Busschaert Georges was the "King" of England

Georges Busschaert from Beveren-Leie, Belgium

Georges Busschaert (born 12 May 1911) died at home on the 20th February when he was almost recovered from a long illness.

His name should be immortalized in the racing pigeon sport, especially in England where he was considered to be the king of Belgian fanciers. There are not all that many lofts in England that do not have a Busschaert bird, either obtained directly from Georges or from another English fancier. We are pleased to say that the real Busschaert birds were what one needed for success in England.
Georges Busschaert was one of the brothers of the Busschaert family so well know in Belgian industrial circles. Among other things, they built and ran a textile manufacturing plant in England. Georges was sent to England to run the plant. Being a racing pigeon fancier from head to toe, he came into contact with a great number of English fanciers. This resulted in his bringing a lot of Busschaert birds to the English lofts. The first birds came from the Busschaerts Brothers, then from his brother-in-law Albert Nuyttens-Busschaert and finally from Andre Busschaert who was then director of the Busschaert carpet-weaving factory that is still going to Deerlijk.

Once he was back in Belgium after the English factory was sold, Georges Busschaert built himself a loft to house his own Busschaert Birds.
It didn't take long for Georges to become a real Champion. He won race afther race up to 620 km (388 miles).
In the meantime he kept his contacts in England. He had almost daily visits of English fanciers in Beveren-Leie. Had he wanted to, he could have made an enormous fortune. His birds sold like hot-cakes.

What does Georges Busschaert have to thank for his great populaity ?

Simply because he was one of the first to export Belgian pigeons to England after the second World War and these birds were unusually successful. Then Georges, back in Belgium, had terrific success racing so the demand for Busschaert birds grew and grew.

Thus it is with pleasure that we have reserved a place for Georges Busschaert in "The History of Belgian Racing Pigeons."
There have been famous fanciers in Belgium who were also well known abroad, but it will be a long, long time before another one will be discovered who can beging to enjoy his tremendous fame in England.
"The King" will be hard to replace.