Mike Ganus wins SAMDPR 2016 - USA & Germany dominate Final Race

The winner of SAMDPR 2016 is Mike Ganus (USA), his pigeon 'Laura is a Big Winner Today' arrived at 14:57:35 the lofts. Father is also father to 'Rubbellos' who win the SAMDPR 2012 ! Mother is a daughter to SAMDPR-winner 2013 bred by Eijerkamp. UPDATE 43 pigeons arrived.

The happy winner of the South African Million Dollar Race 2016: Ganus Family Loft


Update 18:00 CEST

Car Winner - Lloyd and Kelly, UK - bred by Premier Stud - 100% Gaston Van de Wouwer

Lloyd & Kelly (UK) won the car with their 35th place in the final and won almost 100.000 dollar on prize money and nominations ! Click here for the pedigree of the bird.

First pigeon from Belgium - Ludovicus Van de Wouwer - Click here to see pedigree of 34. place.

Click here to see result list.

Update 15:45 CEST

First pigeon from Holland - Jan Hooymans wins 7. place in the final - Click here to see the pedigree of 7. Final

First pigeon from Iraq - Ali Obaed wins 8. place in the final - Pigeon bred by Jos Thoné - Click here to see pedigree of mother 8. place

And the winner is... Mike Ganus (USA)

The winner of SAMDPR 2016 is Mike Ganus (USA), his pigeon 'Laura is a Big Winner Today' arrived at 14:57:35 the lofts. Father is also father to 'Rubbellos' who win the SAMDPR 2012 ! Mother is a daughter to SAMDPR-winner 2013 ! Click here to see the pedigree of SAMDPR 2016 Winner.

This pigeon will not be sold in the auction tomorrow because all USA birds had to go back to USA after the final race regarding Avian Influenza regulations.

Frank McLaughlin, USA agent for the SAMDPR, on the phone with Mike Ganus, bringing him the fantastic news

News for SAMPDR 2017

For the 2017 edition lofts will move to a new location. More news later.


This morning 6th of February the pigeons are released at 06:15 local time (5:15 CEST). Weather conditions are fine and warm (21°C) with a headwind. The distance of this final race is 541km (336 miles).


Interview before liberation


Welcome Event on Friday

Welcome speech by Sarah Blackshaw

As you may know, we have been looking to relocate our Linbro Park lofts for some time now. When Zandy first moved there he was on a farm, now it has become a built up industrialized area not suitable for pigeon lofts. I am very pleased to advise, hot off the press that I have managed to secure, this week only, a very large piece of land on the Vaal river for the construction of our lofts. In addition to ticking all the administrative boxes, this piece of land also has the added advantages of across the river from Emerald Casino and adjacent to a golf resort – Heron Banks. I have sought and received collaboration from both entities who welcomed the chance to be part of the Million Dollar dream.

What does this mean for you and your pigeons? Well for the pigeons a chance to be training in a unique environment with no possible distractions. For you as visitor to the race; we will no longer bus you to the lofts, we will “boat across” a 25m stretch. Emerald Hotel will be privatized during the race period for our exclusive use. Activities on the Vaal river are numerous, including fishing, golf, casino, to game parks, water skiing and canoeing to name but a few.

We will be upgrading our race weekend with some new idea to include a river evening cruise with live music after basketing on a Thursday night. And for those of you who are still fit for the next morning we will hosting the first edition of the Million Dollar Golf Invitational on Heron Banks course. I will try not to make the competition as complicated as the SAMDPR so we will probably not be looking to reward an “ace” golfer, why not a country challenge?

See more photos in the album below.

Race path

Birds line of flight is Kimberly to Johannesburg

Weahter Forecast

Weather forecasted on route

Weather forecast for liberation in Kimberly area

Later today we will provide you with the weather forecast for the final race. Be sure to tune in on PIPA tomorrow as we will follow this highly prestigious race throughout the day with photos, videos and information on the race progress, winners and prize presentation.


Succes to all fanciers in South Africa!

Dominique Velghe

Dear Mike
Big Congratulations to Sun City 2016 winner. You told me before good blood never lied and race result is everything. Very happy that US fanciers won many races this year and now you is big winner of final race. I think small credit should go to Frank McLaughlin, of his hard works to shipped all birds to South Africa due to our Avian Influenza and they are in excellent health condition. Go USA.......
All the best,
Tung Banh

Proficiat aan alle duifjes (winnaars ) die al thuis geraakt zijn . Maar 20 stuks op 195 minuten van elkaar is toch geen normale vlucht denk ik . Maar toch slimme en sterke vechtertjes . Sportieve groeten Theo

Proficiat aan clubgenoot Luduvicus Van De Wouwer om de Belgische eer hoog te houden.

Pedigree of the car winner??

Thrilled for the winner a truly remarkable pigeon, bred from excellent stock, winners breed winners, a lesson for all Fanciers to learn from.

Congratulations to all the top pigeons!
It seems it was back again a very hard race, excellent weather, for the strongest pigeons!

Dominique Velghe

Who won the KNOCK OUT this year? 25000 dollar.

Hi Dominique

You got it so right last year with fantastic results in the final, that I was looking forward to your results, but no luck this year. What do you think you did wrong for this year?

Did you breed from the same pairs as last year? Did you breed at a different time?

Just curious for your opinion.

Kind Regards

Hello Carlos

For me the most important is breeding youngsters out of good pigeons.

To breed top youngsters, the breeding pigeons have to be in topcondition, super health, super vitality the moment you breed the youngsters for the one loft race. You can not do anything more..... In that way the youngsters have a better natural resistance than the other pigeons! That's the start to be succesfull.

I think a one loft race starts (and for a part deciding if you get success) in the quarantaine period (here you got to have luck), that's a big selection. We don't know but your pigeons can be with other pigeons that are very sick and die later... the whole compartment gets too much medication etc...... but that's one loft racing!! I understand this, it has to be very difficult so many young pigeons from many different fanciers in one compartment, stress sickness etc..........

For me it's difficult now. For next edition I breed out of my old strain De Rauw - Sablon (Golden Eggs), I have extra pigeons now of Etienne Devos (also succesfull in the past in one loft races), Gaby Vandenabeele and Joost Desmeyter.
You can not find the real reason for being one year succesfull and the other year not. But I admit I was disapointed this edition... but thats life Carlos, Always be positive for the future!

Best wishes

Hi Dominique

Thank you for your response and opinion.

I'm always interested to hear opinions on what to do and what not to do.

This is a discussion that takes place quite seriously here in South Africa, in particular when ZA does not feature so well in the results. So I thought it may be worth while having an opinion from a European stand point.

Last year, your De Rauw/ Sablons were basically full brothers and sisters - this is what really fascinated me, and I was looking forward to a good result for you this year, BUT that is life. I also notice that the pigeons you sent this year, although related, are not bred the same as last season.

I have no doubt that you will have some hard choices to make.

All the best and better luck next year,

Sporting friend

Om super jongen te kweken moeten de ouderparen bij de bevruchting van de duivin super zijn .

Congrats to all winners; we didn't compete this year, but looking forward to compete again in the future.

Kind regards

Rolling Eyes Congratulations to Eamon and all the winners,see you next year ! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Kind Regards G J Bentley

Herzlichen Glückwunsch aus Deutschland !!! Very Happy Very Happy Weiterhin viel Erfolg wünscht Ihnen Euro-Loft Germany