.
As 3-year old the must race longest races. Before the season, the cocks can raise youngsters once, no breeding on eggs anymore. After Perpignan, they can raise one youngster again. All is separated on November 20th. During the winter the cocks can fly out sometimes so they can take a bath and enjoy the sun. The stock birds get vitamins but the widowers don’t get any vitamins during racing. In the beginning of May, André visits the vet. After Brive, beginning of June, the widowers get a cure of 6 days against the head disease. The evening after the race, they get ‘Trichocure’ (Oropharma) and the next morning the same pill. Five days before basketing for a long distance race, the cocks get one pill Appartex. No big secret in feeding. Always the same mixture of Vanrobaeys. André Vermote only has one big secret:

Best results 2002 :
4de national Castres (850 km)
53ste national Pau (915 km)
3de national en 3de international San Sebastian (950 km)
29ste national San Sebastian
40ste international San Sebastian
9de semi-national St.-Vincent (900 km)
1ste series national San Sebastian
1ste series national St-Vincent yearlings
2de Grote Fond Cureghem Centre (9/12)