Wim Muller & sons, "A new start"

for Wim Muller and Sons, Wilhelminadorp (NL)


Wim Muller is gradually becoming one of the old guard of the pigeonsport, living for and from pigeons for a quarter of a century at the top. At the beginning of the eighties there was none to challenge his superiority in the Nationals. With stars like Adonis,Willem, Hercules, De Genaaiden and other Marseille Superstars he achieved world fame. The fabulous winning of the Europa Cup in 1985 with a relatively small team was a logical highlight of this.

The big transfer does not occur

It was clear that Wim Muller could race and possessed of the very best long distance pigeons in the world. He had developed an Aarden line to his taste with a handful of base pigeons amongst which was a rather unattractive granddaughter of the incomparable Zilvervosje. If the Zilvervosje is not the matriarch of the entire Steenbergen type, then she is the grand dame of the Wilhelminadorp pigeon family to this day.

Hans Eijerkamp , always seeking better pigeons , was impressed by the long distance force in Wilhelminadorp. Eijerkamp is the modern type of efficient sportsmanager: invest in pure talent , seek the best coach and the results will follow. In Wilhelminadorp he could obtain both in one go. His ambition was to secure the entire pigeon colony of Wim Muller as well as the man himself and to transfer all to the far off Brummen where, under the Eijerkamp flag , the same success story on the ultra distance could be rapidly repeated. Armed with courage and pockets full of Guilders he set off for Zeeland.
The transfer did not occur in it’s entirety. You do not easily transplant a native Zeelander. It quickly became clear Muller would remain firmly entrenched in Wilhelminadorp on the Oosterschelde. However, business could be done.

Sell the fruit , not the tree
Eijerkamp wanted to at least purchase the Muller pigeons which would enhance his own colony and the image of his breeding centre as a supplier of top strains of racing pigeons. Wim Muller however was adamant that no money could buy the stock pigeons and the Super Couple (Superkoppel: Kraag x Superduivin ). The team that had won the Europa Cup could be discussed in a deal. It was agreed that the entire team of widowhood cocks with their hens could go to Eijerkamp. A team not frequently found and bred. Wim however remained relaxed and confident as he still retained the stock pigeons bred according to the principles of Professor A Anker. It was a given that good racers would be bred from these as their genetic pool was so rich. And Muller was correct. Very soon pigeons like Willem II and Hercules 2 were produced to succeed the previous team with distinction. And the hens proved it too with the likes of Madonna – 86 and Madonna 2. Wilhelminadorp remained firmly on the long distance map.

The big distribution
Eijerkamp too was happy with the Muller deal. The purchased racing team rapidly proved it’s breeding potential. Much more so , these were indestructible pigeons. De Genaaiden of 1982 kept breeding gold till age 19 years. One not to be sneezed at characteristic to breed into your strain.

The offspring of the Muller pigeons spread via the Ponderosa to all of Western Europe. The type of pigeons were sought by ultra distance fanciers , especially the Germans. What Muller would not have achieved so rapidly on his own occured very quickly now. His strain suddenly became mentioned in the same breath as the strainmakers Van Wanroy , Van der Wegen and the inevitable Jan Aarden. Talk was already doing the rounds about the new Aarden strain. Muller became Mister Zilvervosje and the offspring sold like hot cakes.

The breeding genius Wim Muller had found in Hans Eijerkamp and Sons an interesting partner. Eijerkamp on his part had drawn a golden trumpcard with the purchase of these pigeons. Success took no hindseat. To this day you cannot open a long distance newspaper without finding reference to a Muller pigeon in some decendants or a loft mostly based on these pigeons.

The combination Muller/Eijerkamp provided for the breeding of genuine Muller pigeons at the Ponderosa and Greenfield Studs. Each year new Muller pigeons were introduced and Wim personally selected and mated these.

On contractual basis
The cooperation between Muller and Eijerkamp families increased both on the business and friendship level. So a third dimension developed prompted by Hans Eijerkamp; the participation in races as Combination Eijerkamp – Muller in Wilhelminadorp. After much discussion in the family Wim decided this was a worthwhile endeavour. This you do not attempt for fun and very clear and defined agreements were made , it had to be a win – win situation for both parties. And so Eijerkamp tied his name to the achievements of the new “ world strain “ , Muller pigeons. With the financial injection Wim could immediately increase the size and quality of his pigeon lofts and accept the challenge of training a much larger racing team. For someone who has’nt tried this before, it may seem easier to train a large team, but is not so in practice. He however managed this very soon. A 5 years contract was concluded with options of renewal if both parties agreed to and were satisfied.

Under a new flag
The racing team now changed name in Wilhelminadorp. He contractually secured his total independence regarding methods and racing – he thus remained the sole owner. This is aptly illustrated with the story of an ill offspring from the Kruisbek that Eijerkamp suggested be taken to the vet as soon as possible. Wim wanted none of this as ill pigeons belonged in the black bag irrespective of its breeding. Eijerkamp protested to no avail and that was how it would always remain.The strain was built without the help of medication.
Many stories are told about Wim and Wilhelminadorp. He tolerates the passengers aboard his ship , but he is the one and only captain. Master of his own destiny.
There was however fruitful input from Brummen. The management was placed on a professional level with computerised pigeon information and records , PR more systematically done – a whole new image was created. Wim Muller however remained Wim Muller with his feet firmly planted on Zeeland soil.

Immediate success
The new combination presented Wim Muller with a big and a new challenge. Wim became a full-time pigeon fancier and wife Rina , with roots in a Steenbergen pigeon family , now became more involved in the growing number of pigeons.
Different racing methods were practised and refined such as widowhood, total widowhood . natural racing etc. The pigeons had it according to their liking and proved it in the results. The combination was about 6 months old when Eijerkamp already appeared on the front pages for the National results. In 1989 First Lady won National Perpignan. She had the blood : father a son from the Super Couple and mother a daughter of Madonna – 82, herself 17th National Barcelona and again a granddaughter of the Super Couple. Wim had not lost the in – and linebreeding skills. The champagne flowed on an unexpected dream start for both partners.

Super Couple (Kraag x Superduivin)

Definetely on the right tracks
Eijerkamp – Muller combination was on the right track because in 1990 , less than 1 year after formation of the partnership, Mona Lisa won 1st National Bordeaux Yearlings. She was bred from a brother of Madonna - 82 who later became known as the Golden Breeder. Often one hears pigeon superlatives but this cock was something else: Father of 1st National Bordeaux Yearlings but also of Lady Sarina who in 1996 won 1st National Munchen. Knowledgeable people also know that he was the father of the Porsche – 911 , who won 8th National Perpignan and 8th Natioanal Pau. Lesser pigeons have been branded super breeders. A summary of his offspring would take too much space. He is without any doubt the new patriarch of the present colony of pigeons.

The colony of Eijerkamp – Muller blossomed. They competed with large teams but won large numbers of prizes. You try achieving , over many years , to consistently achieve more than 50% prizes in the difficult ultra distance races. Muller does more than that. e.g. winning the Europa Cup in 1997 for the second time , a feat nobody else had ever achieved previously. Other achievements included Ace Pigeon ultra distance ( zware fond ) , General Championships of the ZLU , Top Series on Barcelona and Perpignan like for instance 39th National Barcelona with only 4 pigeons entered in 1999.No mean feat even with large teams.
But elsewhere in the world the Combination Eijerkamp–Muller was unstoppable. None other than own “ Uncle Pieter “ ( Combination Houtekamp ) won the legendary millenium Barcelona race with an Eijerkamp – Muller pigeon ,and to top it all the International as well. The stuff dreams are made of.
Just research “ Successen bij anderen “ ( Sucesses by others ) on the website ( ) to realise that these pigeons possess the genes for tough racing. At least 35 well known national winners carry these genes if not many more.

Successes with (grand)children Golden Breeder.

Mona-Lisa 1st National Bordeaux
Lady Sarina 1e National Munchen
Porsche 911 8e National. Perpignan en
Porsche 911 8e National Pau

First Class 1st National and International Perpignan (hens)
Magic Max 5e National Pau
01-319 29e National Dax
01-345 31e National Dax
02-001 33e National Dax
02-041 44e National Dax.
01-257 47e National Barcelona
01-206 68e National . Perpignan

In the meantime
We are now 15 years and 3 contracts down the road with more successful than poor years even with the odd poor one freely admitted by Wim. These occur when your main aim is the tough Barcelona and Perpignan ultra distance races.A slight mishap quickly changes results from good to poor but the great man , Wim , always accepts responsibility for failure on his part rather than the pigeons. He has the utmost confidence in them. These are good for another 50 years and Wim has never lacked confidence in his own.

More interim changes
A 15 years combination with massive achievements is quite something out of the ordinary. Life however marches on. Both the Muller sons , Wim jnr and Andres , have left home and built their own lifes and careers. They have dicovered that they cannot go through life without pigeons and after all they have been spoonfed on the love for top class pigeons. They always help at the lofts when required and wait patiently for the return of the pigeons from the tough races. With the large number of pigeons they are becoming more involved and this has finally evolved into the new combination of Wim Muller and Sons . Hans Eijerkamp and Sons had both respect and understanding for this.

New Start
The Eijerkamp – Muller contract ended on 31 December 2003. From 2004 this famous colony of pigeons will be known as Wim Muller en Zonen. This presents a return to the roots and the pigeon will soon spread the message once again.
For Wim and Rina Muller this will hopefully become the 3rd leg in a success story. Nobody doubts the existence of super motivation for this new venture. Wim jnr and Andres have proved that they can work with and manage pigeons and Wim is laying the foundation to make his self formed pigeon strain endure. We shall all be watching the development of this new combination with much interest over the coming years.

Results Wim Muller and Sons 2004
1st International Perpignan Hens
1st National Perpignan Hens
4th National Perpignan
5th National Pau
5th National NPO Bordeaux
1st General Intern. longdistance club IFC 4000(West Europe)
1st 1+2 nominated longdistance club IFC 4000(West Europe)
1st Best Score National Barcelona
1st Best Score National Dax
1st Best Score National Bordeaux
1st Best Score International Barcelona
1st Most prices ZLU
1st ace pigeon Barcelona about 4 years ZLU
2nd Pyreneeën Cup ZLU
2nd ZLU long-distance championship
4th first 10 nominated long-distance club IFC 4000(West Europe)
4th West Europe Super Marathon (W.E.S.M.)
4th Golden Barcelona pigeon ZLU (2001-2004)
5th international ace pigeon Barcelona (2001-2004)
6th International Barcelona 2001-2004 1+2+3+4+5
8th championship 10 nominated National Marathon
8th International Barcelona 2001-2004 1+2
8th International Pipa IATP Ranking
9th International championship 10 nominated W.E.S.M.

1st International Perpignan (hens) with”first Class” is Granddaughter “Golden Breeder”
5th National Pau with “Magic Max” is Grandson “Golden Breeder”
The 31e -33e-44e National Dax(ZLU) are all three Grandchildren “Golden Breeder”
5th National NPO Bordeaux with “Lady Melissa” is inbred “Marseille Star”